List of United States Army careers

The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in different specialties which they receive specialized and formal training on once they complete Basic Combat Training. Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a Military Occupational Specialty or MOS are labeled with a short alphanumerical code called a military occupational core specialty code, which consists of a two-digit number appended by a Latin letter. Related MOSs are grouped together by Career Management Fields. For example, an enlisted soldier with MOSC 11B works as an infantryman, is part of CMF 11. Commissioned officers are classified by their area of concentration, or AOC. Just like enlisted MOSCs, AOCs are two digits plus a letter. Related AOCs are grouped together by specific branch of the Army or by broader in scope functional areas. An officer will start in an AOC of a specific branch and move up to an FA AOC. Warrant officers are classified by warrant officer military occupational specialty, or WOMOS.

Codes consists of three digits plus a letter. Related WOMOS are grouped together by Army branch; the Army is restructuring its personnel management systems, as of 2019. Changes took place in 2004 and continued into 2013. Changes include deleting obsolete jobs, merging redundant jobs, using common numbers for both enlisted CMFs and officer AOCs. Officer 11A Infantry OfficerEnlisted 11B Infantryman 11B Infantryman is the basic infantry soldier MOS of the US Army. 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman 11X Undetermined Infantry 11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant Prior to 1999, the Engineer designations were 12 series and 83 series. In 1999, CMF 83 changed to CMF 51. In 2004, CMF 51 changed to CMF 21. In 2004, the engineer designation changed from 12 to 21. In 2009, the engineer designation was changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12. In 2013, the engineer officer designations 12B and 12D were consolidated into 12A. Officer 12A Engineer, GeneralWarrant 120A Construction Engineer Technician 125D Geospatial Information TechnicianEnlisted 12B Combat Engineer - 12C Bridge Crewmember 12D Diver 12G Quarrying Specialist 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor 12K Plumber 12M Firefighter 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer 12P Prime Power Production Specialist 12Q Power Line Distribution Specialist 12R Interior Electrician 12T Technical Engineer 12V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator 12W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist 12X General Engineering Supervisor 12Y Geospatial Engineer 12Z Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant Officer 13A Field Artillery OfficerWarrant 131A Field Artillery Targeting TechnicianEnlisted 13B Cannon Crewmember 13F Fire Support Specialist 13J Fire Control Specialist 13M Multiple Launch Rocket System/High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Crewmember 13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator 13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant/Sergeant Major Officer 14A Air Defense Artillery OfficerWarrant 140A Command and Control Systems Integrator 140K Air And Missile Defense Tactician 140L Air and Missile Defense Technician 140Z Air Defense Artillery ImmaterialEnlisted 14E PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer 14G Air Defense Battle Management System Operator 14H Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator 14P Air and Missile Defense Crewmember 14S Avenger Crew Member 14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer 14Z Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant Officer 17A Cyber Warfare Officer 17B Cyber Electromagnetic Activities Officer - Electronic WarfareWarrant 170A Cyber Operations Technician 170B Cyber Electromagnetic Activities Technician - Electronic WarfareEnlisted 17C Cyber Operations Specialist 17E Electronic Warfare Specialist Officer 18A Special Forces Officer - CPT-COLWarrant 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer - WO1-CW5Enlisted 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant - SGT-SFC 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant - SGT-SFC 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant - SGT-SFC 18E Special Forces Communications Sergeant - SGT-SFC 18F Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant - SGT-SFC 18X Special Forces Candidate 18Z Special Forces Senior Sergeant - MSG-CSM Officer 19A Armor General 19B Armor Officer 19C CavalryEnlisted 19D Cavalry Scout 19K M1 Armor Crewman 19Z Armor Senior Sergeant Officer 25A Signal, GeneralWarrant 255A Information Services Technician 255N Network Management Technician 255S Information Protection Technician 255Z Senior Network Operations TechnicianEnlisted 25B Information Technology Specialist 25C Radio Operator-Maintainer 25D Cyber Network Defender 25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager 25F Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer 25L Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer 25M Multimedia Illustrator 25N Nodal Network Systems Operators-Maintainer 25P Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer 25Q Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer 25R Visual Information Equipment Operator-Maintainer 25S Satellite Communications Systems Operator/Maintainer 25T Satellite/Microwave Systems Chief 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist 25V Combat Documentation/Production Specialist 25W Telecommunications Operations Chief 25X Chief Signal NCO 25Z Visual Information Operations Chief Effective 1 October 2016, Functional Areas 24 and 53 were merged into FA 26.

Officer 26A Network Systems Engineer 26B Information Systems Engineer 26Z Senior Information Network Engineer (26A and 26B mer


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Craig Stowers

Craig F. Stowers is an American lawyer and jurist who serves as an Associate Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court, appointed by Republican Governor Sean Parnell in 2009 as an Associate Justice to replace retiring Justice Robert Eastaugh. Stowers was one of seven candidates recommended to the Governor by the Alaska Judicial Council out of a record 25 applicants. Born in Daytona Beach and raised in Yorktown, Stowers earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Blackburn College in 1975, he went on to serve as a park ranger with the National Park Service at Colonial National Historical Park in Virginia before transferring to Mount McKinley National Park in 1977. After leaving the National Park Service he earned his Juris Doctor in 1985 from the University of California, Davis School of Law, where he was inducted into the Order of the Coif honor society. Stowers served as a law clerk for U. S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert Boochever and went on to serve as a law clerk for Alaska Supreme Court Justice Warren Matthews.

In 1987, Stowers joined the law firm of Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon until leaving in 1995 to become a founding partner of the law firm of Clapp and Stowers. In 2004, he left Clapp and Stowers when he was appointed a Superior Court Judge for the Third Judicial District in Anchorage by Governor Frank Murkowski. Before his appointment to the Supreme Court by Governor Sean Parnell in 2009, Stowers was president of the board of directors of Christian Health Associates, he is a former board member of the Alaska Natural History Association, Brother Francis Shelter, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center. Stowers announced his plans to retire, effective June 1, 2020. Craig Stowers at Ballotpedia