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Shibuya Airwaves

Shibuya Airwaves was a radio program produced by eigoMANGA created by Oscar Gutierrez Jr. Tetsuro Mori, Austin Osueke; the show aired on 1550 AM KYCY in San Francisco, CA and first aired on September 24, 2005. The program was composed of a music line-up ranging from Japanese pop music. Shibuya Airwaves featured special interviews with Japanese artists. Oscar Gutierrez Jr. was the on-air host under the name "Bhodee" of the show, Tetsuro Mori co-hosted under the name of "Tetsu". Austin Osueke contributes as a part-time co-host under the name of "Stewart House". Austin Osueke stated in a press release, "This radio program has become a viable platform for Americans to learn about Japanese music and that's why we decided to go ahead with the show; this built a bridge for people to learn more about the Japanese music scene and to explore other genres of Japanese pop culture besides anime". Austin produced Shibuya Airwave's predecessor, a web radio program called "Anime Mix" on eigoMANGA's web site. Oscar Gutierrez Jr. resurrected the concept and secured an on-air timeslot for Shibuya Airwaves through his affiliation with CBS Radio.

And since Oscar began to serve as the on-air host and producer of Shibuya Airwaves. Shibuya Airwaves origins could be traced back to eigoMANGA's publicized fan petition to bring Japanese rock groups such as L'Arc-en-Ciel to California. Shibuya Airways branched off into producing live performances for Japanese and Japanese-influenced musicians in California; the events are called Shibuya Nights. The Japanese rock band, The Pillows headlined the inaugural event of Shibuya Nights on June 28, 2006, with the opening acts of Secret Secret, B. E. N. O. M. and Lemon drop kick. Tetsuro Mori left Shibuya Airwaves after managing this event. Nana Kitade made her first US radio interview on Shibuya Airwaves on August 2006. On September 12, 2006 Shibuya Airwaves revealed a new agreement to develop and distribute content via the Anime Network. Under the agreement, Shibuya Airwaves provided The Anime Network with content from its library of music videos, concert footage and Shibuya Airwaves branded original programming, which feature independent and mainstream Japanese music artists.

The content was added to The Anime Network's Bento Beat Box lineup. Shibuya Airwaves provide music video content to OSTN College Network. In February 2007, Shibuya Airwaves began launching one-hour radio shows. In April, Shibuya Airwaves produced their most recent Shibuya Airwave concert in San Francisco and San Jose which featured Japanese band LiN CLOVER. On July 1, 2007 at Anime Expo, Oscar Gutierrez announced that Shibuya Airwaves produced a spin-off radio show for XM and WorldSpace satellite radio on U-Pop.. Shibuya Airwaves' XM Shows first aired on August 2007. U-Pop aired daily episodes of Shibuya Airwaves until XM Satellite Radio eliminated U-Pop from the satellite radio lineup on November 12, 2008. U-Pop continued on XM Radio Online channel 31 and DirecTV until Sirius XM Radio ended its contract with 1worldspace in February 2009. Shibuya Airwaves has returned to current rotation on 1550 AM KYCY in San Francisco, CA. Nana Kitade Sugizo the pillows Polysics Lin Clover Lemon Drop Kick

Nightingale (Star Trek: Voyager)

"Nightingale" is the 154th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the eighth episode of the seventh season. This science fiction television show tells the story of the USS Voyager, a 24th century Starfleet vessel stranded on the wrong the side of the galaxy. With their faster-than-light warp drive, it will take several decades to get back. In this episode, directed by LeVar Burton, the crew are caught in a conflict between two alien factions amidst their search for supplies, as they try to man their spacecraft. Voyager sets down on a planet for a major maintenance overhaul while away teams in shuttles are sent in search of supplies. Harry Kim, Seven of Nine and Neelix, aboard the Delta Flyer, become caught in the crossfire between Kraylor and Annari ships; the Kraylor captain asks for the Flyer's help as they are on a humanitarian mission, while the Annari continue their attack after Kim contacts them. Kim orders the others to protect the Kraylor vessel with the Flyer, cause the Annari to retreat. Kim and the others transport to the Kraylor ship and find most of the command crew, including the captain, now dead.

