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Over the years the British comic magazine The Dandy has had many different strips ranging from humour strips to adventure strips to prose stories. However eventually the Dandy changed from having all these different types of strips to having only humour strips. Prose stories were the first to go being phased out in the 1950s. Adventure strips were phased out in the 1980s.

The Dandy[edit]

Strip Title [1] Notes Original Artist [1] Other Notable Artists [1] Start Date [1] End Date [1] Genre [1]
Korky the Cat Original run from 1937 to 2005. Made sporadic appearances thereafter before returning in 2010. James Crichton Charles Grigg,

David Gudgeon, Robert Nixon, David Sutherland, Paul Palmer, Dave Windett, Henry Davies, Phil Corbett

1937 2012 Comic
Keyhole Kate Original run from 1937 to 1955. Later ran from 1989-1993, 1998-1999 and reprinted in 2012.

Also appeared in Sparky

Allan Morley Sid Burgon

Tom Paterson

1937 2012 Comic
Desperate Dan Dudley Watkins Peter Davidson,

Ken H. Harrison, Caluori, David Parkins, Trevor Metcalfe, John Geering, Jamie Smart

1937 2013 Comic
Jimmy and his Grockle First appeared in The Rover under the title 'Jimmy Johnson's Grockle' in 1932.

Later appeared in Sparky under the title 'My Grockle and Me'.

James Clark 1937 1946 Comic Adventure
The Tricks of Tommy Fred Sturrock 1937 1938 Prose
Our Gang Dudley Watkins 1937 1947 Comic
Red Hoof 1937 1938 Prose
Lost on the Mountain of Fear Fred Sturrock 1937 1938 Adventure
The Magic Sword 1937 1938 Prose
Barney Boko John R. Mason 1937 1944 Comic
Hungry Horace Also appeared in Sparky Allan Morley 1937 1958 Comic
Freddy the Fearless Fly Original run from 1937 to 1954. Reappeared in the 2010s.

Also appeared in Sparky

Allan Morley Gordon Bell,

Tom Paterson, Phil Corbett

1937 2012 Comic
Magic Mike and his Magic Shop Sam Fair 1937 1938 Comic
Smarty Grandpa The strips main character looked identical to Granpaw Broon Dudley Watkins 1937 1940 Comic
The Two Brave Runaways 1937 1938 Prose
The Daring Deeds of Buck Wilson Jack Glass 1937 1938 Adventure
Wee Tusky 1937 1943 Prose
Boaster Billy Fred Sturrock 1937 1938 Comic
Wig and Wam the Skookum Twins Sam Fair 1937 1939 Comic
Podge Eric Roberts 1937 1945 Comic
Mugg Muggins Charlie Gordon 1937 1938 Comic
When the West was Wild 1937 1938 Prose
Invisible Dick Originated in The Rover in 1922.

Later appeared in Sparky

George Ramsbottom 1937 1939 Comic Adventure
Bamboo Town Charlie Gordon 1937 1944 Comic
Flippy the Sea Serpent Frank Minnitt 1938 1938 Comic
Teddy Bear Sam Fair 1938 1938 Comic
Late Again Larry Fred Sturrock 1938 1938 Comic
Sleepy Gus Fred Sturrock 1938 1938 Comic
The House that Jack the Joker built Fred Sturrock 1938 1938 Prose
Bad-Luck Billy Fred Sturrock 1938 1938 Prose
Buffalo Bill Jack Glass 1938 1938 Prose
7 Terrible Tasks for the 7th Son Dudley Watkins 1938 1938 Prose
Handy Clark on the Treasure Trail Fred Sturrock 1938 1939 Adventure
The Smasher Unrelated to later and longer running The Smasher which started in 1957. James Walker 1938 1938 Adventure
Dopey Dinah Sam Fair 1938 1941 Comic
Simple Simon Hugh McNeil 1938 1940 Comic
Meddlesome Matty Original run from 1938 to 1942.

Reappeared from 1948 to 1949. Later appeared in Sparky

Sam Fair Malcolm Judge 1938 1949 Comic
Buster Billy (The Pride of the Regiment) James Walker 1938 1939 Prose
Wild Young Dirky Dudley Watkins James Walker 1938 1946 Prose
The Plucky Little Petersons 1938 1938 Prose
The Sign of the Red Raven Jack Glass 1938 1938 Prose
The Three Bears James Clark 1938 1939 Prose
Never, Never Nelson Jack Glass 1938 1939 Adventure
Whistling Jim James Walker 1938 1940 Prose
Old King Cole Title Young King Cole from 1941 to 1942 Fred Sturrock 1938 1944 Prose
Lost in the Land of Bad King John James Walker 1938 1939 Prose
Straight from the Jungle to Magic Land Originally appeared as a prose story in 1939.

Title changed to 'Lion Boy' for subsequent appearances. Returned as a picture strip from 1949 to 1950. Reappeared as a prose story in 1951. Returned as a picture strip from 1952 to 1953.

Jack Glass 1939 1953 Prose / Adventure
The Man from Laughing Mountain 1939 1939 Prose
Sacred Bull of Batmandu James Walker 1939 1939 Prose
Jumping Jiminy (The Kangaroo who's always on the hop) William Ward 1939 1940 Comic
Who's to wear the King's Boots George Ramsbottom 1939 1939 Prose
The Ugliest Pig in the World Originally a prose story that ran from 1939 to 1940.

Returned in picture strip form under the title 'Rip Snorter - The Ugliest Pig in the World' from 1956 to 1957.

