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Línea H (SBASE) bullet.svg
Line H
Alstom 300 en Est Córdoba 02.jpg
Type Rapid transit
System Buenos Aires Underground
Termini Facultad de Derecho
Stations 12
Daily ridership

14,093 (2008)
23,852 (2009)[1] Increase.svg 41.4%

80,000 (2015)
Opened 18 October 2007
Operator(s) Metrovías
Character Underground
Rolling stock 300 Series
Line length 8.8-kilometer (5.5 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Catenary
Route map

Mitre Line Línea C (SBASE) bullet.svg Línea E (SBASE) bullet.svg
Bus interchange
planned extension
Facultad de Derecho
Las Heras
Santa Fe
Línea D (SBASE) bullet.svg
Línea B (SBASE) bullet.svg
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Railway Línea A (SBASE) bullet.svg
Humberto I
Línea E (SBASE) bullet.svg
Colonia Workshops
Parque Patricios
under construction
Belgrano Sur Line Metrobussur.png

Line H is a line of the Buenos Aires Underground. The first phase, between Plaza Once and Caseros, opened 18 October 2007, currently stretches over 8.8 km between Hospitales and Facultad de Derecho stations.[2][3] It is the first entirely new line built in Buenos Aires since the opening of Line E on 20 June 1944.

According to projections, the line will stretch a total of about 11.85 km and will run from between Retiro to Sáenz once the remaining sections are constructed. It connects the southern part of the city with the north, improving the flow to the centre of the city. It is also designed to serve as a transversal line and provide cross-connections across all radial lines, mainly under the axis of Jujuy and Pueyrredón avenues.

Rolling stock[edit]

The 300 Series (right) replaced the temporary Siemens O&K stock (left).

During its early years, Line H was served by a temporary fleet of refurbished and original vintage Siemens-Schuckert Orenstein & Koppel train sets originally introduced on line C, with electric current supplied by overhead lines. The cars featured 42 seats and 4 doors per side.[4]

As the line was extended and passenger numbers increased, the rolling stock was replaced by new Alsom 300 Series units ordered from that company in 2012 in order to make up the entirety of the Line's rolling stock. The first 6 of the 120 new Alstom cars arrived In August 2015, with the remainder being gradually phased-in since then, as the line has been extended.[5][6][7][8]

Further expansion[edit]

Visitors at Las Heras station before its inauguration.

An initial extension to Corrientes station was inaugurated on Monday 6 December 2010.[9] The Córdoba and Las Heras stations opened in December 2015 with Santa Fe (which links Line H to Line D) set to open in April 2016. This will also mean that the extension will be inaugurated along with the line's new Alstom Metropolis rolling stock, which arrives in the country before then.[10]

The Facultad de Derecho station (located at the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Law) was originally intended to be located across the road next to Plaza Francia, however concerns that it would damage the prestigious Recoleta Cemetery necessitated the revisal of these plans and therefore delayed construction of the station, which eventually opened in May 2018.[11] The final stretch to Retiro is not set to open until some time after since its trajectory must also be revised following the relocation of the Plaza Francia station.


Date Text
2007-10-18 Line H was inaugurated between Once and Caseros.
2010-12-06 The line is extended northbound from Once to Corrientes.[12]
2011-10-04 Parque Patricios station opened.
2012-01 Works in the extension towards Plaza Francia (North) and Nueva Pompeya (South) began.
2013-05-27 Hospitales station opened.
2015-12-18 Las Heras and Cordoba stations opened.
2016-07-12 Santa Fe station opened.
2018-05-17 Facultad de Derecho station opened.



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