List of Moscow tourist attractions

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Ostankino Tower, one of the main tourist attractions in Moscow

This is a list of major tourist attractions in the Russian city of Moscow.


Religious buildings[edit]

Convents and monasteries[edit]


Guided city tour passing Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Religious buildings of other religions[edit]



Film studios[edit]

Monuments and sculptures[edit]

Government buildings[edit]

Modern buildings[edit]

Moscow City in March 2010

Moscow International Business Center[edit]

Other sights[edit]

Natural and urban attractions[edit]

Avenues, boulevards, and streets[edit]

Old Arbat Street, with the Foreign Ministry skyscraper sticking in the background.




Parks and gardens[edit]

Fountain in Moscow's Square of Europe, lit at night


Moskva River[edit]

Transportal architecture[edit]

Moscow rail terminals[edit]

The nine Moscow rail terminals are located within a kilometer or two outside of the Garden Ring. Below they are listed clockwise, along with a sample of destinations served by each one, starting with the three stations at Komsomolskaya Square:


There are five airports serving Moscow:

Moscow Metro stations[edit]

Sights which do not exist[edit]

Destroyed or lost sights[edit]

Sights which were never built[edit]