List of Dominican submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

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The Dominican Republic is among the one-hundred countries that have submitted films for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The award is handed out annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue.[1] The Dominican Republic has submitted a total of eleven films since their debut in 1983, but they have never yet been nominated.


Every year, each country is invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to submit its best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees for the award.[1]

The following is a list of the films submitted by the Dominican Republic in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Academy Awards. All films were produced in Spanish.

English title Spanish title Director Result
Guaguasi Guaguasi Jorge Ulla Not Nominated
One Way Ticket Un pasaje de Ida Agliberto Meléndez Not Nominated
Nueba Yol Nueba Yol Ángel Muñiz Not Nominated
Love Child[2] La hija natural Leticia Tonos Not Nominated
Jaque Mate[3] Jaque Mate José María Cabral Not Nominated
Who's the Boss?[4] ¿Quién Manda? Ronni Castillo Not Nominated
Cristo Rey[5] Cristo Rey Leticia Tonos Not Nominated
Sand Dollars[6] Dólares de Arena Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas Not Nominated
Sugar Fields[7] Flor de Azúcar Fernando Baez Mella Not Nominated
Woodpeckers[8] Carpinteros José María Cabral Not Nominated
Cocote[9] Cocote Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias Not Nominated


The Dominican Republic's first submission, Guaguasi, was not a majority Dominican production. Set amidst the 1956 Cuban Revolution, it was filmed in the Dominican Republic by a Cuban-American exile.



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