Lingnan is a geographic area referring to the lands in the south of the Nanling Mountains. The region covers the modern Chinese provinces of Guangdong and Hainan as well as modern northern Vietnam; the area was the base of the ancient Nanyue. At that time, Lingnan was considered as a barbarian land and it had loose contact with the Zhongyuan, the cultural cradle of Chinese culture. In the second century BCE, the Han–Nanyue War led to its absorption into Han dynasty during the Southward expansion of the Han dynasty, its development was boosted once the Mei Pass was paved. Song Jing 716 Zhen Dan 717 Pei Zhouxian 719-722 Li Ju 727-735 Li Shangyin 727 Li Chaoyin 733-735 Song Ding 739 Pei Dunfu 745 Peng Guo 745-747 Lu Huan 749-751 Zhang Jiugao 751-753 A Lüguang 754-756 Helan Jinming 756 Wei Lijian 757-758 Zhang Wanqing 758-760 Zhao Liangbi 760-761 Zhang Xiu 763 Yang Shenwei 764-767 Xu Hao 767-768 Li Mian 768-772 Li Chongben 772-773 Lu Sigong 773 Li Shu 775 Gao Yun 776-777 Zhang Boyi 777-782 Yuan Xiu 782-784 Du You 784-787 Li Fu 787-792 Xue Jue 792-795 Wang E 795-801 Zhao Zhi 801-802 Xu Shen 802-806 Zhao Chang 806-808 Yang Yuling 808-810 Zheng Yin 810-813 Ma Zong 813-816 Cui Yong 817 Kong Kui 817-820 Cui Neng 820-823 Zheng Quan 823-824 Cui Zhi 824-826 Hu Zheng 826-828 Li Xian 828-829 Cui Hu 829-830 Li Liang 831-833 Cui Gong 833 Wang Maoyuan 833-835 Li Congyi 835-836 Lu Jun 836-840 Cui Guicong 844-845 Lu Zhen 845-846 Li Pin 847-848 Li Xingxiu 848-849 Wei Zhengguan 849-851 Ge Ganzhong 851-854 Wei Shu 855-858 Yang Fa 858 Li Sui 858 Li Chengxun 858-859 Xiao Fang 859-860 Wei Zhou 861-868 Zheng Yu 868-871 Zheng Congdang 871-874 Wei He 874-876 Li Tiao 877-879 Zheng Xu 879-886 Lü Yongzhi 886 Pei Qu 887-889 Li Chonggui 890-895 Chen Pei 893 Cui Yin 896 Li Zhirou 896-900 Cui Yin 900 Xu Yanruo 900-901 Liu Yin 901-911 Pei Shu 903 Cui Yuan 904 Liu Yan 911-917 Jinghaijun Lingnan culture Liangguang

Aifric Campbell

Aifric Campbell is an Irish writer. Her novel On the Floor has been longlisted for the Orange Prize, her writing has appeared in The Irish Times, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Tatler, ELLE, Sunday Business Post. Campbell attended a convent school in Dublin. While still a young girl she was the owner of Táin Mór, which won the Irish Greyhound Derby in 1976, she worked as an au pair in Sweden, where she graduated from the University of Göteborg in Linguistics. She worked as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley for 13 years, where she became the first female managing director of a trading team, an experience which inspired her novel On the Floor, she studied creative writing, at the University of East Anglia. She lives in Sussex with her son; the Semantics of Murder, Serpent's Tail, 2008, ISBN 978-1-85242-996-6. A novel inspired by the unsolved murder of Richard Montague; the Loss Adjustor. A novel about a woman working as a loss adjustor in London while dealing with her own personal loss. On the Floor.

A novel about a woman working as an investment banker in early 1990's London. "Larry, Lay Down" included in the anthology New Irish Short Stories, edited by Joseph O'Connor Campbell wrote the voice-over script for the film C. K. directed by Barbara Visser. Author's website Semantics of Murder website "An Interview - Aifric Campbell", Crime Scene NI, 26 May 2008 "An Interview with Aifric Campbell", Mostly Fiction

Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival: July 3 & 5, 1970

Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival: July 3 & 5, 1970 is a live album released by the Allman Brothers Band. It features their two performances at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival in Georgia; the festival took place nearly a year before the concerts. Highlights include a "Mountain Jam". While the album cover and second disc are labeled as being July 5, the second performance did not take place until 3:50 AM on the 6th according to the liner notes. "Introduction" – 1:04 "Statesboro Blues" – 6:05 "Trouble No More" – 4:04 "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" – 3:49 "Dreams" – 9:49 "Every Hungry Woman" – 4:31 "Hoochie Coochie Man" – 5:29 "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" – 11:35 "Whipping Post" – 14:47 "Mountain Jam" Part 1 – 10:36 "Rain Delay" – 1:15 "Mountain Jam" Part 2 – 6:51 "Introduction'" – 1:10 "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" – 4:04 "Statesboro Blues" – 4:25 "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" – 13:14 "Stormy Monday" – 9:04 "Whipping Post" – 14:23 "Mountain Jam" – 28:20 Duane Allman: slide guitar and lead guitar Gregg Allman: vocals, organ Dickey Betts: lead guitar Berry Oakley: bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on "Hoochie Coochie Man" Butch Trucks: drums Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson: drums, congas Thom Doucette: harmonica Johnny Winter: slide guitar on "Mountain Jam" from July 5 show