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Ingmar Bergman with his longtime cinematographer Sven Nykvist during the production of Through a Glass Darkly, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 34th Academy Awards.

Swedish submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film are handed out annually by representatives from the Guldbagge Awards jury.[1]

Sweden has submitted films for consideration in the Best Foreign Language Film category since the inaugural award in 1956. The Swedes have sent more films that any other country, except from France, Italy, Japan and Spain, and have only failed to submit a film one time in the past thirty years.

14 films from Sweden have been nominated for the Academy Award: The Virgin Spring (1960), Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Raven's End (1964), Dear John (1965), Ådalen '31 (1969), The Emigrants (1971), The New Land (1972), Flight of the Eagle (1982), Fanny and Alexander (1983), The Ox (1991), All Things Fair (1995), Under the Sun (1999), Evil (2003) and As It Is in Heaven (2004). Three Swedish films have won the Oscar: The Virgin Spring (1960), Through a Glass Darkly (1961) and Fanny and Alexander (1983). All the winners have been directed by Ingmar Bergman, who represented Sweden a record eight times. His Scenes from a Marriage was submitted in 1974, but was disqualified because it had previously aired on Swedish television. According to Robert Osborne, the country did not enter in 1975 as a protest.[2] In 1978, however, the country did not submit his film Autumn Sonata and made no entry.[3] Other prominent directors include Bo Widerberg and Jan Troell, both who have had three of their films nominated. The 1988 winner Pelle the Conqueror was a Swedish-Danish co-production, but was submitted by Denmark. In 2002 there was a bit of controversy as Sweden's submission Lilja 4-ever had most of its dialogue in Russian and not Swedish.[4] Eventually it was accepted as eligible, but did not receive a nomination.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1956.[5] The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees for the award.[6] Below is a list of the films that have been submitted by Sweden for review by the Academy for the award by year.

Film title used in nomination Original title Director Result
The Staffan Stolle Story Ratataa Hasse Ekman Not Nominated
The Seventh Seal Det sjunde inseglet Ingmar Bergman Not Nominated
The Magician Ansiktet Ingmar Bergman Not Nominated
The Virgin Spring Jungfrukällan Ingmar Bergman Won Academy Award
Through a Glass Darkly Såsom i en spegel Ingmar Bergman Won Academy Award
The Mistress Älskarinnan Vilgot Sjöman Not Nominated
The Silence Tystnaden Ingmar Bergman Not Nominated
Raven's End Kvarteret Korpen Bo Widerberg Nominated
Dear John Käre John Lars-Magnus Lindgren Nominated
Persona Persona Ingmar Bergman Not Nominated
Here's Your Life Här har du ditt liv Jan Troell Not Nominated
Shame Skammen Ingmar Bergman Not Nominated
Ådalen 31 Ådalen 31 Bo Widerberg Nominated
A Swedish Love Story En kärlekshistoria Roy Andersson Not Nominated
The Emigrants Utvandrarna Jan Troell Nominated
The New Land Nybyggarna Jan Troell Nominated
City of My Dreams Mina drömmars stad Ingvar Skogsberg Not Nominated
The Man on the Roof Mannen på taket Bo Widerberg Not Nominated
A Respectable Life Ett anständigt liv Stefan Jarl Not Nominated
Herr Puntila and His Servant Matti Herr Puntila och hans dräng Matti Ralf Långbacka Not Nominated
Children's Island Barnens ö Kay Pollak Not Nominated
Flight of the Eagle Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd Jan Troell Nominated
Fanny and Alexander Fanny och Alexander Ingmar Bergman Won Academy Award
Åke and His World Åke och hans värld Allan Edwall Not Nominated
Ronia, the Robber's Daughter Ronja Rövardotter Tage Danielsson Not Nominated
The Sacrifice Offret Andrei Tarkovsky Not Nominated
Hip Hip Hurrah! Hip Hip Hurra! Kjell Grede Not Nominated
The Women on the Roof Kvinnorna på taket Carl-Gustav Nykvist Not Nominated
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg God afton, Herr Wallenberg Kjell Grede Not Nominated
The Ox Oxen Sven Nykvist Nominated
House of Angels Änglagård Colin Nutley Not Nominated
The Slingshot Kådisbellan Åke Sandgren Not Nominated
The Last Dance Sista dansen Colin Nutley Not Nominated
All Things Fair Lust och fägring stor Bo Widerberg Nominated
Jerusalem Jerusalem Bille August Not Nominated
Tic Tac Tic Tac Daniel Alfredson Not Nominated
Show Me Love Fucking Åmål Lukas Moodysson Not Nominated
Under the Sun Under solen Colin Nutley Nominated
Songs from the Second Floor Sånger från andra våningen Roy Andersson Not Nominated
Jalla! Jalla! Jalla! Jalla! Josef Fares Not Nominated
Lilya 4-ever Lilja 4-ever Lukas Moodysson Not Nominated
Evil Ondskan Mikael Håfström Nominated
As It Is in Heaven Så som i himmelen Kay Pollak Nominated
Zozo Zozo Josef Fares Not Nominated
Falkenberg Farewell Farväl Falkenberg Jesper Ganslandt Not Nominated
You, the Living Du levande Roy Andersson Not Nominated
Everlasting Moments Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick Jan Troell Made January Shortlist
Involuntary De ofrivilliga Ruben Östlund Not Nominated
Simple Simon[7] I rymden finns inga känslor Andreas Öhman Made January Shortlist[8]
Beyond[9] Svinalängorna Pernilla August Not Nominated
The Hypnotist[10] Hypnotisören Lasse Hallström Not Nominated
Eat Sleep Die[11] Äta sova dö Gabriela Pichler Not Nominated
Force Majeure[12] Turist Ruben Östlund Made January Shortlist[13]
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence[14] En duva satt på en gren och funderade över tillvaron Roy Andersson Not Nominated
A Man Called Ove[15] En man som heter Ove Hannes Holm Nominated[16]
The Square[17] The Square Ruben Östlund Nominated[18]

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