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This is a list of Oklahoma Sooners college football players who were named first team All-Americans. The selecting organizations for football All-Americans that the NCAA recognizes include the Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association, Football Writers Association of America, The Sporting News, and the Walter Camp Football Foundation. The NCAA defines consensus All-Americans as players who were accorded a majority of votes at their positions by these selectors. Unanimous All-Americans are players who were selected by all five selectors.[1]

Oklahoma has had 162 first team All-Americans in its history. 80 of these were consensus, and 35 were unanimous. OU has the most unanimous All-Americans in the history of college football.[2][3][4][5]


Year Name Position Consensus Unanimous
1913 Claude Reeds Fullback
1915 Forest Geyer Fullback
1920 Phil White Halfback
1920 Roy Smoot Tackle
1927 Granville Norris Fullback
1934 Cassius Gentry Tackle
1935 J. W. "Dub" Wheeler Tackle
1937 Pete Smith End
1938 Waddy Young End Yes
1939 Pop Ivy End
1939 Gilford Duggan Tackle
1946 Buddy Burris Guard
1946 Plato Andros Guard
1946 John Rapacz Center
1947 Buddy Burris Guard
1948 Buddy Burris Guard Yes
1948 Jack Mitchell Quarterback
1949 Wade Walker Tackle
1949 Stanley West Guard
1949 Darrell Royal Quarterback
1949 Jim Owens End
1949 George Thomas Halfback
1950 Leon Heath Fullback Yes
1950 Jim Weatherall Tackle Yes
1950 Buddy Jones Safety
1950 Frankie Anderson End
1951 Jim Weatherall Tackle Yes Yes
1951 Tom Catlin Center
1952 Tom Catlin Center
1952 Eddie Crowder Quarterback
1952 Billy Vessels Halfback Yes
1952 Buck McPhail Fullback
1953 J. D. Roberts Guard Yes
1954 Kurt Burris Center Yes
1954 Max Boydston End Yes
1955 Bo Bolinger Guard Yes
1955 Tommy McDonald Halfback
1956 Jerry Tubbs Center Yes Yes
1956 Bill Krisher Guard
1956 Tommy McDonald Halfback Yes
1956 Ed Gray Guard
1957 Clendon Thomas Halfback Yes
1957 Bill Krisher Guard Yes
1958 Bob Harrison Center Yes
1959 Jerry Thompson Guard
1962 Leon Cross Guard
1962 Wayne Lee Center
1962 Joe Don Looney Halfback
1963 Jim Grisham Fullback Yes
1963 Ralph Neely Tackle
1964 Carl McAdams Linebacker
1964 Ralph Neely Tackle Yes
1965 Carl McAdams Linebacker Yes
1966 Granville Liggins Nose guard
1967 Granville Liggins Nose guard Yes Yes
1967 Bob Kalsu Tackle
1968 Steve Owens Halfback
1969 Steve Zabel Tight end
1969 Steve Owens Halfback Yes Yes
1969 Ken Mendenhall Center
1971 Jack Mildren Quarterback
1971 Tom Brahaney Center Yes
1971 Greg Pruitt Halfback Yes Yes
1972 Tom Brahaney Center Yes
1972 Rod Shoate Linebacker
1972 Greg Pruitt Halfback Yes Yes
1972 Derland Moore Tackle
1973 Rod Shoate Linebacker Yes
1973 Eddie Foster Tackle
1973 Lucious Selmon Nose guard Yes Yes
1974 Rod Shoate Linebacker Yes Yes
1974 Lee Roy Selmon Defensive tackle
1974 Dewey Selmon Nose guard
1974 Tinker Owens Split end
1974 John Roush Guard Yes
1974 Randy Hughes Defensive back
