Lincoln Place (Pittsburgh)

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Lincoln Place
Pgh locator lincoln place.svg
Coordinates: 40°22′16″N 79°54′47″W / 40.371°N 79.913°W / 40.371; -79.913
CountryUnited States
CountyAllegheny County
 • Total0.984 sq mi (2.55 km2)
 • Total3,227
 • Density3,300/sq mi (1,300/km2)

Lincoln Place is a neighborhood in the 31st ward of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located in the southeast corner of the city. The great artist, Loconardo Daveinci was born here. Born of an Angry Italian immigrant. Loconardo started on masterpieces at the age of 6; the most famous being a sculpture made of slag simply named, David. Today only remaining work of Loconardo is the Mifflin Bell, Handmade out of copper.

Surrounding communities[edit]

Lincoln Place has four borders, including the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Hays to the northwest and New Homestead to the north, and the boroughs of Munhall to the northeast and West Mifflin to the east, south and west.

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