Toby Baines Eric Roberts 1939 1957 Prose
Jak the Dragon Killer Jack Glass 1939 1941 Prose
The Man who owns an Ali Baba Cave Toby Baines 1939 1940 Prose
The Boy with Iron Hands Fred Sturrock 1939 1940 Adventure
The Black-Striped Sweets that Billy Eats James Walker 1939 1939 Prose
Our Teacher's a Walrus! Originally a prose story from 1939 to 1940.

Reappeared in picture strip form in 1947.

George Ramsbottom Dudley Watkins 1939 1947 Prose / Comic Adventure
Drake's Drummer Boy Originally a prose story that ran from 1939 to 1940.

Returned as a picture strip in 1959.

Jack Glass Victor Peon 1939 1959 Prose / Adventure
Little White Chief of the Cherokees Originally ran from 1939 to 1940.

Reprinted from 1951 to 1952.

George Ramsbottom 1939 1952 Adventure
Addie and Hermy Sam Fair 1939 1941 Comic
Those Blinking Vaccies Again Toby Baines 1939 1940 Prose
Wild Man of the Woods Sam Fair 1940 1940 Comic
Jimmy's Pocket Grandpa Fred Sturrock 1940 1941 Prose
Swallowed by a Whale George Ramsbottom 1940 1940 Prose
Hair Oil Hal John Brown 1940 1941 Comic
Cripple Charlie Toby Baines 1940 1940 Prose
There's a Curse on the King Toby Baines 1940 1941 Prose
British Boys and Girls go West 1940 1941 Prose
Wildfire the War Horse Jack Glass 1940 1941 Adventure
The Daring Deeds of the Sheriff's Little Sister George Ramsbottom 1940 1940 Prose
The Adventures of Dick Turpin's Kids George Ramsbottom 1941 1941 Prose
Brave Little Comrade of the Cowardly Lion James Clark 1941 1941 Prose
Boomerang Burke Jack Glass 1941 1942 Adventure
Centipede Pete James Clark 1941 1941 Comic
Jock Macswiper R. MacGiillivray 1941 1941 Comic
Young Husky 1941 1941 Prose
The Chimney Top Teacher James Walker 1941 1941 Prose
Grandma Jolly and her Brolly John R. Mason 1941 1941 Comic
The Twins dare the Redskin Trail Toby Baines 1941 1941 Prose
Hassan and his Flying Carpet James Walker 1941 1942 Prose
Blackhawk's Boy George Ramsbottom 1941 1941 Adventure
Mickey's Magic Book James Crichton 1941 1948 Comic
Big Starr Jack Glass 1941 1942 Adventure
Watchful Wally 1942 1942 Comic
Willie Woodpecker John R. Mason 1942 1944 Comic
Peter Pye Dudley Watkins 1942 1942 Comic Adventure
The Two Tough Lambs Toby Baines 1942 1942 Prose
Freddie Flipper's Fighters 1942 1942 Prose
The Magic Box Toby Baines 1942 1942 Prose
Merry Marvo and his Magic Cigar Allan Morley 1942 1946 Comic
Hopeful Jimmy Steele James Walker 1942 1943 Prose
Diver Dick Robert MacGillivray 1942 1944 Comic
Dick Whittington and his Cat 1942 1943 Comic Adventure
Lost in the Magic Forest 1943 1943 Prose
Tricky Dicky Doyle James Walker 1943 1943 Prose
King of the Jungle James Clark 1943 1943 Adventure
The Magic Knockers Toby Baines 1943 1944 Prose
The Wonderful Wizards James Walker 1943 1944 Prose
Hansel and Gretel James Clark 1944 1944 Adventure
The Spitfire Twins 1944 1944 Prose
Inky Poo the Cute Hindoo John R. Mason 1944 1944 Comic
Captain Cutlass Charlie Gordon 1944 1945 Comic
The Wandering Wilsons Jack Prout 1944 1944 Prose
Clumsy Claudie Leslie Marchant 1944 1944 Comic
The Amazing Mr X Jack Glass Dudley Watkins 1944 1945 Adventure
Five Spunky Duncans Jack Prout 1944 1944 Prose
The Slapdash Circus Toby Baines 1944 1945 Prose
Charlie Chutney the Comical Cook Allan Morley 1944 1947 Comic
Nellie Elephant Leslie Marchant 1944 1945 Comic
Black Bob Originally a prose story that ran from 1944 to 1955.

From 1956 onwards appeared as picture strips reprinted from The Weekly News.

Jack Prout 1944 1982 Prose / Adventure
Old Ma Murphy the Strong Arm School Ma'am Allan Morley 1944 1949 Comic
Lazy Larry Dudley Watkins 1945 1946 Comic
Danny Longlegs Dudley Watkins 1945 1950 Comic Adventure
Mary's Magic Medicines Jack Prout 1945 1945 Prose
Happy Go Lucky James Walker 1945 1945 Prose
Absent-Minded Alfie Fred Sturrock 1945 1947 Comic
The Cheery Chinks Charlie Gordon 1945 1946 Comic
The ABC Kids James Crichton 1946 1946 Prose
The Crusoe Kydds James Crichton 1946 1946 Prose
Dad's got a Broken Leg Fred Sturrock 1946 1946 Prose
Julius Sneezer the Sneezing Caesar Allan Morley 1946 1949 Comic
Dangerous Duff (the Mouse who's Rough and Mighty Tough) James Crichton 1946 1947 Comic
Whiskery Dick 1946 1948 Comic
Poor Old Nosey Fred Sturrock 1946 1947 Prose
Dickey Bird (the Boy who knows the Secret Whistle) James Walker 1947 1947 Prose
Her Majesty's Wizard, Mr G. Whizz Fred Sturrock 1947 1949 Prose
Smudge Originally ran from 1947 to 1949.

