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The following Forbes list of Lebanese billionaires is based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets compiled and published by Forbes magazine in 2017.[1][2] This list only takes into account Lebanese still alive.

2017 Forbes Lebanese billionaires list[edit]

Global ranking Name Citizenship Net worth (USD) Sources of wealth
782 Najib Mikati  Lebanon 2.6 billion M1 Group, MTN Group
782 Taha Mikati  Lebanon 2.6 billion M1 Group, MTN Group
939 Bahaa Hariri  Lebanon 2.2 billion Horizon Group, Global Express Logistics
1250 Saad Hariri  Lebanon 1.5 billion Saudi Oger
1290 Robert Mouawad  Lebanon 1.6 billion Jewelry, Diamonds, Real estate
1638 Ayman Hariri  Lebanon 1.2 billion Saudi Oger, Türk Telekom, Arab Bank
1638 Fahd Hariri  Lebanon 1.3 billion Furniture, Real estate

Billionaires of Lebanese descent[edit]

The following list is the ranking of all the identified billionaires of Lebanese descent outside their country as of February 2014.

# Name Net worth (USD) Origin Residence
1 Carlos Slim $63.2 billion [3]  Lebanon  Mexico
2 Joseph Safra $17.4 billion  Lebanon  Brazil
3 Gilbert Chagoury $7.4 billion  Lebanon  Nigeria
4 Adil Al-Ishaq and Family $4.7 billion  Lebanon  United States
5 Nicolas Hayek and Family $4.1 billion  Lebanon   Switzerland
6 Robert Naify $4.0 billion  Lebanon  United States
7 Issam Fares $3.5 billion  Lebanon  Lebanon
8 Tom Gores $3.3 billion  Lebanon  United States
9 Tony Fadell $3.2 billion  Lebanon  United States
10 David Nahmad $3.0 billion  Lebanon  Monaco
11 Richard Rainwater $2.8 billion  Lebanon  United States
12 Moise Safra $2.4 billion  Lebanon  Brazil
13 Alvaro Saieh $2.4 billion  Lebanon  Chile
14 Alec Gores $2.1 billion  Lebanon

 United States

15 Manuel Moroun $2 billion  Lebanon  United States
16 Daher brothers $1.6 billion   Lebanon  Lebanon
17 Alfredo Harp Helu $1.5 billion  Lebanon  Mexico
18 Ezra Nahmad $1.5 billion  Lebanon  Monaco
19 Joe Jamail $1.5 billion  Lebanon  United States
20 Robert Mouawad $1.5 billion  Lebanon   Switzerland
21 Maloof family $1.3 billion  Lebanon  United States
22 Jacques Saadé $1.2 billion  Lebanon


23 Said Khoury $1.2 billion  Lebanon  Greece
24 Philippe Jabre $ 1.15 billion  Lebanon   Switzerland
25 Thomas J. Barrack $1.1 billion  Lebanon  United States
26 Fred Mouawad $1.1 billion  Lebanon  France
27 Paul Orfalea $1 billion  Lebanon  United States
28 Ray R. Irani $1 billion  Lebanon  United States

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