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This is a list of notable Czech Americans.

Many people on this list are not ethnically Czech but rather born in Bohemian/Moravian territory, of German and/or Jewish extraction.

To be included in this list, the person must have a Wikipedia article showing they are Czech American or must have references showing they are Czech American and are notable.


  • Charles Louis Fleischmann,[1] a Moravia-born innovative manufacturer of yeast and other consumer food products during the 19th Century; founder of the Fleischmann Yeast Co.
  • Wanda Jablonski, Czech immigrant, journalist that founded Petroleum Intelligence Weekly in 1961, a journal which came to be known as the "bible of the oil industry", and ran it until 1988.
  • Travis Kalanick,[2][3][4][5] Founder of network transportation company Uber.
  • Ray Kroc,[6] founder of McDonald Empire
  • Sigmund Mandl,[7] Czech immigrant, founded Husky Wrench Company in Wisconsin in 1924.
  • Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, co-trustee of The Trump Organization with Eric.
  • Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, co-trustee of The Trump Organization with Donald Jr.
  • Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump
  • Fred Figner, a Bohemiam-born entrepreneur with North-American citizenship, coming from a Jewish family, pioneer of music recording in Brazil and South America, pioneer of record manufacturing, a great trader of writing machines in Brazil, a spiritist writer and supporter of Alan Kardec's religion/phylosophy and a great philanthropist[8].

Creative writing[edit]

Dramatic art[edit]


  • Eugene Cernan, of Czech mother, Astronaut; was last man of Apollo to leave his footprints on the moon.
  • Jim Lovell, astronaut; was command module pilot of Apollo 8, man's first flight around the moon.

Government and politics[edit]

Humanities and social sciences[edit]

  • Francis Dvornik, Moravia-born, authority on Byzantine history, Slavic history and civilization.
  • Saul Friedländer, Prague-born, award-winning historian, currently a professor of history at UCLA.
  • Ales Hrdlicka, founder of American physical anthropology.
  • Paul Felix Lazarsfeld, of Moravian ancestry, founder of modern empirical sociology.
  • Richard Neustadt, of Bohemian ancestry, political scientist at Harvard; first director of J.F. Kennedy Inst. of Politics.
  • Beardsley Ruml, of Czech immigrant father, economist, devised plan to collect taxes at their source by means of a payroll deduction system, on a pay as you go basis.
  • Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Moravia-born, notable economist at Harvard University.
  • Jan Švejnar, Prague-born, notable economist.
  • Frank William Taussig, of Czech ancestry, economist and educator, credited with creating the foundations of modern trade theory.
  • Vlasta Vraz, of Czech ancestry, worked for Czech war relief and other Czech causes in Prague and US
  • René Wellek, of Czech father, founder of literary criticism and comparative literature.
  • Max Wertheimer, a Czech-born psychologist who was one of the founders of Gestalt psychology.


  • Louis D. Brandeis, son of Czech immigrant, Justice of US Supreme Court.
  • Paul Freund, of Bohemian ancestry,[citation needed] lawyer; professor of law at Harvard University; authority on public law and understanding the Supreme Court.
  • Hans Kelsen, Prague-born jurist and legal philosopher; one of the most important legal scholars of the 20th century.
  • John Roberts,[50] Chief Justice of US Supreme Court


Media and publishing[edit]


  • Jan Klein, immunologist, best known for his work on the major histocompatibility complex (MHC).
  • Karl Koller, Bohemia-born ophthalmologist, a discoverer of using cocaine as a local anesthetic for eye surgery.
  • Bohdan Pomahač, plastic surgeon, he led the team that performed the first full face transplant in United States and the third overall in the world
  • Peter Safar, Austrian physician of Czech descent, who is credited with pioneering cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Helen Taussig, granddaughter of Czech immigrant, medical researcher at Johns Hopkins University who alerted physicians of the dangers of thalidomide


  • Leopold Karpeles, a Color Sergeant, recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism in 1864 during the Civil War.
  • William F. Lukes, US Navy sailor, a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in the 1871 Korean Expedition.
  • Coral Wong Pietsch, of Czech mother and Chinese father, a Brigadier General in the United States Army Reserve; the first 'Asian' American woman to reach the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Army.
  • Apollo Soucek, a Vice Admiral in the US Navy, who was a record-breaking test pilot during 1929-1930.
  • Henry Svehla, Army Pfc., of Czech father, awarded posthumously by President Obama a Medal of Honor for his heroic action during Korean War.