Reprinted from 1955 to 1957 under the title 'Hy Jinks'

Eric Roberts 1947 1957 Comic
Cinder Eddie Fred Sturrock 1947 1947 Prose
Curly's Two Ton Kitten 1947 1948 Prose
Bouncing Billy Balloon Charlie Gordon 1948 1948 Comic
Brave Young Black-Hoof Dudley Watkins 1948 1949 Adventure
Big Bonehead Jack Glass 1948 1949 Prose
Castor Oil Craddock Basil Blackaller 1948 1948 Comic
Raggy Muffin - the Dandy Dog James Crichton 1948 1950 Comic
Plum Macduff (the Highlandman who never gets enough) Bill Holroyd 1948 1952 Comic
Hotcha the Hottentot Robert MacGillivray 1948 1949 Comic
The Slave of the Magic Lamp Fred Sturrock 1948 1949 Prose
The Croaker holds the Clue Jack Glass 1948 1949 Prose
Wuzzy-Wiz, Magic is his Biz Bill Holroyd 1949 1955 Comic
Mary's Mighty Uncle Originally a prose story in 1949.

Returned as an adventure strip in 1953

Fred Sturrock Charles Grigg 1949 1953 Prose / Adventure
Sir Solomon Snoozer Paddy Brennan 1949 1950 Comic Adventure
Cocky Sue the Cockatoo (she's the Brains of the Pirate Crew) 1949 1951 Comic
Jammy Jimmy Johnson (the Boy with Lucky Hands) Fred Sturrock 1950 1950 Prose
Quick-Nick, the Lightning Lock-Picker of London Originally a prose story in 1950.

Reappared in picture strip form in 1958. Reprinted from 1973 to 1974.

Jack Glass 1950 1974 Prose / Adventure
Black Magic Bongo the Schoolboy from the Congo Fred Sturrock 1950 1951 Prose
Barney's Bear Originally ran from 1950 to 1956.

Reprinted from 1964 to 1965.

George Ramsbottom 1950 1965 Comic Adventure
Grandpa Gallant Rides Again! Fred Sturrock 1950 1950 Prose
Tommy Brown's Slave Dudley Watkins 1950 1950 Comic Adventure
Rusty Originally ran from 1950 to 1954.

Reprinted from 1960 to 1962.

Paddy Brennan 1950 1962 Comic
Peggy and her Pop's Peg-Leg James Walker 1950 1950 Prose
Long Tom's Treasure Jack Glass 1950 1950 Prose
Fergus of the Forty Faces James Walker 1950 1951 Adventure
The Boy Keeper of the King's Beasts Originally a prose story that ran from 1950 to 1951.

Returned as a picture strip entitled 'Wild Wulff' that ran from 1955 to 1956.

Jack Glass 1950 1956 Prose
Fighting Forkbeard - The Sea Wolf from long ago Paddy Brennan 1951 1951 Adventure
Noah Lott - He Knows a Lot of Rot Richard Cox 1951 1954 Comic
Bonanza Bill - The Tricky Trader of Hilly Billy City Bill Holroyd 1951 1951 Comic Adventure
Shocker Jock - The Boy from the Wonder World Originally a Prose story that ran from 1951 to 1952.

Reappeared in picture strip form from 1954 to 1955.

George Ramsbottom George Drysdale 1951 1955 Prose / Comic Adventure
Sooty and his Shooter Charles Grigg 1951 1952 Prose
Willie Willikin's Pobble Paddy Brennan 1952 1952 Comic Adventure
Hurray for the Rip-Roaring Robinsons George Drysdale 1952 1952 Prose
Wily Smiley the Jungle Joker George Martin 1952 1958 Comic
The Trouble of Old Sheriff Saggy Baggs Fred Sturrock 1952 1952 Prose
The Galloping Glory Boys Paddy Brennan 1952 1952 Adventure
Mickey from the Moon Paddy Brennan 1952 1953 Prose
Wee Willie King and his Magic Stings George Ramsbottom 1952 1953 Prose
Willie the Wicked Eric Roberts 1953 1953 Comic Adventure
The Tickler Twins on the Redskin Trail Eric Roberts 1953 1953 Adventure
Tin Lizzie Originally a prose story that ran from 1953 to 1954.

Reappeared in picture strip form from 1955 to 1959.

Jack Prout Charles Grigg 1953 1959 Prose / Comic Adventure
Cats-Eye Kelly Originally a prose story in 1953.

Returned as an adventure strip in 1959.

Toby Baines Jack Glass 1953 1959 Prose / Adventure
Westward Ho with Prince Charlie's Gold Paddy Brennan 1953 1953 Adventure
Bandy Shand and Great Big Bees George Ramsbottom 1953 1953 Prose
Little Master of the Swooping Monster Jack Glass 1953 1953 Adventure
Pie Face Pete's Secret Pal George Ramsbottom 1953 1954 Prose
Great Big Bonzo Charles Grigg 1953 1954 Comic Adventure
The Streak-O-Light Express Bill Holroyd 1954 1954 Comic Adventure
Fleetfoot Jack James Walker 1954 1954 Prose
Young Drake Dudley Watkins Paddy Brennan 1954 1954 Adventure
Gobble, Gobble Gertie Charles Grigg 1954 1954 Comic Adventure
Chinkee, Chinkee Junkee Man 1954 1955 Comic
My Gang by Whacker Wilson Ron Smith 1954 1955 Comic Adventure
Shaggy Doggy Originally appeared from 1954 to 1958.

