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Liopetri is located in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°00′34″N 33°53′34″E / 35.00944°N 33.89278°E / 35.00944; 33.89278Coordinates: 35°00′34″N 33°53′34″E / 35.00944°N 33.89278°E / 35.00944; 33.89278
Country Cyprus
DistrictFamagusta District
 • Total4,591

Liopetri (Greek: Λιοπέτρι [ʎoˈpetri]) is a village in southern Famagusta District, in Cyprus. It is close to the communities of Frenaros, Sotira, Avgorou and Xylofagou (Larnaca District). In 2011, Liopetri had a population of 4,591.

On September 2, 1958, a Battle was fought here between the British and four EOKA fighters, Fotis Pittas, Andreas Karios, Elias Papakyriakou and Christos Samaras, who were from Liopetri; the barn where this took place is now a National Memorial.


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