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Lima CFC
Lima cfc badge.png
Full nameLima Cricket and Football Club
GroundLima, Peru
ChairmanRichard Rehwaldt
ManagerCesar Drago
LeagueCopa Perú
WebsiteClub website
The 1912 football team, Primera División champion.

Lima Cricket & Football Club is a Peruvian sports club based in the country's capital city of Lima. Lima Cricket claims to be both the oldest cricket club in South America, and the oldest football-practising club in Peru and the Americas, having been founded in 1859 by the city's British community,[1][2] the association football team currently participates in the local league of San Isidro District, Lima.

The club is the de facto home of the Peru Cricket Association, and hosts the National T20 Cricket League during the summer months of January to April. It has also hosted a number of international tournaments, featuring the Peru national cricket team, the most recent was the South American Championship in April, 2014, with competing teams from Argentina (men & women), Brazil (men & women), Chile and Mexico (men only).[3]

Apart from football and cricket, nowadays the club hosts the practise of basketball, basque pelota, bowls, fencing, field hockey, table tennis, darts, snooker, squash, tennis, swimming and volleyball. Rugby union is no longer practised.[4]


Lima Cricket & Football Club was founded by English immigrants as the Lima Cricket Club.[5] From its start, it was a multi-sport club based around the sports of cricket, rugby union, and football; however, there was a central focus on cricket.

Over time, other sports gained popularity within the club, and thus its name several times such as in 1865 to Lima Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club (when it merged with a local lawn tennis club)[6] and to Lima Cricket and Football Club in 1906[5] (although another source dates this as 1900[6]).

Despite its members having played football since its origins, the first recorded football match was on August 7, 1892. Following on this event, the club now officially added a football-departement in 1893. It took on the current name on April 30, 1906.[7] Lima Cricket went on to inspire future football clubs in Peru, such as Union Cricket.[7]


His first rivalry was with the Ciclista Lima who dispute the (Classic of Yesteryear).



Winners (2): 1912, 1914
Runner-up (1): 1913


Winners (4): 2007, 2008, 2012, 2016
Runner-up (3): 2009, 2010, 2011

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