List of 20th-century women artists

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Mary Cassatt Self-portrait, c. 1878, gouache on paper, 23 5/8 × 16 3/16 in., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

This is a partial list of 20th-century women artists, sorted alphabetically by decades and year of birth.

Before 1870[edit]

Lilla Cabot Perry, Self Portrait, 1892
Käthe Kollwitz, Woman with Dead Child, 1903 etching
Suzanne Valadon, The Bath, 1908, pastel. 60×49 cm., Museum of Grenoble, France
Romaine Brooks, Miss Natalie Barney, "L'Amazone" (1920)


Paula Modersohn-Becker, Self-Portrait, 1906
Gabriele Münter, Abend im Park (Nightfall in St. Cloud), 1906
Gwen John, Vase of Flowers, n.d. (ca. 1910s)


Marie Laurencin, 1913, Le Bal élégant, La Danse à la campagne
Georgia O'Keeffe, Blue and Green Music, 1921
Natalia Goncharova, Self-portrait, 1907


Jeanne Hébuterne,Self portrait, 1916


Bernarda Bryson Shahn, Resettlement Administration poster, c. 1935 – 1937
Milena Pavlović-Barili, Hot Pink with Cool Grey, 1940


Louise Bourgeois, Maman, Bilbao, Spain







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