As they assist the ship's doctor Loken with the other crew, Loken asks for Kim's help to pilot their vessel back to their homeworld with their supply of necessary vaccines as none of the remaining crew have navigation experience and the Annari are still patrolling the sector. Kim agrees, recognizing they will pass near the planet where Voyager has set down, as well as desiring to show his abilities to command a vessel on his own. Kim works at teaching the acting helmsman Terek, they use the ship's unreliable cloaking device to make it to the planet, where they see Voyager interacting with an Annari vessel. After the Annari leave, Kim takes Loken to Captain Janeway to explain the Kraylor's plight. Janeway admits that this leaves them in a difficult position as they have just completed negotiations with the Annari for repair materials, but allows Kim to continue taking the Kraylor home. Kim opts to name the ship Nightingale after the famous wartime nurse, they use the cloaking device to continue to evade the Annari, but the device fails just as they near a fleet of 6 Annari ships.

Seven is unable to get the cloak restored, but Loken gives the crew several instructions for the cloaking device re-engaging it and allowing Kim to navigate their escape. Kim confronts Loken, who reveals that they are not carrying vaccines but instead are scientists and researchers that created this cloaking technology so they could smuggle supplies to their homeworld through an Annari blockage around their planet. Loken insists that their mission is still humanitarian, but Kim, realizing the severity of the situation, orders the ship to return to Voyager. Loken has Terek maintain their heading towards the homeworld. Kim discusses the option of fleeing the ship via escape pods with Seven, but realizes he offered to help the Kraylor and stays onboard to help. Meanwhile, the Annari re-contact Voyager after discovering the Starfleet personnel on board the Kraylor vessel, demand that Voyager leave their sector; the ship is escorted out of Annari space while still under impulse power. As the Nightingale nears the Kraylor homeworld, they discover the Annari are scanning the area with technology that will detect the cloaked ship.

Kim comes up with a plan, allows the ship to be detected and caught in a tractor beam. Kim contacts the Annari and offers their surrender, ordering the remaining crew, except for himself and Terek, to use the escape pods; as the other crew flee, Kim has Seven scan the Annari tractor beam to determine its frequency. Just before the Annari fire upon the empty ship, Kim has the ship's shields tuned to that frequency, causing the Nightingale to break free of the tractor beam and be repelled away from the blockade towards the planet. Terek pilots them safely to the surface, completing Kim's mission. Kim and Seven return to Voyager, with Kim unsure whether he is ready to take full command. In a side plot, Icheb assists B'Elanna Torres with the repairs, comes to learn about the nature of love and dating through a series of accidental missteps with Torres. Garrett Wang was pleased to be working with LeVar Burton, after being directed by him in the episode "Timeless". However, he said in an interview with Starlog magazine that the script for the episode was going to write his character out of the series as he would have remained on the Kraylor vessel and only made a re-appearance in the series finale.

Wang said that this would have been a "coup", as the cast get paid whether or not they appear in an episode and so he would have thought of it as a holiday. The episode's teleplay was written with a story by Robert Lederman and Dave Long; this episode was noted for Harry trying to command a starship. "Nightingale" on IMDb "Nightingale" at "Nightingale" at Memory Alpha "Nightingale" at

Benjamin the Elephant

Benjamin the Elephant is an animated children's television show produced by Kiddinx Studios in Berlin. The show is based on audio stories by Elfie Donnelly; the audio series has been running since 1977 and has 142 stories as of 2019. On the show, the eponymous main character resides with friends Otto and Stella; the adventures Benjamin gets involved in require slipping into various roles, learning new jobs, or discovering new and distant places. Benjamin - an elephant, is big and strong and good-natured, he loves lazing around. But when something is going on around him, he is on his feet in a ready to act, he is known for his unmistakable "Toroo!" call. He is helpful and reliable. Benjamin's home is Neustadt Zoo, the Zoo Director Herr Tierlieb, Karl the Keeper and all the animals are his family, his best friend of all is a boy named Otto. Benjamin spends nearly every afternoon with him and every weekend, together they have many adventures. Voiced by Dave Pettitt and Jürgen Kluckert. Otto - Benjamin's best friend.

