List of Flemish painters

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History of Dutch and Flemish painting
Early Netherlandish  (1400–1523)
Renaissance painting  (1520–1580)
Northern Mannerism  (1580–1615)
Dutch "Golden Age" painting  (1615–1702)
Flemish Baroque painting  (1608–1700)
List of Dutch painters
List of Flemish painters

This is an incomplete list of Flemish painters, with place and date of birth and death, sorted by patronymic, and grouped according to century of birth. It includes painters such as Rubens from (or mostly active in) the Southern Netherlands, which is approximately the area of modern Flanders and modern Wallonia. Painters born later than c.1810 are in the List of Belgian painters. For painters from the Northern Netherlands (such as Rembrandt), see List of Dutch painters.

Born in the 14th century (or earlier)[edit]

Born in the 15th century[edit]

Born in the 16th century[edit]

Born in the 17th century[edit]

Born in the 18th century[edit]


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