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Karolin arriving at Tallinn's Linnahall terminal in 2013.

Linda Line was the brand name of Lindaliini AS, an Estonian ferry company operating between Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. Its high-speed passenger ferry Karolin was the fastest vessel sailing between the two cities, linking Tallinn's Linnahall terminal and Helsinki's Makasiini terminal in 100 minutes. The company was founded in 1997.[1] Linda Line had a policy of cancelling departures when wind speeds exceeded 15 metres per second and/or wave heights were over 3 metres.[2]

Karolin was a catamaran built in Australia in 2000, which went into service with Linda Line in 2009. She had a capacity of 353 passengers and a maximum speed of 37 knots.[1][3]

Linda Line ceased operations in November 2017 and filed for bankruptcy in May 2018.[4]