He is nice, friendly and a sensible boy. Since Otto knows a lot for a boy his age, he is able to explain things to Benjamin at times when he gets stuck. Otto visits Benjamin in the zoo just about every afternoon after school, they spend nearly every weekend and the holidays together. From time to time, they go on their travels together. Voiced by M. J. McCann. Stella Stellini - Otto's classmate and a friend of Benjamin's. Stella is cheeky, energetic and sporty. Unlike Otto, Stella is independent and starts something on her own; when she is dealing with injustice or being headstrong, she runs at brick walls. If Stella can't make any headway with a problem, or something goes wrong Benjamin and Otto are by her side to help out. Stella didn't make her first appearance until late in the series; the Zoo Director, Herr Tierlieb - a good-natured, friendly elderly man. He breathes his job as zoo director. Nothing is more important to him than the well-being of his animals, he looks after all its inhabitants as if they were his children.

It troubles him that the zoo isn't making as much money as it should in order to provide food for all animals. The Zoo Director trusts Benjamin completely. If he needs his help, he is always able to count on his talking elephant. Voiced by Dean Galloway. Karl the Keeper - the zoo director's right hand, is well loved by all zoo animals, he looks after them with great love and care, keeps the enclosures in good repair, mends fences, fixes the heating when it breaks down and orders the animal's food. Karl the Keeper loves his job, it is from Karl that Benjamin always finds out the latest news about the animals. Voiced by Dan Gascon. Gulliver - the cheeky raven who thinks he knows everything and can do everything better than the others; the odd misfortune there does nothing to change his impetuous character. Gulliver only appears in the TV show. Voiced by David Lawrence Brown. Karla Kolumna - Benjamin is friends with Karla Kolumna, a somewhat overexcitable reporter. Everyone in Neustadt knows her cheery "Hello there!" and her famous "Sensationell!".

She is always on hand to help when it's a matter of publicizing any scandals or injustices hatched by the Mayor of Neustadt. In such cases, Benjamin and Otto all work together. Voiced by Debbie Munro; the Mayor - carries weight as Neustadt's premier citizen, as well as on his person. His name is Bruno Presssack, but he is referred to as "the Mayor", he is rather vain and high-handed and is therefore unjust. However, Benjamin and Karla always manage to make him change his attitude with their clever ideas. In the end, they find a fair solution for everything. Voiced by Doug de Nance. Secretary Pichler - the Mayor's secretary. Although he always conforms to duty, he is a clever man with a sense of justice; when Benjamin and his friends are able to assert themselves against the Mayor, he is always secretly pleased. On a few occasions, he secretly undermines the Mayor's plans. Voiced by Dean Galloway Baron Blunderbuss - a haughty aristocrat, he lives in a villa with enormous grounds right next to Newtown Zoo.

The Baron has close contact to the Mayor and they support each other when it comes to promoting their interests. The Baron doesn't have much good to say about Benjamin the Elephant, his loud "Toroo!", which reverberates around the zoo walls, disturb his peace and quiet. Voiced by Clark Robertson. Hinky and Pinky - two crooks from Newtown. Hinky is tall and thin and a bit stupid, Pinky is much cleverer. Wherever the pair appear, they are up to no good, but Benjamin and Otto are able to get the pair arrested in the end. Voiced by Ben Jeffrey and Kevin Tokarsky. Do not appear until late in the series. Mr. Flatterer is a businessman in different professions, he uses flattery methods to trick people into deals. Among the villains of the story. Otto's Mother - 1. Wo ist Winnie Waschbär? 2. 1. Benjamin Blümchen als Wetterelefant 2. Benjamin Blümchen rettet den Zoo 3. Benjamin Blümchen Kampf dem Lärm

