List of Rhode Island Public Transit Authority routes

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The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) operates a number of bus routes in Rhode Island. Most are local bus routes based out of Providence; a number of local routes are also based from Newport, Pawtucket, or Woonsocket. The agency operates six express routes to park and ride lots around the state, and one local rapid bus route.

The transfer location listed is the primary commuting downtown transfer location(s) that the route serves; for most routes, this is the inbound terminus. Providence-based routes operate from Kennedy Plaza, Pawtucket-based routes from the Pawtucket Transit Center, Newport-based routes from Gateway Center, and Woonsocket-based routes from Woonsocket Depot Square. Two routes which do not run into any of those four cities connect with other routes at Warwick Mall.

An R-Line bus at Providence Station
A bus at Kennedy Plaza on the #51 route
A bus at Kennedy Plaza on the #54 route
A tourist trolley at Gateway Center on the #67 route
A tourist trolley at Kennedy Plaza on the #92 route
Line Route Route Info Transfer location
R-Line Broad/North Main Link Providence, Pawtucket
1 Eddy/Hope/Benefit Link Providence, Pawtucket
3 Arlington/Oaklawn Link Providence, Warwick Mall
6 Prairie / R. W. Zoo Link Providence
8 Jefferson Blvd Link Providence
9 Pascoag Link Providence
10x North Scituate Park & Ride Link Providence
12x Arctic/Rte. 117 Express Park & Ride Link Providence
13 Coventry/Arctic/Warwick Mall Link Warwick Mall
14 West Bay Link Providence, Newport
17 Dyer / Pocasset Link Providence
18 Union Ave Link Providence
19 Plainfield / Westminster Link Providence
20 Elmwood Ave Link Providence
21 Reservoir/Garden City Link Providence, Warwick Mall
22 Pontiac Ave Link Providence, Warwick Mall
27 Broadway / Manton Link Providence
28 Broadway / Hartford Link Providence
29 Kent County Link Warwick Mall
30 Warwick Ave Link Providence
31 Cranston St Link Providence
32 East Providence/Wampanoag Link Providence
33 Riverside Link Providence
34 East Providence Link Providence
35 Rumford Link Providence
40 Butler/Elmgrove/Tunnel Link Providence
49 Camp St / Miriam Hospital Link Providence
50 Douglas Ave Link Providence
51 Charles St Link Providence
52 Branch / Bryant Univ Link Providence
54 Lincoln / Woonsocket Link Providence, Woonsocket
55 Admiral / Prov College Link Providence
56 Chalkstone Ave Link Providence
57 Smith St Link Providence
58 Mineral Spring / N Providence Link Providence
59x North Smithfield/Lincoln Express Park & Ride Link Providence
60 Providence / Newport Link Providence, Newport
61x Tiverton/East Bay Park & Ride Link Providence
62 URI/ Providence Station Link Providence
63 Broadway / Middletown Shop Link Newport
64 Newport / URI Link Newport
65X Wakefield Express Link Providence
66 URI / Galilee Link Providence
67 Bellevue / Mansions Link Newport
69 Hillclimber (URI) Link Kingston
70 URI Engineer Line Link Kingston
71 Broad Street / Pawtucket Ave Link Pawtucket
72 Weeden / Central Falls Link Providence, Pawtucket
73 Fairlawn / CCRI Link Pawtucket
75 Dexter / Lincoln Mall Link Pawtucket
76 Central Ave Link Pawtucket
78 Beverage Hill / Newport Ave Link Providence, Pawtucket
80 Armistice Blvd Link Pawtucket
87 Fairmount / Walnut Hill Link Woonsocket
92 RI College/Federal Hill/East Side Link Providence
95x Westerly Park & Ride Link Providence