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The Torontos, Stanley Cup champions 1913-14

The Toronto Hockey Club, also known as the Torontos and the Toronto Blueshirts, were a professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were a member of the National Hockey Association (NHA). The club was founded in 1911 and began operations in 1912. The club won its sole Stanley Cup championship in 1914. The Toronto Hockey Club, which was also known as the Blue Shirts, competed in the NHA from the 1912-1913 season to midway through the 1916-17 season when the team suspended operations.[1] In the following offseason, the NHA suspended operations, never to return. Four NHA clubs formed the National Hockey League and granted a temporary franchise to an unnamed Toronto 'hockey club' as a replacement for the NHA team in Toronto.[1] However, the roster was composed mostly of former Blue Shirts, leading the press to call this team "the Torontos" or "the Blue Shirts." This temporary franchise would evolve into today's Toronto Maple Leafs.[2]

Table keys[edit]

Key of colors and symbols
Color/symbol Explanation
Hash-tag Led league in points
double-dagger O'Brien Cup champions
dagger Stanley Cup champions
Key of terms and abbreviations
Term or abbreviation Definition
Finish Final position in league standings
GA Goals against (goals scored by the Torontos' opponents)
GF Goals for (goals scored by the Torontos)
GP Number of games played
L Number of losses
Pts Number of points
T Number of ties
TG Two-game total goals series
W Number of wins
Does not apply

Year by year[edit]

List of all seasons played by the Toronto Hockey Club
NHA season Team season Regular season Post season
GP W L T Pts GF GA Finish GP W L T GF GA Result
1912–13 1912–13 20 9 11 0 18 86 95 3rd Did not qualify
1913–14 1913–14 20 13 7 0 26Led league in points 93 65 1stO'Brien Cup champions 5 4 1 0 18 10 Won NHA Finals[a] vs. Montreal Canadiens, 6–2 (TG)
Won 1914 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Victoria Aristocrats, 3–0Stanley Cup champions
1914–15 1914–15 20 8 12 0 16 66 84 4th Did not qualify
1915–16 1915–16 24 9 14 1 19 97 98 5th Did not qualify
1916–17 1916–17[b] 10 5 5 0 10 50 45 4th Did not qualify
4 2 2 0 4 14 16
Totals 98 46 51 1 93 406 403 5 4 1 0 18 10


  • a The NHA's Quebec Bulldogs held the Stanley Cup entering the 1913-14 season. The Toronto Hockey Club won the Cup by winning the NHA Finals, then successfully defended the Cup against the Pacific Coast Hockey Association champions.
  • b The Toronto Hockey Club was suspended by the NHA for the remainder of the second half of the season.[3]


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