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The Texas Tech Red Raiders college football team represents Texas Tech University in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision as a member of the Big 12 Conference's South Division. Texas Tech players and coaches of exceptional ability have received various accolades.


Each year, numerous publications and organizations release lists of All-America teams, hypothetical rosters of players considered the best in the nation at their respective positions.[1] Some selecting organizations choose more than one roster of All-Americans, in which case they use the terms "first team", "second team", and "third team" as appropriate.[2] College Sports Information Directors of America awards similar All-American honors with a focus on academic achievements.[3]

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, a college sports governing body, uses officially recognized All-America selectors to determine the "consensus" selections. These are based on a point system in which a player is awarded three points for every selector that names him to the first team, two points for the second team, and one point for the third team. The individual who receives the most points at his position is called a consensus All-American.[4] Over time, the sources used to determine the consensus selections have changed, and since 2002, the NCAA has used five selectors, the Associated Press (AP), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), The Sporting News (TSN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF), to determine consensus All-Americans.[5]

In 1935, end Herschel Ramsey was the first Texas Tech player to be named an All-American.[6] Twenty-five years later in 1960, linebacker E. J. Holub became Texas Tech's first consensus All-American. Texas Tech players have earned consensus All-America honors 12 times: E. J. Holub in 1960, Donny Anderson in 1965, Dan Irons in 1977, Gabriel Rivera in 1982, Mark Bounds in 1991, Zach Thomas in 1995, Byron Hanspard in 1996, Montae Reagor in 1998, Michael Crabtree in 2007 and 2008, Brandon Carter in 2008, and Jace Amaro in 2013.[7]

All-conference honorees[edit]

Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association[edit]

Year Name Position
1955 Hal Broadfoot G
1955 Bill Herchmann T
1955 Don Schmidt HB
1955 James Sides FB
1955 Jerry Walker T
1954 Hal Broadfoot G
1954 Walter Bryan HB
1954 Claude Harland DE
1954 Bill Herchmann T
1954 Jerry Johnson QB
1954 Bob Kilcullen T
1954 James Sides FB
1954 Rick Spinks HB
1954 Jerry Walker T
1954 Arlen Wesley G
1954 Dwayne West C
1954 Dean White DE
1953 Bobby Cavazos RB
1953 Don Gray G
1953 Jack Kirkpatrick QB
1953 James Sides HB
1953 Vic Spooner DE
1953 Jerry Walker T
1953 Jimmy Williams T
1952 Bobby Cavazos HB
1952 Hollis Davis T
1952 Ray Howard G
1952 Jim Turner HB
1951 Junior Arterbrun QB
1951 Bobby Cavazos RB
1951 Ray Howard G
1951 Aubrey Phillips C
1951 Jerrell Price T
1951 Jim Turner HB
1950 Robert Broyles G
1950 Jerrell Price T
1949 James Conley FB
1949 Marshall Gettys T
1949 Dan Pursel G
1949 Calvin Stevenson HB
1948 John Andrews T
1948 Marshall Gettys T
1948 Ernest Hawkins QB
1948 Bill Kelley DE
1948 Dorrell McCurry G
1948 Dan Pursel G
1947 Fred Brown QB
1947 Roland Nabors C
1947 Ed Smith HB
1947 Joe Smith DE
1947 Bernie Winkler T
1946 Clyde Hall T
1946 Floyd Lawhorn G
1946 Roland Nabors C
1946 Ed Robnett FB
1946 Roger Smith HB
1946 Bernie Winkler T
1942 Will Allbright G
1942 Don Austin Back
1942 J.R. Calahan Back
1942 Doyle Caraway G
1942 Walter Schlinkman Back
1942 Joe Smith DE
1942 George Zoller T
1941 Tyrus Bain QB
1941 Charles Dvoracek FB
1937 Lewis Jones G
1937 Floyd Owens G
1937 Herschel Ramsey DE
1937 Elmer Tarbox HB
1936 William Holcomb T
1936 Jim Neill HB
1936 Herschel Ramsey DE
1936 Tom Wiginton C
1935 Charles Duvall QB
1935 Walker Nichols G
1934 G.C. Dowell HB
1934 Pete Owens G
1934 Lawrence Priddy C
1933 Elva Baker DE
1933 Matt Hitchcock DE

|} [8]

Southwest Conference[edit]

Year Name Position
1960 E.J. Holub C
1962 David Parks Split End
1963 David Parks Split End
1963 Donny Anderson HB
1964 Teddy Roberts S
1964 Donny Anderson HB
1965 Tom Wilson QB
1965 Donny Anderson HB
1966 Mike Leinert HB
1966 Larry Gilbert Split End
1967 Jerry Turner C
1967 Phil Tucker OL
1967 Ed Mooney LB
1967 Mike Leinert HB


Big 12 Conference[edit]

College Football Hall of Fame inductees[edit]

Seven Red Raider players, Donny Anderson, Hub Bechtol, E. J. Holub, Byron Hanspard, Dave Parks, Gabriel Rivera, and Zach Thomas, have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.[10]

Retired jerseys[edit]

Retired football jerseys
Number Player Year
44 Donny Anderson 1995
55 E.J. Holub 1960
81 Dave Parks 2009

Three Red Raider football players have had their jersey numbers retired. E.J. Holub's No. 55 was retired on Dec. 19, 1960, and Donny Anderson's No. 44 was retired Nov. 11, 1995. Dave Parks's No. 81 jersey was retired Nov. 17, 2001. Both Holub and Anderson are members of the College Football Hall of Fame.[11]

Trophies and awards[edit]

Texas Tech Ring of Honor[edit]

Texas Tech announced the creation of the Football Ring of Honor in June 2012. The Ring of Honor consists of an "elite group of players and coaches that made outstanding contributions to Red Raider Football."[12] Each player in the ring of honor has his name permanently added to the interior of the stadium on the West building.

Ring of Honor Members[edit]

Player Position Years Inducted
Donny Anderson Running Back 1963–65 2013
E. J. Holub Center/Linebacker 1958–60 2013
Dave Parks Split End 1961–63 2013
Gabe Rivera Defensive Tackle 1979–82 2014
Zach Thomas Linebacker 1993–95 2016


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