Pioneer colonists[edit]


Science and technology[edit]

  • Alfred Bader, son of Czech immigrant, founder of Aldrich Chemical Company, art collector, philanthropist.
  • Thomas Cech, of Czech ancestry, Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry.
  • Carl Cori, Prague-born Nobel Prize laureate.
  • Gerty Cori, Prague born Nobel Prize laureate.
  • John C. Dvorak, of Czech ancestry, columnist and broadcaster in the areas of technology and computing.
  • Abraham Flexner, son of Czech immigrant, reformer of American medical education, founder of Institute of Advanced study, Princeton.
  • Simon Flexner, son of Czech immigrant, pathologist, founder and first director of the Rockefeller Institute (now University).
  • Václav Hlavatý, a noted Czech-American mathematician, who solved some very difficult equations relating to Einstein's Unified field theory.
  • Lilli Hornig, scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project
  • Aleš Hrdlička, a physical anthropologist of note; founder and the first curator of physical anthropology of the U.S. National Museum.
  • Josef Allen Hynek, of Czech ancestry, astronomer, professor, and ufologist.
  • Karl Jansky, of Czech ancestry, discoverer of radio astronomy.
  • Frederick Jelinek, pioneer of statistical methods in computational linguistics.
  • Gustav Lindenthal, Brno-born, notable civil engineer who designed the Hell Gate Bridge (1917) among other bridges.
  • Frank Malina, of Czech parents, aeronautical engineer who designed the first U. S. rocket to break the 50-mile altitude mark, becoming the first sounding rocket to reach space.
  • Mila Rechcigl, biochemist who pioneered early studies on enzyme synthesis and degradation; one of the founders and long-time President of SVU.
  • Oldrich Vasicek, mathematician, author of several financial models including Vasicek model.
  • Paul Zamecnik, of Czech ancestry, a biochemist of note, who played a central role in the early history of molecular biology.
  • Charles Zeleny, a Czech-American zoologist, and professor at the University of Illinois, who made important contributions to experimental zoology, especially embryology, regeneration, and genetics.
  • John Zeleny, physicist.

Sports and acrobatics[edit]

Visual art[edit]

  • Charles Demuth, of Moravian ancestry, an artist; a notable painter who had major influence on American art by introduction of modern European movements, such as cubism.
  • Harrison Fisher, of Bohemian ancestry, a popular commercial artist and illustrator of the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine from the early 1900s through 1934; known as 'The Father of a Thousand Girls'.
  • Wanda Gág, a notable American illustrator and author of Bohemian descent.
  • Leo Holub, photographer.
  • Antonín Kratochvíl, Czech-born American photojournalist.
  • Jan Matulka, painter.
  • Mario Korbel, sculptor.
  • Albin Polasek, sculptor.
  • Antonin Raymond, a famed architect who explored traditional Japanese building techniques with the latest American building innovations.
  • Rudolph Ruzicka, a prominent Czech-born American wood engraver, etcher, illustrator, typeface designer, and book designer.
  • Charles Sindelar, illustrator and painter.
  • Peter Sis, writer and illustrator of children's books.
  • Paul Strand, of Bohemian immigrant parents, one of the most important figures in American twentieth-century photography.
  • Ladislav Sutnar, a graphic artist, considered one of the great pioneers of the modern period.
  • William Pachner, painter and illustrator



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