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This is a list of people associated with the Maryland Terrapins football program. This includes prominent former players and coaches.


Current professional players[edit]

Player Position Original team NFL year Current team
Campbell, BruceBruce Campbell Offensive tackle Oakland Raiders 2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders
Carroll, NolanNolan Carroll Cornerback Miami Dolphins 2010 Free agent
Carter Jr., JermaineJermaine Carter Jr. Linebacker Carolina Panthers 2018 Carolina Panthers
Chism, CameronCameron Chism Cornerback Indianapolis Colts 2012 Free agent
Condo, JonJon Condo Long snapper Dallas Cowboys 2005 Free agent
Craddock, BradBrad Craddock Placekicker Cleveland Browns 2016 Free agent
Davis, SeanSean Davis Safety Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers
Davis, VernonVernon Davis Tight end San Francisco 49ers 2006 Washington Redskins
Diggs, StefonStefon DiggsStefon Diggs Wide receiver Minnesota Vikings 2015 Minnesota Vikings
Drakeford, DarinDarin Drakeford Linebacker Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Free agent
Dunn, MichaelMichael Dunn Offensive tackle Los Angeles Rams 2017 Los Angeles Rams
Edmunds, TreyTrey Edmunds Running back New Orleans Saints 2017 New Orleans Saints
Farrand, ColeCole Farrand Linebacker New York Giants 2015 Free agent
Francis, A.J.A. J. Francis Defensive tackle Miami Dolphins 2013 New York Giants
Goins, IsaacIsaac Goins Cornerback Miami Dolphins 2014 Free agent
Henderson, ErinErin Henderson Linebacker Minnesota Vikings 2008 Free agent
Heyward-Bey, DarriusDarrius Heyward-Bey Wide receiver Oakland Raiders 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers
Jackson, J. C.J. C. Jackson Cornerback New England Patriots 2018 New England Patriots
Jefferson, QuintonQuinton Jefferson Defensive end Seattle Seahawks 2016 Seattle Seahawks
Kilgo, DariusDarius Kilgo Defensive tackle Denver Broncos 2015 Houston Texans
Likely, WilliamWilliam Likely Cornerback New England Patriots 2017 Free agent
Long, DeonDeon Long Wide receiver Tennessee Titans 2015 BC Lions
McDougle, DexterDexter McDougle Cornerback New York Jets 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars
Meggett, DavinDavin Meggett Running back Houston Texans 2012 Free agent
Moore, D.J.D. J. Moore Wide receiver Carolina Panthers 2018 Carolina Panthers
Moten, AdrianAdrian Moten Linebacker Indianapolis Colts 2011 Saskatchewan Roughriders
Ngakoue, YannickYannick Ngakoue Defensive end Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars
Novak, NickNick Novak Placekicker Chicago Bears 2005 Free agent
Robinson, MattMatt Robinson Linebacker Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 Free agent
Scott, Da'RelDa'Rel Scott Running back New York Giants 2011 Free agent
Smith, TorreyTorrey Smith Wide receiver Baltimore Ravens 2011 Carolina Panthers
Vellano, JoeJoe Vellano Defensive tackle New England Patriots 2013 Free agent
Whitfield, MarcusMarcus Whitfield Linebacker Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Free agent
Williams, EdwinEdwin Williams Guard Washington Redskins 2009 Free agent
Williams, IsaiahIsaiah Williams Wide receiver Baltimore Ravens 2009 Free agent
Williams, LaQuanLaQuan Williams Wide receiver Baltimore Ravens 2011 Baltimore Brigade

Former professional players[edit]