Reprinted from 1976 to 1982 under the title 'Waggy, the Shaggy Doggy'

Allan Morley George Drysdale 1954 1982 Comic
The Wee Black Scallywag Eric Roberts 1954 1955 Comic Adventure
Winker and Blinker Fred Sturrock 1954 1954 Prose
Little Angel Face Ken Reid 1954 1955 Comic
Clanky the Cast Iron Pup Originally appeared in 1955.

Reprinted in 1962.

Charles Grigg 1955 1962 Comic Adventure
Ginger's Super Jeep Originally a prose story in 1955.

Returned as a picture strip from 1958 to 1960.

James Walker Eric Roberts 1955 1960 Prose / Adventure
Big Bad Wolff The strips main characters reappeared in 1955 in a strip entitled 'The Lion Heart Logans'. George Drysdale 1955 1955 Comic Adventure
3 Jonahs in a Whale Jack Glass 1955 1955 Adventure
Mickey's Tick Tock Men Paddy Brennan 1955 1955 Comic Adventure
Crackaway Jack From 1960 to 1961 this strip had the title 'The Crackaway Twins'

Originally ran from 1955 to 1961. Reprinted from 1966 to 1967.

Paddy Brennan 1955 1967 Adventure
Millionaire Mike Charles Grigg 1955 1955 Comic Adventure
Big Beardie Shamus O'Doherty 1955 1956 Comic
The Tricks of Screwy Driver Originally ran from 1955 to 1959.

Reprinted from 1971 to 1975. New strips started appearing from 1975 to 1984. With the occasional reprint mixed in.

Bill Holroyd 1955 1984 Comic
My Pal Baggy Pants Ken Hunter 1956 1959 Comic Adventure
Willie's Whizzer Broom Eric Roberts 1956 1956 Comic Adventure
Just Jimmy Hugh Morren 1956 1958 Comic
Bing Bang Benny Ken Reid 1956 1960 Comic
Roly-Poly Joe Frank MacDiarmid 1956 1958 Comic
Turtle Boy Paddy Brennan 1956 1956 Adventure
Kipper the Copper Charles Grigg 1956 1957 Comic Adventure
Corporal Kim - The Boy Mountie Jack Glass 1956 1956 Adventure
Buster's Battling Beetle Ken Hunter 1956 1957 Comic Adventure
Jet Carson's School for Racers George Drysdale 1956 1957 Comic Adventure
Charlie the Chimp George Ramsbottom Charles Grigg 1957 1960 Comic Adventure
The Smasher Hugh Morren David Gudgeon

Brian Walker

1957 2004 Comic
Young Dandy About a red deer fawn

Originally ran from 1957 to 1960. Reprinted in 1974 to 1975.

James Clark 1957 1975 Adventure
Mystery Dick Originally ran from 1957 to 1958.

Reprinted in 1974.

George Ramsbottom 1957 1974 Adventure
Robin Hood Paddy Brennan 1958 1958 Adventure
Brave Ben Bold Victor Peon 1958 1958 Adventure
Robinson and his dog Crusoe George Martin 1958 1960 Comic
The Castaway Kidds Originally ran from 1958 to 1959.

Reprinted from 1974 to 1975.

James Clark 1958 1975 Adventure
Mr Mutt George Martin 1959 1960 Comic
Circus Boy Jack Glass 1959 1959 Adventure
Round the World in 80 Days Based on the novel Paddy Brennan 1959 1959 Adventure
The Boy with Iron Hands Unrelated to previous strip with the same title Bill Holroyd 1959 1961 Adventure
Buffalo Bill's Schooldays Michael Darling 1960 1960 Adventure
Rodger and his Lodgers Originally ran from 1960 to 1962.

Reprinted from 1972 to 1973.

Shamus O'Doherty 1960 1973 Comic
Dockland Davie Originally appeared in 1960.

Reprinted in 1970.

James Clark 1960 1970 Adventure
Robbie the Bobbie Jack Prout 1960 1961 Adventure
Jammy Mr Sammy George Martin 1960 1962 Comic
Dirty Dick A lot of 1970s strips were reprints. Eric Roberts Jimmy Hughes 1960 1978 Comic
Ali Ha-Ha and the Forty Thieves Originally ran from 1960 to 1963.

A second series started in 1986.

Ken Reid Jerry Swaffield 1960 1988 Comic
Corporal Clott Originally ran from 1960 to 1975. A second series ran from 1987-1988.

Reappeared in 2012.

David Law Jimmy Hughes,

Steve Bright, Nigel Auchterlounie

1960 2012 Comic
The Purple Cloud Originally appeared in 1961.

Reprinted from 1968 to 1969.

Charles Grigg 1961 1969 Adventure
Winker Watson First appeared in the 1961 Dandy Book. Originally ran from 1961-2007, being reprinted between 1980 and 1991. Reprinted again during 2012. Eric Roberts Terry Bave

Stevie White

1961 2012 Comic Adventure
Bingo - the Black Streak Jack Glass 1961 1962 Comic Adventure
The Hovercar Snatchers Bill Holroyd 1961 1962 Adventure
Willie Fixit Originally ran from 1962 to 1963.

