Lilla Bommen (building)

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Lilla Bommen
Skanskaskrapan September 2014 03.jpg
Lilla Bommen, building
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Coordinates 57°42′48″N 11°58′4″E / 57.71333°N 11.96778°E / 57.71333; 11.96778Coordinates: 57°42′48″N 11°58′4″E / 57.71333°N 11.96778°E / 57.71333; 11.96778
Construction started 1986
Completed 1989
Owner Vasakronan
Management Vasakronan
Antenna spire 86 m (282 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 22
Design and construction
Architect Ralph Erskine
Structural engineer White arkitekter
Main contractor Skanska

Lilla Bommen, popularly referred to as The Lipstick, is an 86 m (282 ft) high post-modern high-rise with 22 floors in the Lilla Bommen district of central Gothenburg, Sweden.[1] It is commonly referred to by people from Gothenburg as Läppstiftet (The Lipstick), Skanskaskrapan (The Skanska Skyscraper), Vattenståndet (a double-entendre: The Water Level, but also The Water Erection) or Legohuset (The Lego House), although the official name is simply Lilla Bommen after its location.

Skanskaskrapan was designed by Ralph Erskine[1] in cooperation with White Architects and built by Skanska in the late 1980s, led by Gösta Backmark.

The building was completed in 1989, and has 27,596 m2 (297,040 sq ft) of office space, 2,501 m2 (26,920 sq ft) of shopping space and 1,528 m2 (16,450 sq ft) for other functions. Owned by the Vasakronan real estate company, it is possible to take an elevator to the top floor viewpoint GötheborgsUtkiken (The Gothenburg Lookout), which has a good view of the city.[1]


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