Player Position Original team Start year Last team Comments
Ball, LanceLance Ball Running back St. Louis Rams 2008 Denver Broncos
Barnes, KevinKevin Barnes Cornerback Washington Redskins 2009 Cleveland Browns
Barton, EricEric Barton Linebacker Oakland Raiders 1999 Cleveland Browns 1998 first-team All-ACC, 1997 and 1998 leading ACC solo tackler
Bielski, DickDick Bielski Running back Philadelphia Eagles 1955 Baltimore Colts
Bolston, ConradConrad Bolston Defensive tackle Minnesota Vikings 2007 Green Bay Packers
Brown, TomTom Brown Safety Green Bay Packers 1964 Washington Redskins Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II champion
Burley, Scott Scott Burley Offensive tackle Washington Redskins 2009 Baltimore Mariners
Burruss, LloydLloyd Burruss Safety Kansas City Chiefs 1981 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame
Campbell, JoeJoe Campbell Defensive end New Orleans Saints 1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XV champion
Collins, GaryGary Collins Wide receiver Cleveland Browns 1962 Cleveland Browns NFL 1960s All-Decade team, Browns record for 70 touchdown receptions
Cooke, EdEd Cooke Defensive end Chicago Bears 1958 Miami Dolphins 1959 NFL Champion
Costa, PhilPhil Costa Center Dallas Cowboys 2010 Indianapolis Colts
Cox, RenardRenard Cox Corner back Jacksonville Jaguars 2001 Jacksonville Jaguars
Dean, BobBob Dean Placekicker Edmonton Eskimos 1929 Edmonton Eskimos three Grey Cup championships
Dorsey, KevinKevin Dorsey Wide receiver Green Bay Packers 2013 New England Patriots
Drozdov, DarrenDarren Drozdov Defensive tackle Denver Broncos 1993 Montreal Alouettes wrestled professionally in the WWF
Dugan, JeffJeff Dugan Tight end Minnesota Vikings 2004 Minnesota Vikings
Esiason, BoomerBoomer Esiason Quarterback Cincinnati Bengals 1984 Cincinnati Bengals 1988 NFL MVP
Faloney, BernieBernie Faloney Quarterback Edmonton Eskimos 1954 BC Lions 1961 Canadian Football Hall of Fame, CFL Most Outstanding Player, five Grey Cup championships
Fokou, MoiseMoise Fokou Linebacker Philadelphia Eagles 2009 New Orleans Saints
Fowler, MelvinMelvin Fowler Center Cleveland Browns 2002 Detroit Lions
Foxworth, DomoniqueDomonique Foxworth Cornerback Denver Broncos 2005 Baltimore Ravens
Furstenburg, Matt.Matt Furstenburg Tight end Baltimore Ravens 2013 Baltimore Ravens
Gaither, JaredJared Gaither Offensive tackle Baltimore Ravens 2007 San Diego Chargers
Gardner, IsaiahIsaiah Gardner Cornerback Jacksonville Jaguars 2008 Toronto Argonauts
Goode, JasonJason Goode Wide receiver Washington Redskins 2008 Baltimore Mariners
Gronkowski, DanDan Gronkowski Tight end Detroit Lions 2009 Cleveland Browns
Haynos, JoeyJoey Haynos Tight end Green Bay Packers 2008 Tennessee Titans
Henderson, E.J.E.J. Henderson Linebacker Minnesota Vikings 2003 Minnesota Vikings
Heyer, StephonStephon Heyer Offensive tackle Washington Redskins 2007 BC Lions
Hicks, EricEric Hicks Defensive end Kansas City Chiefs 1998 Detroit Lions
Hill, ShaunShaun Hill Quarterback Minnesota Vikings 2002 Minnesota Vikings
Holloway, DavidDavid Holloway Linebacker Arizona Cardinals 2007 Arizona Cardinals
Jackson, D'QwellD'Qwell Jackson Linebacker Cleveland Browns 2006 Indianapolis Colts
Jenkins, KrisKris Jenkins Defensive tackle Carolina Panthers 2001 New York Jets 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2008 Pro Bowl selection
Joe, LeonLeon Joe Linebacker Chicago Bears 2004 Edmonton Eskimos
Jones, StanStan Jones Offensive guard, defensive tackle Chicago Bears 1953 Washington Redskins Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jordan, LaMontLaMont Jordan Running back New York Jets 2001 Denver Broncos
Kershaw, WilliamWilliam Kershaw Linebacker Kansas City Chiefs 2006 Miami Dolphins
Koch, PetePete Koch Defensive lineman Cincinnati Bengals 1984 Los Angeles Raiders