Reprinted from 1975 to 1977.

Bill Holroyd 1962 1977 Comic Adventure
Sunny Boy - He's a Bright Spark Originally ran from 1962 to 1965.

Reprinted from 1971 to 1973.

George Martin 1962 1973 Comic
Danny Longlegs Unrelated to 1940s strip with the same name Jack Glass 1962 1963 Comic Adventure
Blitz Boy Paddy Brennan 1962 1963 Adventure
My Home Town Long running feature where readers sent in information about their home towns. Frank McDiarmid 1962 1970 Feature
Bobcat Boy Jack Glass 1963 1963 Adventure
Big Head and Thick Head Ken Reid Frank McDiarmid 1963 1967 Comic
Rocket Jock Charles Grigg 1963 1963 Adventure
Joe White and the Seven Dwarfs Bill Holroyd 1963 1964 Comic Adventure
The Crimson Ball Jack Glass 1963 1964 Adventure
The Red Wrecker Originally appeared in 1964.

Reprinted in 1978.

Charles Grigg 1964 1978 Adventure
Kit from the Wild Karroo Jack Glass 1964 1965 Adventure
Brassneck Originally ran from 1964 to 1973.

Reappeared from 1982 to 1984. A third series ran in 1987. A fourth series ran during 2006-2007, which was reprinted during 2012.

Bill Holroyd Steve Bright,

Nick Brennan

1964 2012 Comic Adventure
Moe and Joe and Daddy-O! Eric Roberts 1965 1965 Comic Adventure
Greedy Pigg Originally ran from 1965 to 1971.

Reappeared for a second run from 1978 to 1984.

George Martin 1965 1984 Comic
The Stinging Swarm Jack Glass 1965 1965 Adventure
The Umbrella Men Charles Grigg 1965 1966 Adventure
Hank and his Mini-Tank Jack Glass 1966 1966 Adventure
South with the Hovercar Jack Glass 1967 1967 Adventure
Bully Beef and Chips Originally ran from 1967 to 1997.

Reappeared in the 2010s.

Jimmy Hughes Robert Nixon,

Gordon Bell, Sid Burgon Wayne Thompson

1967 2012 Comic
Captain Whoosh Charles Grigg 1967 1967 Adventure
Butch and his Pooch Shamus O'Doherty 1967 1968 Comic
Spunky and his Spider Bill Holroyd 1967 1970 Comic Adventure
Bodger the Bookworm Shamus O'Doherty 1968 1971 Comic
Gunsmoke Jack Jack Glass 1968 1968 Adventure
Super Sam Jack Prout 1968 1968 Comic Adventure
The Island of Monsters Paddy Brennan 1969 1970 Adventure
The Babes 'N' the Bullies Trevor Metcalfe 1969 1969 Comic
The Wooden Submarine Victor Peon 1969 1970 Adventure
My Top Story 1970 1982 Feature
Dinah Mite Ron Spencer 1970 1971 Comic
Claude Hopper George Martin 1971 1973 Comic
Whacko! Originally appeared from 1971 to 1973.

Reprinted from 1983 to 1984.

Ron Spencer 1971 1984 Comic
PC Big Ears John Geering 1971 1973 Comic
Iron Hands Paddy Brennan 1971 1971 Adventure
My Woozy Dog, Snoozy Jack Edward Oliver 1971 1971 Comic
The Boy from Lilliput Paddy Brennan 1972 1972 Adventure
Jack Silver Bill Holroyd 1973 1981 Adventure
Monkey Bizness John Geering 1973 1975 Comic
Robin Hood's Schooldays Ron Spencer 1973 1975 Comic
The Talking Ball Paddy Brennan 1973 1974 Adventure
Desperate Dawg George Martin 1973 1986 Comic
Sir Coward De Custard Ken H. Harrison 1973 1975 Comic
Peter's Pocket Grandpa Similar in theme to 1940s prose story entitled 'Jimmy's Pocket Grandpa' Ron Spencer 1975 1983 Comic Adventure
Tom Tin and Buster Brass Jack Prout 1975 1976 Comic Adventure
Rah-Rah Randall Ken H. Harrison 1975 1979 Comic
Izzy Skint (You bet he is!) George Martin 1975 1984 Comic
The Jocks and the Geordies Jimmy Hughes 1975 1991 Comic
Tom Tum Keith Reynolds 1978 1986 Comic
Bertie Buncle and his Chemical Uncle David Mostyn 1978 1982 Comic
Harry and his Hippo Originally ran from 1979 to 1986.

Reappeared from 2011 to 2012.

Ken H. Harrison Andy Fanton 1979 2012 Comic
Dave the Brave Paddy Brennan 1979 1980 Comic
Dumb Belle Jan Sitek 1979 1982 Comic
The Hairy Gang of Robbers Bill Holroyd 1979 1980 Adventure
Big Chief Itchy Snitch Bill Holroyd 1982 1983 Comic
Micky the Mouth David Mostyn 1982 1984 Comic
The Burrd Ron Spencer Keith Reynolds 1983 1986 Comic
Dinah Mo Ron Spencer Pete Moonie 1983 1996 Comic
Jolly Roger George Martin 1984 1986 Comic
Ham and Egghead Steve Bright 1984 Comic
Mitch and his Mummy Ken H. Harrison Jerry Swaffield 1984 1986 Comic
Cuddles and Dimples Originally titled 'Dimples'.

