List of Graeco-Roman geographers

Pre-Hellenistic Classical Greece Homer Anaximander Hecataeus of Miletus Massaliote Periplus Scylax of Caryanda HerodotusHellenistic periodPytheas Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax Megasthenes Autolycus of Pitane Dicaearchus Deimakos Timosthenes Eratosthenes Scymnus Hipparchus Agatharchides Posidonius Pseudo-Scymnus Diodorus Siculus Alexander Polyhistor Roman Empire period Periplus of the Erythraean Sea Strabo Pomponius Mela Isidore of Charax Mucianus Pliny the Elder, Natural History Marinus of Tyre Ptolemy, Geography Pausanias Agathedaemon of Alexandria Dionysius of Byzantium Agathemerus Tabula Peutingeriana Alypius of Antioch Marcian of Heraclea Expositio totius mundi et gentium Julius Honorius Byzantine EmpireHierocles Cosmas Indicopleustes Stephanus of Byzantium History of geography Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Muller: Geographi graeci minores, Carolus Muellerus, 2 voll. Parisiis, editoribus Firmin-Didot et sociis, 1855-61: vol. 1, vol. 2, tabulae. Gottfried Bernhardy: Geographi graeci minores, Godofredi Bernhardy, Lipsiae in libraria Weidmannia, 1828: vol. 1

Guan Sheng

Guan Sheng is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. Nicknamed "Great Blade", he ranks 5th among the 36 Heavenly Spirits, the first third of the 108 Stars of Destiny. A descendant of Guan Yu, Guan Sheng resembles his famous ancestor in appearance. Eight chi and five/six cun tall, he has a flowing beard, long eyebrows, eyes like those of a fenghuang, his weapon is a guandao, just like his ancestor. As a result, he is nicknamed "Great Blade". Though a talented warrior, he serves as a minor official in a town east of Puzhou; when the outlaws from Liangshan Marsh are attacking Daming Prefecture, Xuan Zan, a military official in the imperial capital Dongjing, recommends Guan Sheng as the person who could save Daming. The Imperial Tutor Cai Jing appoints him to lead the military mission. Xuan Zan and Hao Siwen serve as his deputies. Using the tactic of "besieging Wei to rescue Zhao", Guan attacks Liangshan Marsh to force the outlaws to withdraw from Daming to save their base.

Liangshan's Zhang Heng, wanting to score point for himself, leads a night raid on Guan Sheng's camp without informing the leaders above. Guan captures him. Song Jiang takes his force back to Liangshan. Impressed with Guan's looks and fighting prowess, Song wants to win him over, he works out a plan with a former general who defected, to ensnare Guan. Guan Sheng believes Huyan's claim. Not smelling a rat, he follows Huyan on a night assault on Song Jiang's camp, he is captured. Song Guan treats him with great respect touching him and convincing him to defect. Zhang Heng is freed. Hearing of Guan Sheng's defection, the Song imperial court sends Shan Tinggui and Wei Dingguo to lead another army from Lingzhou to attack Liangshan. Guan Sheng volunteers a pre-emptive attack on Lingzhou with Hao Siwen, he challenges Shan Tinggui to a one-on-one duel on horseback outside Lingzhou. He lures Shan to pursue him, he suddenly swings around and knocks his surprised pursuer off horseback. After listening to Guan Sheng's explanation for his defection, Shan agrees to join Liangshan as well.

He convinces Wei Dingguo to join him. Guan Sheng becomes one of the Five Tiger Generals of the Liangshan cavalry after the 108 Stars of Destiny came together in what is called the Grand Assembly. Following amnesty from Emperor Huizong, Guan Sheng joins them on their campaigns against the Liao invaders and rebel forces on Song territory, he survives all the campaigns. As a reward for his contributions, Emperor Huizong restores Guan Sheng to his former position of general. One day, Guan falls off his horse, he dies a few days later. Buck, Pearl S.. All Men are Brothers. Moyer Bell. ISBN 9781559213035. Miyazaki, Ichisada. Suikoden: Kyoko no naka no Shijitsu. Chuo Koronsha. ISBN 978-4122020559. Keffer, David. "Outlaws of the Marsh: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary". Poison Pie Publishing House. Retrieved 19 December 2016. Li, Mengxia. 108 Heroes from the Water Margin. EPB Publishers. P. 11. ISBN 9971-0-0252-3. Miyamoto, Yoko. "Water Margin: Chinese Robin Hood and His Bandits". Demystifying Confucianism. Retrieved 19 December 2016.

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Silver Spines

Silver Spines is a solo album by Rob Mazurek, released on the Delmark label in 2002. In his review for AllMusic, Thom Jurek states: "Working with engineer Casey Rice, Mazurek offers 18 compositions of elaborately layered melody, edgeless dissonance and electronic sound, manipulated in the studio and reshaped into small but gorgeous small universes of texture, lyricism and ghostly presences.... In all, it's as experimental a record as there is. In fact, in most places, it is not only quite lovely to listen to, but full of humor as well.... Silver Spines is nothing short of excellent". On All About Jazz Mark F. Turner said: "As an improviser the overall concept works within the framework of the artist's vision, but the big picture may be elusive to listeners. Many of the selections would make great samples themselves for material that could be used in other film or sound recordings; the result, however, is a sound collage whose sum is no greater than its individual parts". All compositions by Robert Mazurek except where noted "Moving Through and Back Again" − 6:51 "Cloth and Bells Cut 3:16-3:44, 4 Seconds of Silence" − 3:19 "Breathe and Silver Spines Contained" − 3:37 "Birds Song_So Sang Them 4:09 "Patterns and Fixations Along the Path of Seeing Red" − 4:49 "Feel Ard...

Ardeel... Feeling Hard... Falling Harder" − 6:20 "Haphazard Half Hazardous.. Frequencies Push Through Another and Another..." − 3:23 "For, Love" − 2:46 "Through the Window There Was a Green and Blue Dress" − 3:45 "Metal Monsters Never Fail Me Now" − 3:23 "Composition 56 in 4th Place and Still Looking" − 3:42 "Them Sang So_Song Birds" − 2:20 "Remember The Time It Spun Out and Fell Into Itself. It Never Stopped Rising..." − 5:24 "Quietly Sleeping" − 1:21 "How Times Turns Itself That Thought I Had Next Thursday Was a Good One" − 9:05 "Underwater and Trying to Find the Stars" − 2:19 "Still Looking But Not Breathing" − 0:47 "Love, For" − 1:01 Rob Mazurek – cornet, laptop, found sound, tubular bells Casey Rice − Nord Micro Modular, Metal Monster Saturation Pedal