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The non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire is divided into 7 Parliamentary constituencies – 1 Borough constituency and 6 County constituencies.


  † Conservative   ‡ Labour

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Boston and Skegness CC 68,402 16,572   Matt Warman   Paul Kenny
Gainsborough CC 75,893 17,023   Sir Edward Leigh   Catherine Tite
Grantham and Stamford CC 81,740 20,094   Nicholas Boles   Barrie Fairbairn
Lincoln BC 73,111 1,538   Karen Lee   Karl McCartney
Louth and Horncastle CC 79,007 19,641   Victoria Atkins   Julie Speed
Sleaford and North Hykeham CC 90,929 25,237   Dr Caroline Johnson  | Jim Clarke
South Holland and The Deepings CC 76,374 24,897   John Hayes   Voyteck Kowalewski

Changes made from 2010[edit]

Proposals by the Boundary Commission for England retained these 7 constituencies, with changes to realign constituency boundaries with the boundaries of current local government wards, and to reduce the electoral disparity between constituencies; these changes took effect at the 2010 United Kingdom general election.

Name Former Boundaries Current Boundaries
  1. Boston and Skegness CC
  2. Gainsborough CC
  3. Grantham and Stamford CC
  4. Lincoln BC
  5. Louth and Horncastle CC
  6. Sleaford and North Hykeham CC
  7. South Holland and The Deepings CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Lincolnshire
Proposed Revision

Changes proposed in 2016[edit]

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for England proposed in 2016 the following constituencies for Lincolnshire.[1]


Historical representation by party[edit]

A cell marked → (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1885 to 1918[edit]

  Conservative   Liberal   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 86 1886 87 90 1892 93 94 1895 98 1900 1906 07 Jan 1910 Dec 1910 11 12 14 17
Boston Ingram Farmer-Atkinson Ingram Garfit Faber Dixon
Brigg Meysey-Thompson Waddy Richardson Reckitt Sheffield Gelder
Gainsborough Bennett Eyre Bennett Bainbridge Ormsby-Gore Renton Bentham
Grantham Mellor Low Lopes Priestley
Grimsby Heneage Josse Heneage Doughty Wing Doughty Tickler
Horncastle Stanhope de Eresby Weigall
Lincoln Ruston Kerans Crosfield Seely Roberts
Louth Otter Heath Perks Brackenbury Davies
Sleaford Chaplin Lupton Royds
Spalding Finch-Hatton Stewart Pollock Mansfield McLaren Peel
Stamford Lawrance Cust Younger Joicey-Cecil Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby

1918 to 1950[edit]

  Conservative   Independent   Labour   Liberal   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1918 20 21 1922 23 1923 24 1924 29 1929 31 1931 33 1935 37 42 1945 48
Brigg McLean Sheffield Quibell Hunter Quibell Williamson Mallalieu
Gainsborough Molson Winfrey Crookshank
Grantham Royds R. Pattinson Warrender Kendall
Grimsby Tickler Sutcliffe Womersley Younger
Holland with Boston Royce Dean Blindell Butcher
Horncastle Weigall Hotchkin S. Pattinson Haslam Maitland
Lincoln Davies Taylor Liddall Deer
Louth Brackenbury T. Wintringham M. Wintringham Heneage Osborne
Rutland and Stamford Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby Dixon Smith-Carington de Eresby

1950 to 1983[edit]

  Conservative   Labour   Lincoln Democratic Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1950 1951 1955 56 1959 62 1964 1966 69 1970 73 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 77 1979
Brigg / Brigg and Scunthorpe (1974) Mallalieu Ellis Brown
Gainsborough Crookshank Kimball
Grantham Smith Godber Hogg
Grimsby Younger Crosland Mitchell
Holland with Boston Butcher Body
Horncastle Maitland Tapsell
Lincoln de Freitas Taverne Jackson Carlisle
Louth Osborne Archer Brotherton
Rutland and Stamford Conant Lewis

1983 to present[edit]

  Conservative   Independent   Labour

Constituency 1983 1987 1992 1997 2001 2005 07 2010 2015 16 2017 19
Holland with Boston / Boston and Skegness (1997) Body Simmonds Warman
Gainsborough and Horncastle / Gainsborough (1997) Leigh
Stamford and Spalding / Grantham and Stamford (1997) Lewis Davies Boles
Lincoln Carlisle Merron McCartney Lee
East Lindsey / Louth and Horncastle (1997) Tapsell Atkins
Grantham / Sleaford and North Hykeham (1997) Hogg Phillips Johnson
South Holland and The Deepings Hayes

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  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


  1. ^ Initial Proposals East Midlands Boundary Commission for England