List of Marilyns on the Isle of Man

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A list of the 5 Marilyns on the Isle of Man. In the parent column, the prominence parent is used, as opposed to any other definition of 'parent'. The prominence parent of peak A can be found by dividing the island or region in question into territories, by tracing the runoff from the key col of every peak that is higher than peak A. The parent is the peak whose territory peak A resides in.

Peak Height (m) Prom. (m) Col (m) Height (ft) Prom. (ft) Col (ft) Grid ref. Parent
Snaefell 621 621 Sea 2037 2037 Sea SC397881 none — HP Isle of Man
South Barrule 483 436 47 1585 1430 154 SC257759 Snaefell
Bradda Hill 230 193 37 755 633 121 SC193711 South Barrule
Slieau Freoaghane 488 153 335 1601 502 1099 SC340883 Snaefell
Mull Hill 169 151 18 554 495 59 SC189676 Bradda Hill

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