Listín Diario

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Listín Diario
Listín Diario.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Editor Miguel Franjul
Founded 1889
Political alignment Centre-left to Centre-right
Headquarters Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Listín Diario is one of the leading newspapers in the Dominican Republic, and the oldest still being published, thanks to their agreements with the party in power.[1]


Listín Diario, was founded on 1 August 1889 by Arturo Pellerano Alfau and Julian Atiles, two successful merchants who endeavored to inform the general public of the arrival and departure of merchant ships into Dominican ports. Soon after, the one page Listín Diario Marítimo became a broadsheet newspaper, printed out of the Pellerano & Atiles offices in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. The Venezuelan writer and poet Andrés Mata was its editor for a time.[2]

Pellerano Alfau served as editor and publisher of the newspaper until his death in the early 1930s. During his tenure, Listín Diario championed some of the era's more significant regional issues, such as: Cuban Independence, from 1894-98, during which time it regularly published letters from Dominican General Máximo Gómez, who fought on the Cuban side; during the American intervention of 1916-24, Listín maintained a serene opposition to the intervention, regularly publishing articles and editorial columns written by the Dominican patriots. Listín's biggest battle of the first half of the twentieth century was against General Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, whom it opposed during the first ten years of his mandate, and as a consequence, was financially strangled by the dictator, having to shut down operations for all of 21 years.[citation needed]

Even before Trujillo was assassinated in May 1961, Pellerano's descendants started to plan the paper's revival. On 1 August 1963 -- the 74th anniversary of the paper's founding -- led by Carlos Alberto Ricart Vidal (married to Nelly Pellerano López-Penha, daughter of Arturo Pellerano Alfau), together with Moisés Pellerano Lopez-Penha, Rogelio Pellerano Romano, Máximo Pellerano Romano and other close relatives, Listín Diario was edited again. Ricart Vidal was publisher from 1963-84, when he retired and gave way to Rogelio Pellerano, who served on that post until his death in 1993.

The family tapped Rafael Herrera Cabral, then editor of El Caribe, another leading daily newspaper at the time, as the editor of Listín Diario. Herrera served from 1963 until his death in 1994, and is considered one of the most important editorialists of the Dominican Republic. Listín Diario´s current editor-in-chief is Miguel Franjul.


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