List of Historic Monuments (Poland)

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Logo for a Historic Monument ("pomnik historii") in Poland

Historic Monument (Polish: pomnik historii) is one of several categories of objects of cultural heritage (in the singular, zabytek) in Poland.[1]

To be recognized as a Polish historic monument, an object must be declared such by the President of Poland.[1] The term "historic monument" was introduced into Polish law in 1990, and the first Historic Monuments were declared by President Lech Wałęsa in 1994.[2]


The National Heritage Board of Poland maintains the official list.[3]

Location Object Image Date of entry
Biskupin Biskupin archaeological reserve Biskupin widok z jeziora.jpg 16 September 1994
Bochnia Bochnia Salt Mine Bochnia kopalnia lipiec 2012 28.JPG 6 October 2000
Chełmno Chełmno Old Town Chełmno Square Market.jpg 20 April 2005
Częstochowa Jasna GóraPauline monastery Jasna Góra - widok do NE.jpg 16 September 1994
Duszniki-Zdrój Museum of Papermaking 2015 Otoczenie papierni w Dusznikach-Zdroju 01.JPG 12 October 2011
Frombork Archcathedral complex Frauenburger Dom 2010.jpg 16 September 1994
Gdańsk Gdańsk within its 17th-century fortifications Brosen gdansk panview.jpg 16 September 1994
Gdańsk Westerplatte Battlefield Westerplatte Nigdy Wiecej Wojny.jpg 1 September 2003
Gniezno Cathedral Basilica of St. Adalbert and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catedral de Gniezno, Polonia, 2012-04-06, DD 10.JPG 16 September 1994
GostyńGłogówko Basilica on the Holy Mountain Klasztor Swieta Gora 1.jpg 27 March 2008
Grunwald Grunwald Battlefield (1410) Grunwald - pomnik.JPG 4 October 2010
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Mannerist architectural and park complex Kalwaria Zebrzydowska 033.jpg 17 November 2000
Kamień Pomorski Cathedral complex of the Co-Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Cammin Dom 032010.JPG 1 September 2005
Katowice Workers' housing at Nikiszowiec Nikiszowiec02.JPG 28 January 2011
Katowice Silesia Province parliament building Katowice - Gmach Sejmu Śląskiego 01.jpg 22 October 2012
Kazimierz Dolny Historic-preservation area Polska KazimierzDolny 022.jpg 16 September 1994
Kozłówka Palace and Park Complex Kozłówka palace back 2007.JPG 16 May 2007
Kórnik Castle and park complex with All Saints' Church, where the owners are buried Kórnik.jpg 11 July 2011
Kraków Old Town Widok z wiezy.jpg 16 September 1994
Krzeszów Former Cistercian abbey complex Krzeszów Abbey Poland.jpg 1 May 2004
Ląd Former Cistercian abbey complex Ląd zdjęcie lotnicze.jpg 1 July 2009
Lednogóra Ostrów Lednicki Island in Lake Lednica Lednogóra. Ostrów Lednicki. ruiny grodziska.JPG 16 September 1994
Legnickie Pole Benedictine monastery complex PL - Legnickie Pole - klasztor - Kroton 002.jpg 1 May 2004
Leżajsk Bernardine monastery complex Leżajsk Klasztor.jpg 20 April 2005
Lubiń Benedictine abbey complex Lubin kościół.jpg 16 December 2009
Lublin Historic architectural and urban ensemble Lublin widok na Stare Miasto.jpeg 16 May 2007
Łańcut Castle and park complex Łańcut - Pałac.jpg 1 September 2005
Łęknica Muskau Park Park Muzakowski2.jpg 1 May 2004
Łowicz Cathedral Basilica (former Collegiate Primate) of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Bazylika Katedralna w Łowiczu - 03.jpg 13 November 2012
Malbork Teutonic castle complex Panorama of Malbork Castle, part 4.jpg 16 September 1994
Nysa Parish church complex of St. James the Apostle and St. Agnes the Virgin and the Martyr Neisse - Kathedrale und Belfried.jpg 28 February 2011
Paczków Old town ensemble with its medieval fortification system Paczków p.jpg 13 November 2012
Poznań Historic town ensemble of Ostrów Tumski, Zagórze, Chwaliszewo and the left bank Old Town with its medieval villages, suburban and urban architecture designed by Josef Stübben in the early 20th century, as well as Fort Winiary, now Park Cytadela[4] Poznań 1.jpg 28 November 2008
Racławice Historic battlefield of the Battle of Racławice Bitwa pod Racławicami 1794r.JPG 1 May 2004
Srebrna Góra Fort Srebrna Góra, modern mountain stronghold of the 18th century Twierdza srebna góra.jpg 1 May 2004
Stargard Ensemble of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the World and the medieval city walls Stargard Kolegiata6.JPG 4 October 2010
Strzegom Saints Peter and Paul Basilica Strzegom, kościół śś. Piotra i Pawła (2).JPG 22 October 2012
Sudół Krzemionki – flint mines from the Neolithic Age Krzemionki2.JPG 16 October 1994
Sulejów Cistercian abbey complex Sulejów-klasztor Cystersów.jpg 22 October 2012
Tarnowskie Góry Historic Silver Mine and the Black Trout Adit Zabytkowa Kopalnia Rud Srebronosnych Tarnowskie Gory 1 20070627.jpg 1 May 2004
Toruń Old Town ensemble (Old Town, New Town and ruins of the Teutonic castle) Dzielnica staromiejska w Toruniu jpg.DSCN7234ps.jpg 16 September 1994
Warsaw Historic town ensemble of the Royal Route and Wilanów Palace Warsaw 07-13 img07 Old town.jpg 16 September 1994
Warsaw William Lindley's water filter stations ensemble Filtrylindleya.jpg 18 January 2012
Wieliczka Salt mine Wieliczka-saltmine-kinga.jpg 16 September 1994
Wrocław Historic centre ensemble (Ostrów Tumski, Old Town, New Town and nearby islands) Wroclaw Rynek kamienice 1.jpg 16 September 1994
Wrocław Centennial Hall and the architectural ensemble including the Four Domes Pavilion, the Pergola, and the Iglica Centennial Hall in Wrocław and Zoo Wrocław 1.jpg 20 April 2005
Zamość Historic town ensemble within its 19th-century fortifications Ormianska1.JPG 16 September 1994
Żagań Post-Augustinian Monastery complex Zespół klasztorny augustianów - IMG 9449.jpg 11 March 2011
Żyrardów 19th-century factory settlement Zyrardow panorama01.jpg 17 January 2012
Entries covering multiple locations
Bohoniki and Kruszyniany – mosques and mizars Meczet w Bohonikach 02.jpg 20 November 2012
Augustów Canal Śluza Paniewo, dolna komora.jpg 16 May 2007
Elbląg Canal 100 3934 wozek pochylnia caluny.jpg 28 January 2011
Cultural and natural landscape of Góra Świętej Anny Góra św. Anny, xxkazik.jpg 1 May 2004
Palaces and landscape parks of Jelenia Góra valley Kotlina Zbiornik Sosnowka.jpg 20 September 2011