Light Peace Love

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Light Peace Love
Studio album by
GenreAlternative rock, pinoy rock
LabelEMI Philippines, Inc.
Bamboo chronology
As The Music Plays
Light Peace Love
We Stand Alone Together
Singles from Light Peace Love
  1. "Hallelujah"
    Released: 2005
  2. "F.U."
    Released: 2005
  3. "Much Has Been Said..."
    Released: 2005
  4. "Truth"
    Released: 2006
  5. "Peace Man"
    Released: 2006

Light Peace Love is the second album of the Filipino rock band Bamboo. The song "Hallelujah" was released some time before the actual release of the album, becoming an instant hit, it is the only Tagalog track in the album, and with its "never give up" theme, the track became a fast favorite and rocked the daily radio charts for several weeks.

Light Peace Love is different in style from Bamboo's previous release, As The Music Plays; the group experiments with several new styles that may please new listeners, at the risk of disappointing fans of the more conventional rock of their first album. In addition to rock, Bamboo has incorporated elements of rap or scat-style singing, and a gospel music theme inhabits one track ("Alpha Beta Omega").

It is said that the production of Light Peace Love was rushed throughout the summer of 2005, resulting in the short track count and several reused lines on some songs. Despite this, many of the songs on the album are longer than average, resulting in an album clocking in at nearly forty-five minutes.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Bamboo.

4."Dinner at 6"5:41
5."Much Has Been Said..."5:20
8."Peace Man"2:56
9."Alpha Beta Omega"5:19
10."Children of The Sun"3:32


  • Bamboo Mañalac - vocals
  • Nathan Azarcon - bass
  • Ira Cruz - guitars
  • Vic Mercado - drums
  • Ria Osorio - piano