List of The Amazing Race Norge contestants

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This is a list of contestants who have appeared on The Amazing Race Norge, a Norwegian reality game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race. Contestants with a pre-existing relationship form a team and race across around the world against other teams to claim a prize valued at a worth of NOK 1 million; in total, 42 contestants have appeared in the series.


Name Occupation Age From Season Finish
Kenneth Holt Rapper 32 Oslo Season 1 11th
Hakan Pandul Rapper 32 Oslo Season 1 11th
Pål Christian Egeberg Results Guard in Norsk Tipping 32 Hamar Season 1 10th
Ivar Juliussen Tutor 39 Hamar Season 1 10th
Martha Berberg Caretaker 22 Kristiansand Season 1 9th
Elise Berberg Barista 25 Kristiansand Season 1 9th
Vilde Naomi Enge Artist 20 Oslo Season 1 8th
Bjarne Vegard Drevland Student 31 Kragerø Season 1 8th
Julie Aamodt Executive assistant at Fox International Channels 28 Oslo Season 1 7th
Vichy Ericsson Bar owner and operator 30 Gothenburg, Sweden Season 1 7th
Tor Einar Holen Oil Worker 42 Malme Season 1 6th
Cathrine Hjemli Holen Student 22 Malme Season 1 6th
Kari Hagrud Setsaas Owns and runs a tourist lodge 44 Høvringen Season 1 5th
Bjørn Setsaas Owns and runs a tourist lodge 64 Høvringen Season 1 5th
Frank Hesmyr Falander Arts and crafts teacher 26 Flatdal Season 1 4th
Ivar Hesmyr Falander Student 26 Flatdal Season 1 4th
Michelle Holm Interior Designer 29 Holmestrand Season 1 3rd
Cathrine Andersen Medical Secretary 29 Oslo Season 1 3rd
Karim Sabeur Waiter 26 Oslo Season 1 2nd
Khabat Sarzali Waiter 27 Oslo Season 1 2nd
Morten Bjerke General Manager of a toy store 34 Bodø Season 1 1st
Truls Bjerke General Manager of a toy store/Bartender 30 Bodø Season 1 1st
Allan Wetrhus 42 Kristiansand Season 2 10th
Ørjan Heimlid Øvstetun 26 Kristiansand Season 2 10th
Milorad Dunderovic 59 Nittedal Season 2 9th
Dario Dunderovic 22 Nittedal Season 2 9th
Linn "Lindsy" Christine Pedersen 21 Bergen Season 2 8th
Priscila Merkesdal 23 Bergen Season 2 8th
Vinh Thanh Phung 28 Oslo Season 2 7th
Terje Løvgro Stokke 29 Oslo Season 2 7th
Eva Skjønhaug 49 Drøbak Season 2 6th
Wenche Eriksen 50 Drøbak Season 2 6th
Lill Marie Hande 33 Son Season 2 5th
Stian Hande 33 Son Season 2 5th
Julie Eline Sannerud 21 Oslo Season 2 4th
Robert Sømod 23 Oslo Season 2 4th
Cecilie Andresen Kreutz 41 Bærum Season 2 3rd
Camilla Harner Smith 43 Bærum Season 2 3rd
Solfrid Kvalvik 37 Andenes Season 2 2nd
Sveinung Ellingsen 29 Andenes Season 2 2nd
Omar Ishqair 28 Oslo/Dubai Season 2 1st
Bilal Ishqair 26 Oslo/Dubai Season 2 1st