1974 Kyle Davis Center
1974 Joe Washington Halfback Yes Yes
1975 Lee Roy Selmon Defensive tackle Yes Yes
1975 Dewey Selmon Nose guard Yes
1975 Terry Webb Guard
1975 Mike Vaughan Tackle
1975 Billy Brooks Split end
1975 Jimbo Elrod Defensive end Yes
1975 Tinker Owens Split end
1975 Joe Washington Halfback
1976 Mike Vaughan Tackle Yes Yes
1976 Zac Henderson Defensive back
1977 Zac Henderson Defensive back Yes Yes
1977 George Cumby Linebacker
1977 Daryl Hunt Linebacker
1977 Greg Roberts Guard
1977 Reggie Kinlaw Nose guard
1978 Greg Roberts Guard Yes Yes
1978 Billy Sims Halfback Yes Yes
1978 Reggie Kinlaw Nose guard
1978 Daryl Hunt Linebacker
1979 George Cumby Linebacker Yes Yes
1979 Billy Sims Halfback Yes Yes
1980 Terry Crouch Guard
1980 Louis Oubre Tackle Yes
1981 Terry Crouch Guard Yes
1982 Rick Bryan Defensive tackle Yes
1983 Rick Bryan Defensive tackle Yes Yes
1984 Tony Casillas Nose guard Yes
1985 Tony Casillas Nose guard Yes
1985 Brian Bosworth Linebacker Yes Yes
1985 Kevin Murphy Defensive end
1986 Brian Bosworth Linebacker Yes Yes
1986 Mark Hutson Offensive guard
1986 Keith Jackson Tight end Yes Yes
1986 Anthony Phillips Offensive guard
1987 Keith Jackson Tight end Yes Yes
1987 Mark Hutson Offensive guard Yes Yes
1987 Rickey Dixon Defensive back Yes
1987 Dante Jones Linebacker Yes
1987 Darrell Reed Defensive end
1988 Anthony Phillips Offensive guard Yes Yes
1991 Joe Bowden Linebacker
1995 Cedric Jones Defensive end
2000 Rocky Calmus Linebacker Yes
2000 Josh Heupel Quarterback Yes
2000 J. T. Thatcher Free safety Yes
2001 Rocky Calmus Linebacker Yes
2001 Jeff Ferguson Punter
2001 Roy Williams Safety Yes Yes
2002 Brandon Everage Free safety
2002 Tommie Harris Defensive tackle Yes
2002 Teddy Lehman Linebacker Yes
2003 Jammal Brown Offensive tackle
2003 Mark Clayton Wide receiver
2003 Tommie Harris Defensive tackle Yes Yes
2003 Teddy Lehman Linebacker Yes Yes
2003 Antonio Perkins Return specialist Yes Yes
2003 Derrick Strait Cornerback Yes Yes
2003 Jason White Quarterback Yes Yes
2004 Jammal Brown Offensive tackle Yes Yes
2004 Mark Clayton Wide receiver
2004 Vince Carter Center
2004 Dan Cody Defensive end
2004 Adrian Peterson Running back Yes Yes
2006 Rufus Alexander Linebacker
2007 Duke Robinson Offensive line Yes
2007 Curtis Lofton Linebacker Yes
2008 Duke Robinson Offensive line Yes
2008 Sam Bradford Quarterback Yes
2008 Jermaine Gresham Tight end
2008 Gerald McCoy Defensive tackle
2009 Trent Williams Offensive line Yes
2009 Gerald McCoy Defensive tackle Yes
2010 Quinton Carter Free safety Yes
2010 Ryan Broyles Wide receiver Yes
2011 Ryan Broyles Wide receiver Yes
2013 Gabe Ikard Center Yes
2015 Baker Mayfield Quarterback
2015 Eric Striker Linebacker
2016 Dede Westbrook Wide receiver Yes Yes
2017 Baker Mayfield Quarterback Yes Yes
2017 Orlando Brown Jr. Offensive line Yes Yes
2017 Mark Andrews Tight end Yes Yes
2017 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Linebacker/Defensive end


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