After the merger with Hoot in 1986 the character Cuddles originally from Nutty and later Hoot was incorporated into the strip and the title was changed to 'Cuddles and Dimples'. Originally ran until 2010. Reprinted in 2012.

Barrie Appleby Gordon Bell

Nigel Parkinson

1984 2012 Comic
The Domes John Geering 1984 1985 Comic
Peter Pest Originally in Nutty Tom Williams 1985 Comic
Bananaman Originally in Nutty

Currently appears in The Beano

John Geering Barrie Appleby,

Steve Bright, Chris McGhie, Wayne Thompson

1985 2012 Comic
The Snobbs and the Slobbs Originally in Nutty John Geering 1985 Comic
Strange Hill Originally appeared in the 1984 Summer Special. David Mostyn 1986 2008 Comic
Polar Blair Originally in Hoot Robert Nixon 1986 Comic
Spotted Dick Originally in Hoot Barrie Appleby Jerry Swaffield

John Aldrich

1986 Comic
Comic Cuts Originally in Hoot

This feature involved a number of four frame strips featuring pre-existing DC Thomson characters.

George Martin 1986 Comic
Ted-Time Tales 1987 Comic
Mutt and Moggy Very similar to Puss 'n' Boots John Geering 1987 Comic
Angie the Little Actress Steve Bright 1988 Comic
Granny spin-off strip from Cuddles and Dimples, featuring the pair's grandmother Barrie Appleby 1988 Comic
Li'l Imp Tom Paterson 1988 Comic
Richard's Snitch Gordon Bell 1988 Comic
Woofer and Tweeter 1988 Comic
Sammy Supersnail 1988 Comic
Postman Patel Spin-off of Cuddles and Dimples. Barrie Appleby John Aldrich 1988 Comic
George and the Dragon 1988 Comic
James - the World's Worst Schoolboy Originally ran from 1988-1992.

Returned in 1997.

Jimmy Glen 1988 1999 Comic
Norbert's Nightmares 1988 Comic
Louden the Mouth 1988 Comic
Watch the Birdie 1988 Comic
Sneaker Jim Petrie Nick Brennan 1988 2002 Comic
Young Trainee Santas 1988 Comic
Golden Ol' Days Ken H. Harrison 1989 Comic
Tristan - the Vicar's Son Barrie Appleby 1989 Comic
Kylie Phizzog 1990 Comic
Marvo the Wonder Chicken Syd Kitching Jim Hansen

Nigel Parkinson

1990 2010 Comic
Billy Green and his Sister Jean Jim Petrie 1990 Comic
The Laughing Planet Tom Paterson 1990 Comic
Marty's Mouse Ken H. Harrison 1990 Comic
It's Magic 1990 Comic
Tumba and Rumba - the Mimicking Elephants Ron Spencer 1990 Comic
Growing Paynes Trevor Metcalfe 1991 2001 Comic
Molly David Mostyn 1991 2004 Comic
Smitten A young boy and his problems with love. Bill Ritchie 1991 1994 Comic
Barney The Wonder Winger Brian Walker 1991 1995 Comic
Joe Mince Gordon Bell 1991 1993 Comic
Sherman Tortoise John Geering 1991 1994 Comic
King Dom Trevor Metcalfe 1991 1993 Comic
Wendy's Wicked Stepladder Keith Robson 1992 Comic
Miss Eve L. Powers Jimmy Glen 1992 1999 Comic
Hyde and Shriek Originally ran from 1992 to 1993.

Reappeared as reprints in 2004 before changing to new material around a year later.

Tom Paterson Nick Brennan 1992 2009 Comic
Reg Hog 1992 Comic
Der Daft Dachshunds 1993 Comic
Peter Piper Character originally appeared in The Magic Comic.

Also appeared in Sparky and The Topper

Nick Brennan 1993 1999 Comic
Fiddle O'Diddle Tom Paterson 1993 2004 Comic
Oliver Twister Trevor Metcalfe 1993 Comic
Fibba Gordon Bell 1993 Comic
Potsworth and Co Based on a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Previously appeared in The Beezer and Topper

Barrie Appleby 1993 1994 Comic
Beryl the Peril Character first appeared in The Topper in 1953.

Had previously appeared in The Beezer and Topper. Originally ran until 2004. Returned for a second series from 2005-2007. A third series ran during 2012. became reprints later that year.

Robert Nixon Karl Dixon

Steve Bright

1993 2012 Comic
Carrot Short strip based around Cuddles and Dimples' pet cat and parrot constantly fighting. Barrie Appleby 1993 Comic
Jonah This strip's main character had previously appeared in The Beano Keith Robson 1993 Comic
Rasper Tom Paterson 1993 1998 Comic
Claude Cuckooland Steve Bright 1993 Comic
Puss 'n' Boots This strips main characters had previously appeared in Sparky John Geering Barrie Appleby,

Nigel Parkinson, Nigel Auchterlounie,

1993 2010 Comic
First Class Jimmy Hansen 1993 1998 Comic
Blinky Previously appeared in The Beezer and Topper.

Younger version of Colonel Blink. Originally ran from 1994-2007. Was reprinted sporadically from 2007-2010, and again during 2012.

