List of CFL on TSN commentators

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  • John Wells: 1987–2004 (lead play-by-play announcer), 2005 (secondary play-by-play announcer)
  • Chris Cuthbert: 2005–Present (lead play-by-play announcer)
  • Rod Black: 20021, 2005–Present (secondary play-by-play announcer)
  • Glen Suitor: 20021
  • Gord Miller: 1995–1998, 2009–Present (secondary play-by-play announcer)
  • Rod Smith: 1998–1999, 2012–Present (secondary play-by-play announcer)
  • Dave Randorf: 1999–2000 (secondary play-by-play announcer)
  • Farhan Lalji2: 2011

Colour commentator[edit]

  • Leif Pettersen: 1987–1997 (lead colour commentator), 1998, 2005–2006 (secondary colour commentator)
  • Glen Suitor: 1995–1997 (secondary colour commentator), 1998-Present (lead colour commentator)
  • David Archer: 1997 (lead colour commentator) sometimes
  • Matt Dunigan: 1999, 2009–Present (secondary colour commentator)
  • Danny McManus: 2007 (secondary colour commentator)
  • Duane Forde: 2008–Present (secondary colour commentator)

Studio hosts[edit]

Studio analysts[edit]


1.^ During the 2002 season Rod Black and Glen Suitor filled in for John Wells who missed games due to illness.[2]
2.^ During Week 6 of the 2011 season Farhan Lalji filled in for Chris Cuthbert, whose missed the game due to the death of his father.


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