List of Professorships at the University of Aberdeen

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The following is a List of Professorships at the University of Aberdeen.

College of Arts and Social Sciences[edit]

  • Aberdeen Asset Management Professor of Finance and Investment Management
  • Jaffrey Professor of Political Economy
  • MacRobert Professor of Land Economy
  • Schlumberger Professor of Petroleum Economics

University of Aberdeen Business School[edit]

School of Divinity, History and Philosophy[edit]

  • Regius Chair of Logic
  • Regius Chair of Moral Philosophy
  • King's Chair of Systematic Theology (1620)
  • Marischal Chair of Divinity (1616)
  • Established Chair of Hebrew and Semitic Languages (1637)
  • Chair in Practical Theology and Pastoral Care

Jane Stevenson is the Regius Professor of Humanity. Catherine Wilson was Regius Professor of Moral Philosophy from 2009 through 2012.

School of Education[edit]

School of Language & Literature[edit]

  • Regius Chair of English Literature

School of Law[edit]

  • Professor of Jurisprudence
  • Professor of Scots Law
  • Professor of Civil Law
  • Professor of Public Law

Notable former holders of the above posts include Prof David Daube, Prof Peter Stein, Neil Kennedy, and Prof T B Smith

School of Social Science[edit]

  • Regius Chair of Humanity

College of Life Sciences and Medicine[edit]

School of Biological Sciences[edit]

Schools of Medical Sciences and Medicine[edit]

  • Chair of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
  • Regius Chair of Anatomy
  • Chair of Bone Metabolism
  • Chair of Child Health
  • Chair of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  • Chair of Epidemiology
  • Chair of Gastroenterology
  • James Mackenzie Chair of General Practice
  • Chair of Genetics
  • Chair of Haematology
  • Chair of Immunology
  • Chair of Medical Education
  • Chair of Medical Genetics
  • Chair of Medical Mycology
  • Chair of Medical Statistics
  • Regius Chair of Medicine
  • Chair of Medicine (Care of the Elderly)
  • Chair of Medicine and Therapeutics
  • Chair of Mental Health
  • Chair of Microbiology
  • Chair of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Chair of Molecular Toxicology
  • Regius Chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (previously Regius Chair of Midwifery)
  • Chair of Ophthalmology
  • Sir Harry Platt Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Chair of Paediatric Surgery
  • Regius Chair of Pathology
  • Regius Chair of Physiology
  • NHS Grampian Chair of Primary Care
  • Chair of Public Health
  • GHB Chair of Public Health Medicine
  • Roland Sutton Chair of Radiology
  • Chair of Reproductive Medicine
  • Chair of Rheumatology
  • Chair of Rural Health
  • Regius Chair of Surgery
  • Chair of Surgical Oncology

School of Psychology[edit]

College of Physical Sciences[edit]

School of Engineering and Physical Sciences[edit]

School of Geosciences[edit]

This list is incomplete