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This is a list of the County Governors of Trøndelag county in Norway. The office of County Governor is a government agency of the Kingdom of Norway. The title was Amtmann (before 1919) and then Fylkesmann (after 1919).

The county called Trondhjems stiftamt (later Trondhjems amt) was established by the King in 1662, shortly after the area was re-conquered by the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, taking it back from the Kingdom of Sweden. The seat of the amt was in the city of Trondheim. On 24 September 1804, the county was divided by royal resolution into two counties. The county of Nordre Trondhjems amt (re-named Nord-Trøndelag in 1919) was in the north and the county of Søndre Trondhjems amt (re-named Sør-Trøndelag in 1919) was in the south. These two counties existed until 1 January 2018 when the two counties were merged once again into the new Trøndelag county. The new county governor for Trøndelag will continue to live and work in the town of Steinkjer.

The county governor is the government's representative in the county. The governor carries out the resolutions and guidelines of the Storting and Government. This is done first by the county governor performing administrative tasks on behalf of the ministries. Secondly, the county governor also monitors the activities of the municipalities and is the appeal body for many types of municipal decisions.

List of County Governors[edit]

From 1662 until 1804, the Trondhjems amt county had the following governors. From 1804-2017, the county was split and so each of those counties had their own county governor (see the lists for those counties). Since 2018, the counties were reunited with one county governor once again.

County Governors of Trøndelag [1][2][3]
Number Start End Name
1 1662 1665 Claus von Ahlefeldt
Claus von Ahlefeldt (1614-1674).jpg
2 1665 1674 Ove Bjelke
3 1674 1687 Joachim Frederik Wind
4 1687 1700 Hans Kaas
5 1700 1722 Iver von Ahnen
6 1723 1726 Christian Reitzer
7 1726 1735 Jacob Benzon
Jacob Benzon statholder.jpg
8 1736 1744 Christian Ulrich von Nissen-Benzon
9 1744 1747 Christian de Stockfleth
Christian Stockfleth (1715 - 1750) (2836517483).jpg
10 1747 1766 Frederik Rantzau
11 1766 1772 Diderik Otto von Grambow
12 1772 1772 Georg Christian Oeder
Georg Christian Oeder.jpg
13 1772 1783 Johan Vibe von der Osten
14 1783 1786 Wilhelm Frimann Koren
15 1786 1796 Thorkild Fjeldsted
16 1796 1802 Gebhard Moltke
Greve of Moltke
17 1802 1804 Frederik Adeler d.y.
For the County Governors of this area from 1804-2017, see
*List of County Governors of Nord-Trøndelag
*List of County Governors of Sør-Trøndelag
1 2018 present Frank Jenssen
(born 1969)
Frank Jenssen (2017-03-11 bilde02).jpg


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