Lick the Star

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Lick the Star
Directed by Sofia Coppola
Produced by
Written by
Cinematography Lance Acord
Edited by Eric Zumbrunnen
Distributed by Film Movement
Release date
  • October 1998 (1998-10)
Running time
14 min.
Language English

Lick the Star is a 14-minute-long black and white 16mm short film, and the first film written and directed by Sofia Coppola.[1] [2]

The film is included as a bonus feature on the DVD for the film HOP from Film Movement. It was also released as a bonus feature for The Virgin Suicides (film) release from the Criterion Collection that was released in 2018. [3]


The plot revolves around a clique of four girls who devise a plan to weaken the boys at their school with arsenic. The plan is to slowly poison the boys through their lunches, inspired by the "queen bee" Chloe's obsession with the novel Flowers in the Attic. As the plan progresses the history class discusses slavery. Chloe makes a chance remark, about realizing that her friendship with Nadine, who is black, would not have been possible as she would have been a slave. A case of broken telephone creates a gossip ring that leads to Chloe's eventual downfall.

Peter Bogdanovich appears in a cameo as the Principal. The director of photography was Lance Acord. Coppola's own eye appears in one dream-like shot.

The film's themes also appear in Coppola's later work, such as the feelings of isolation; in addition, the film begins with a car journey, just like her later films The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Somewhere.


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