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During the American Civil War, nearly 320,000 Ohioans served in the Union Army, more than any other Northern state except New York and Pennsylvania.[1] Of these, 5,092 were free blacks. Ohio had the highest percentage of population enlisted in the military of any state. Sixty percent of all the men between the ages of 18 and 45 were in the service. Ohio mustered 230 regiments of infantry and cavalry, as well as 25 light artillery batteries and 5 independent companies of sharpshooters. Total casualties among these units numbered 35,475 men, more than 10% of all the Buckeyes in uniform during the war. There were 6,835 men killed in action, including 402 officers.[2]

Volunteer infantry regiments[edit]

Volunteer cavalry regiments[edit]

Volunteer artillery[edit]

Ohio Independent Artillery Batteries[edit]

1st Ohio Light Artillery[edit]

3-Inch Ordnance Rifle similar to those used by several Ohio batteries during the war

Ohio Heavy Artillery Regiments[edit]

Other Ohio Volunteer Infantry Units[edit]

Other Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Units[edit]

  • 1st Independent Battalion Cavalry, later 11th Ohio Cavalry
  • 2nd Independent Battalion Cavalry
  • 3rd Independent Battalion Cavalry
  • 4th Independent Battalion Cavalry
  • 5th Independent Battalion Cavalry
  • McLaughlin's Independent Squadron Cavalry
  • Blazer's Scouts
  • 3rd Independent Company Cavalry
  • 4th Independent Company Cavalry
  • 5th Independent Company Cavalry
  • 6th Independent Company Cavalry
  • Burdsell's Independent Company Cavalry
  • George's Independent Company Cavalry
  • Ironton Independent Company Cavalry
  • Harlan Light Cavalry
  • Union Light Guard

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