Nick Brennan 1994 2012 Comic
Little Win Steve Bright 1994 1994 Comic
The Verminator Jimmy Hansen 1994 1994 Comic
Euro School Tom Paterson 1994 1995 Comic
Tik and Tak Gordon Bell 1994 1995 Comic
The Flying Boy 1994 Comic
Herb's History John Geering 1994 Comic
Brain Duane Featured in the video game Beanotown Racing Tom Paterson 1994 Comic
Mad March Hare Barrie Appleby 1995 Comic
Jock the Rapper Similar to Watford Gapp in Whizzer and Chips. Tom Paterson 1995 2001 Comic
Beastie Boy 1995 Comic
Frawg Nick Brennan 1995 Comic
Brother Grimm 1995 Comic
Spelling Mistaxe 1995 Comic
Little Boots Cassidy Jimmy Hansen 1995 Comic
Hector Spectre Based on The Beezer and Topper strip "Meet Edd: He's a Ghost". David Mostyn 1996 Comic
Foxy First appeared in The Topper

Previously appeared in The Beezer and Topper

Evi De Bono 1996 Comic
Cowrin' Wolf David Mostyn 1996 Comic
Classic Cuts 1997 Comic
The Dandy Treasure Island 1997 Comic
Neighbourhood Wood 1997 Comic
Jak and Todd The strip was originally titled Jak before changing to Jak and Todd in 2007 after the Dandy went Xtreme.

Jak was the Dandy's cover star from 2004 to 2007. Originally ran from 1997-1999. Appeared for a second series from 2000-2003 as "Jak and Spike" A third series ran from 2004-2010, with a one-off reprint in 2012.

Jimmy Hansen David Sutherland

Wayne Thompson

1997 2010 Comic
Stick Maniacs 1997 Comic
Brewster Rooster 1997 Comic
Vain Wayne 1998 Comic
Owen Goal Originally reprints of 'Cannonball Kid' from Nutty.

Later changed to new strips.

Rob Lee Nigel Parkinson 1998 Comic
P5 Originally ran from 1998 to 2002.

Reprinted from 2006 to 2007 under the title 'Class Act'. Similar to The Beano's Bash Street Kids.

Jimmy Hansen Earl Sputnik

Carlos Randino

1998 2007 Comic
Bedtime Tales with Bradley Bedsock 1998 Comic
Now Showing 1998 Comic
Buster Crab 1998 Comic
Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber Jimmy Hansen 1999 Comic
Antchester 1999 Comic
Polly 1999 Comic
The Pluck of Percy 1999 Comic
Calmsville 1999 Comic
Red Hot Chilli Dogs 1999 Comic
Bodkins Moor 1999 Comic
Walter Gnome - Millenium Gnome 2000 Comic
Bart Brimston Karl Dixon 2000 Comic
Ridge Rescue 2000 Comic
The Comet 2000 Comic
Phone Bone and Digit Al 2000 Comic
Auntie Clockwise Wayne Thompson 2000 Comic
Island of Terror 2001 Comic
Ollie Fliptrik Karl Dixon 2002 2009 Comic
Dallas Ditchwater 2002 Comic
Chester the Alien Chaser 2002 Comic
Animal Asylum 2002 Comic
Silly Moo Originally ran from 2002-2003.

Was reprinted in 2012.

Wayne Thompson 2002 2012 Comic
Neville's Island 2002 Comic
The Vulture Club 2002 Comic
The Doyle Family Originally conceived in the 1970s by Albert Barnes and Tom Paterson as "The Dangerous Dumplings" for a new comic that was later scrapped. Ken H. Harrison 2002 Comic
The Heavy Metal Yeti 2003 Comic
Pinky's Crackpot Circus Originally ran during 2003-2004.

reprinted in 2012.

Nick Brennan 2003 2012 Comic
Baby Herc 2003 Comic
Bad Max About a kid with an orange perm and a big jumper with an M on it.

Similar to Dennis the Menace.

Steve Bright 2003 2007 Comic
Ozzy Outback 2003 Comic
Wizzo the Wizard 2003 Comic
Make me a Monster 2003 Comic
Agent Dog 2 Zero Wayne Thompson 2003 Comic
Dandy Days in Beanotown Steve Bright 2003 Comic
Cats David Mostyn 2003 Comic
The Nutters Reprints from Cracker John Geering 2004 2004 Comic
The Banana Bunch This strip originally appeared in the first issue of The Beezer back in 1956.

Originally ran during 2004. Appeared sporadically during the Xtreme era before returning in 2012.

Nigel Parkinson 2004 2012 Comic
Piggles Reprints from Hoot Barrie Appleby 2004 Comic
Pants 2004 Comic
Bad Neighbours 2004 Comic
Edd the Ghost Reprints from The Beezer and Topper 2004 Comic
Jacques and Gilles 2004 Comic
Dreadlock Holmes Jimmy Hansen Steven White 2004 Comic
Office Hours Steven White 2004 Comic
Adrian's Wall 2004 Comic
Tootuff Translated version of Swiss comic strip. Zep 2005 Comic
My Own Genie Originally ran from 2005-2006.

reprinted during 2011-2012.

Jamie Smart 2005 2012 Comic
Reverend Fearnon 2005 Comic
Pig and Cow 2005 Comic
Thor Thumb 2005 Comic
Ten Watt Spot 2005 Comic
Secret Agent Sally 2005 Comic
Flung Poo 2005 Comic
Noah's Ark Nick Brennan 2006 Comic
Gizmo Karl Dixon 2006 Comic
Tony and Alberto 2006 Comic
Captain Handsome Steve Horrocks 2007 Comic
Ted and the Animals Originally ran during February-July 2007.

