Lil Rob discography

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Lil Rob discography
Studio albums 9
Compilation albums 6
EPs 1
Singles 21
Remix albums 3
Mixtapes 1

This is the discography of Chicano rapper Lil Rob.



Year Title Chart positions Album
U.S. US Pop U.S. R&B U.S. Rap
1998 "Brown Crowd" Crazy Life
1999 "La Cantina" Natural High
2003 "Barely Getting By" The Album
"Brought Up in a Small Neighborhood"
"City That Everyone Knows"
2004 "Linda Mujer"
"Drinking On My Driveway"
"Neighborhood Music" 84 Neighborhood Music
"Can We Ride?" (feat. David Wade)
2005 "It's My Life"
"Summer Nights" 36 42 5 13 Twelve Eighteen (Part I)
"Bring Out the Freak in You" 85 97 11 20
2006 "Playground"
"Back in the Streets" 39
2007 "Stuck With You" 1218 (Part II)
"Do It"
"Just One of Those Days"
2008 "Let Me Come Back"
"Slow It Down" (feat. Frankie J)
"Cortez Shoes"
2009 "Make You Say" Love & Hate