Krouse, RayRay Krouse Defensive lineman New York Giants 1951 Washington Redskins Three NFL Championships
Lattimore, KeonKeon Lattimore Running back Dallas Cowboys 2008 Alabama Hammers
Lewis, JermaineJermaine Lewis Wide receiver Baltimore Ravens 1996 Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl XXXV champion
Manges, MarkMark Manges Quarterback St. Louis Cardinals 1978 St. Louis Cardinals
Merriman, ShawneShawne Merriman Linebacker San Diego Chargers 2005 Buffalo Bills
Milanovich, ScottScott Milanovich Quarterback Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1996 Calgary Stampeders
Modzelewski, DickDick Modzelewski Defensive tackle Washington Redskins 1953 Cleveland Browns NFL champion (1956, 1964)
Modzelewski, EdEd Modzelewski Running back Pittsburgh Steelers 1952 Cleveland Browns 1955 NFL champion
Moore, DreDre Moore Defensive tackle Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2008 Tampa Bay Storm
Muhtadi, DeanDean Muhtadi Defensive Lineman Green Bay Packers 2009 Arizona Cardinals
Murphy, MattMatt Murphy Tight end Detroit Lions 2002 Denver Broncos
Nehemiah, RenaldoRenaldo Nehemiah Wide receiver San Francisco 49ers 1982 San Francisco 49ers
Nolan, DickDick Nolan Safety New York Giants 1954 Dallas Cowboys 1956 NFL Champion
O'Donnell, NeilNeil O'Donnell Quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers 1990 Tennessee Titans
Ogbogu, EricEric Ogbogu Linebacker New York Jets 1998 Dallas Cowboys
Olkewicz, NealNeal Olkewicz Linebacker Washington Redskins 1979 Washington Redskins 2× Super Bowl Champion
Pellegrini, BobBob Pellegrini Linebacker Philadelphia Eagles 1956 Washington Redskins 1960 NFL Champion
Perry, BruceBruce Perry Running back Philadelphia Eagles 2004 Montreal Alouettes
Podlesh, AdamAdam Podlesh Punter Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 Pittsburgh Steelers
Reich, FrankFrank Reich Quarterback Buffalo Bills 1985 Detroit Lions
Sanders, LewisLewis Sanders Cornerback Cleveland Browns 2000 New England Patriots
Scarbath, JackJack Scarbath Quarterback Washington Redskins 1953 Pittsburgh Steelers
Shoals, RogerRoger Shoals Offensive tackle Cleveland Browns 1963 Denver Broncos 1964 NFL Champion
Simon, GeroyGeroy Simon Slotback Pittsburgh Steelers 1997 Saskatchewan Roughriders 2006 CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award
Starks, RandyRandy Starks Defensive tackle Tennessee Titans 2004 Cleveland Browns
Suter, SteveSteve Suter Wide receiver Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2005 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Tate, KennyKenny Tate Linebacker Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2013 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Thomas, JaimieJaimie Thomas Guard Indianapolis Colts 2009 Harrisburg Stampede
Tice, MikeMike Tice Tight end Seattle Seahawks 1981 Minnesota Vikings
Vereb, EdEd Vereb Running back Washington Redskins 1956 BC Lions
Wallace, AlAl Wallace Defensive end Jacksonville Jaguars 1997 Buffalo Bills
Webster, LarryLarry Webster Defensive tackle Miami Dolphins 1992 New York Jets Super Bowl XXXV champion
White, RandyRandy White Defensive tackle Dallas Cowboys 1975 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII champion; Pro Football Hall of Fame
Williams, MadieuMadieu Williams Safety Cincinnati Bengals 2004 Washington Redskins
Wilson, JoshJosh Wilson Cornerback Seattle Seahawks 2007 Detroit Lions
Wycheck, FrankFrank Wycheck Tight end Washington Redskins 1993 Tennessee Titans
Yeatman, WillWill Yeatman Offensive tackle New England Patriots 2011 Houston Texans

Former coaches[edit]

Former players as collegiate head coaches[edit]

Maryland alumni who have served as head coaches at the collegiate level:

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