Joseph Mullens

Joseph Mullens worked with the London Missionary Society in India. Joseph Mullens, son of Richard Mullens, was born on 2 September 1820 in London, he studied at Coward College, a dissenting academy that trained people for nonconformist ministry, in 1837 and graduated from the University of London, to which the college was affiliated, in 1841. He undertook further study in Edinburgh with the intention of working for the LMS in India. Mullens was ordained at Barbican Chapel as a Congregational minister in September 1843 and soon after sailed for India, he shared the journey with a Swiss missionary, Alphonse Lacroix, returning to Calcutta after taking leave, joined Lacroix's mission at Bhawanipur, near Calcutta. On 19 June 1845, Mullens married Hannah Catherine, an evangelist daughter of Lacroix who spoke fluent Bengali. In the following year, Mullens became pastor at the church in Bhawanipur. A more gifted publicist than he was a missionary, Mullens did not restrict himself to promoting the interests and achievements of the LMS but rather did so for Protestant missionaries in general.

This ecumenism was evidenced in 1860 when he attended a conference of Protestant missionaries in Liverpool and pleaded with those present to set aside their doctrinal differences for the greater good of serving the cause of Christianity in India. His efforts in producing statistics relating to work done in India were significant to the fundraising abilities of missionary societies in Britain. Mullens was secretary at that 1860 conference, having returned to England on leave in 1858 and been a significant figure in the similar conferences in India that began in 1855, he returned to India not long after his attendance at Liverpool and his wife, died there on 21 November 1861. It was in that year that he was awarded an honorary degree of DD by Massachusetts. Fropm 1865, Mullens was joint foreign secretary of the LMS, he undertook a tour of the society's missions in India and China during that year and the next, in 1868, having been awarded a further honorary DD, this time from Edinburgh University, he became the sole foreign secretary of the LMS.

A tour of the United States and Canada followed in 1870 as he sought further to promote the activities of his society in 1873 he made a tour of LMS missionaries based in Madagascar. Mullens' last significant trip was in 1879, when he began travelling to Lake Tanganyika with two inexperienced missionaries who were to replace the deceased incumbent there, he caught a cold and died on 10 July at Chakombe, being buried at a mission run by the Church Missionary Society at Mpwapwa two days later. Mullens studied Hinduism so that he was in a better position to counter the arguments of Indian people. From these studies, he was able to write works such as Vedantism and Christianity Examined and Compared and The Religious Aspects of Hindu Philosophy, which enabled other missionaries to benefit from his learning. Together with his wife, he prepared Brief Memorials of the Revd A. F. Lacroix, published in 1862 after her death, he wrote Twelve Months in Madagascar, published in 1875 and based on his 1873 tour to that country

1983 Tour de France, Prologue to Stage 11

The 1983 Tour de France was the 70th edition of Tour de France, one of cycling's Grand Tours. The Tour began in Fontenay-sous-Bois with a prologue individual time trial on 1 July and Stage 11 occurred on 12 July with a flat stage to Fleurance; the race finished on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on 24 July. 1 July 1983 — Fontenay-sous-Bois, 5.5 km 2 July 1983 - Nogent-sur-Marne to Créteil, 163 km 3 July 1983 — Soissons to Fontaine-au-Pire, 100 km 4 July 1983 — Valenciennes to Roubaix, 149.5 km 5 July 1983 — Roubaix to Le Havre, 299 km 6 July 1983 — Le Havre to Le Mans, 254 km 7 July 1983 — Châteaubriant to Nantes, 58 km 8 July 1983 — Nantes to Île d'Oléron, 211 km 9 July 1983 — La Rochelle to Bordeaux, 219.5 km 10 July 1983 — Bordeaux to Pau, 203 km 11 July 1983 — Pau to Bagnères-de-Luchon, 198 km 12 July 1983 — Bagnères-de-Luchon to Fleurance, 176 km