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Network with G line complete

Line G is a planned addition to the Buenos Aires Underground. Due to funding issues, construction has been postponed indefinitely. [1] This line is planned as follows:

Línea G (SBASE) bullet.svg
Retiro - Cid Campeador

Retiro Línea C (SBASE) bullet.svg Línea E (SBASE) bullet.svg
Callao Línea F (SBASE) bullet.svg
Pueyrredón Línea D (SBASE) bullet.svg Línea H (SBASE) bullet.svg
Jean Juares
Mario Bravo
Estado de Israel Línea B (SBASE) bullet.svg
Parque Centenario
Cid Campeador Línea I (SBASE) bullet.svg

However, in new plans for the Underground published by the Buenos Aires, the line has been re-designed completely, running through the financial district of the city in between Line F and Line C before running westwards towards Palermo, proximately parallel to and just north of Line D. Constriction will begin on the line sometime after it begins on Line F.[2]


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