List of ICD-9 codes 001–139: infectious and parasitic diseases

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1. Infectious and parasitic diseases (001–139)[edit]

Intestinal infectious diseases (001–009)[edit]

Tuberculosis (010–018)[edit]

Zoonotic bacterial diseases (020–027)[edit]

Other bacterial diseases (030–041)[edit]

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (042–044)[edit]

Poliomyelitis and other non-arthropod-borne viral diseases of central nervous system (045–049)[edit]

Viral diseases accompanied by exanthem (050–059)[edit]

Arthropod-borne viral diseases (060–066)[edit]

Other diseases due to viruses and chlamydiae (070–079)[edit]

Rickettsioses and other arthropod-borne diseases (080–088)[edit]

Syphilis and other venereal diseases (090–099)[edit]

Other spirochetal diseases (100–104)[edit]

Mycoses (110–118)[edit]

Helminthiases (120–129)[edit]

Other infectious and parasitic diseases (130–136)[edit]

Late effects of infectious and parasitic diseases (137–139)[edit]

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