Reprinted in 2012.

Dan Gaynor 2007 2012 Comic
Space Raoul Originally ran during 2007.

Reprinted in 2012.

Jamie Smart 2007 2012 Comic
Blubba and the Bear Reprints from Nutty.

Originally reprinted during 2007, and again in 2012.

2007 2012 Comic
Mr. Bean Comic strip based on the animated series. 2007 Comic
The Bogies Nigel Auchterlounie 2008 2012 Comic
Count Snotula Duncan Scott 2010 Comic
Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land Nigel Parkinson 2010 2011 Comic
Kid Cops Lew Stringer 2010 Comic
Little Celebs Nigel Parkinson 2010 2011 Comic
The Mighty Bork Wayne Thompson 2010 Comic
Pepperoni Pig Wayne Thompson 2010 Comic
Postman Prat Lew Stringer 2010 2012 Comic
Pre-Skool Prime Minister Originally ran until 2011.

A second series began in May 2011 and ended in 2012.

Jamie Smart 2010 2012 Comic
Robot on the Run Alexander Matthews 2010 Comic
Shaolin Punx Wayne Thompson 2010 Comic
Clive 5 Nigel Auchterlounie 2010 Comic
George VS Dragon Originally ran during 2010-2011.

A second and third series began in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Andy Fanton 2010 2012 Comic
Bear Thrills Phil Corbett 2010 Comic
Graeme Reaper David Banks 2011 Comic
Mr Meecher the Uncool Teacher Originally ran during 2011.

A second series began later in 2011 up until 2012. returned as a three-panel strip in September 2012.

Wilbur Dawbarn 2011 2012 Comic
Stan Helsing Nik Holmes 2011 Comic
Boo Andy Fanton 2011 Comic
Disaster Chef David Mostyn 2011 Comic
The Arena of Awesome Jamie Smart 2011 Comic
Yore The Etherington Brothers 2011 Comic
Clown Wars Nik Holmes 2011 Comic
Daredevil Dad Steve Beckett 2011 Comic
Phil's Finger Chris McGhie 2011 Comic
Tag-Team Tastic The Etherington Brothers, Warwick Johnson Cadwell 2011 Comic
Farmula One Wayne Thompson 2011 Comic
Justin Beaver Stu Monro 2011 Comic
Bone-O Mike Donaldson 2011 Comic
Space Dogz Nigel Auchterlounie 2011 Comic
Gleeks Nigel Auchterlounie 2011 Comic
Sea Dogs Steve Beckett 2011 Comic
Hysterical History Karl Dixon 2011 Comic
Fu Schnicken - Kung Fu Chicken Wayne Thompson 2011 Comic
Tiny's Temper Stu Monro 2011 Comic
Cheryl's Mole Chris McGhie 2011 Comic
Nuke Noodle Originally ran from July 2011 to August 2012.

A second series ran from September-December 2012.

Alexander Matthews 2011 2012. Comic
Rocky's Horror Show Wilbur Dawbarn 2011 Comic
My Freaky Family Nigel Auchterlounie 2011 Comic
Frosty Steve Beckett 2011 Comic
Celeb School Nigel Parkinson 2012 2012 Comic
Noshy Monsters Wayne Thompson 2012 2012 Comic
Bad Grandad Andy Fanton 2012 2012 Comic
Go Ape Wayne Thompson 2012 2012 Comic
Blundercats Steve Beckett 2012 2012 Comic
Mega-Lo Maniacs Jamie Smart 2012 2012 Comic
Superball Nigel Auchterlounie 2012 2012 Comic
Cavemen in Black Andy Fanton 2012 2012 Comic
Starsky's Hutch Gary Boller 2012 2012 Comic
My Dad's a Doofus Jamie Smart 2012 2012 Comic
The Dark Newt Lew Stringer 2012 2012 Comic
OlympiKids Nigel Auchterlounie 2012 2012 Comic
Professor Cheese's Olympic Wheezes Nick Brennan 2012 2012 Comic
Grrrls Alexander Matthews 2012 2012 Comic
Rocky Roller, Pest Controller Andy Fanton 2012 2012 Comic
Secret Agent, Sir Andy Fanton 2012 2012 Comic

The Digital Dandy[edit]

Following the end of the print Dandy, The Dandy moved to the internet and became a digital comic and relaunched from Issue 1. The Digital Dandy then relaunched again in April 2013 starting once again from Issue 1.

Strip Title [1] Notes Original Artist [1] Other Notable Artists [1] Start Date [1] End Date [1] Genre [1]
Desperate Dan David Parkins 2013 Present Comic
Keyhole Kate Stephen White 2013 Present Comic Adventure
Bananaman Andy Janes 2013 Present Comic
Brassneck Stephen White 2013 Present Comic Adventure
Retro Active Features past DC Thomson superheroes such as Billy the Cat, King Cobra and The Dandy's very own The Amazing Mr. X. Wayne Thompson 2013 Present Adventure
Bad Hair Day Alexander Matthews 2013 Present Comic
Blinky Nick Brennan 2013 Present Comic
The Numskulls Originally from The Beezer. Jamie Smart 2013 Present Comic
Hammie the Hopping Mad Hamster Graham Howie 2012 2013 Comic
The Laughing Planet Tom Paterson 2013 Present Comic
Harry and his Hippo Dan Gaynor 2013 Present Comic
Expirin' Uncle Byron Tom Paterson 2013 Present

Cover stars[edit]

Artists for the stars:

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