Christopher Stoll

Christopher Stoll, born 1991 is an American author and illustrator, featured in magazines such as Popular Mechanics and Metro International as well as the websites Huffington Post, Comedy Central and Buzzfeed. He is the creator of multiple self-published fantasy and science-fiction artbooks, produces content relating to popular culture and the current state of art in America on his website and various social media outlets. Stoll began his career as a freelance illustrator, producing work for local businesses in and around Dallas, Texas. In 2013, he produced a series of fanart images of Disney Princesses as Avengers which were picked up and circulated by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, the now-defunct Disney-acquired website Babble; these images achieved momentary internet pop notoriety, led one journalist to label Stoll an advocate of cultural inclusiveness and female empowerment. This series led to Stoll's work reinventing pop culture characters through changes in theme and setting, such as his Pokémon-inspired "PokéNatomy," widely circulated on Reddit, Facebook and other online forums.

In 2015 he ran multiple Kickstarter campaigns for his self-published artbook bestiaries, including "A Natural History of the Fantastic," and "The Feminomicon," an artistic guidebook chronicling mythical women from around the world based on the stylings of H. P. Lovecraft. In late 2016 his "PokéNatomy" series of anatomical illustrations was featured appearing in the Russian October 2017 edition of Popular Mechanics as well as the October 2019 publication of Game Informer in an interview by Joseph Stanichar and Ben Reeves. Stoll's work was described as "a powerful way to flip princess culture inside out," by contributor Emma Mustich at The Huffington Post and lauded on Comedy Central UK's website Stoll Art Portfolio

Joseph R. Fugett

Joseph Russell Fugett was an American activist and educator. In 1920, he became the principal of the all-black Gay Street School in Pennsylvania. Joseph R. Fugett was born on June 17, 1890, in Baldwinsville, New York to Joseph Martin Fugett and Electra Josephine Bakeman Fugett, his father, Joseph Martin, was formally enslaved in the state of Tennessee. His mother, was a direct descendant of Revolutionary War participant, Henry Bakeman. In 1900, Fugett lived in New York with his parents and siblings, he graduated from Waterloo High School. Fugett attended Cornell University, where he studied agriculture and became a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the first black intercollegiate Greek-lettered fraternity, he served as general secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha from 1912 to 1913, as treasurer at the Fourth General Convention, as incorporator when the fraternity was incorporated on April 3, 1912. On October 21, 1908, Fugett was an initiate at the Alpha Chapter Annual Banquet. In 1975, Fugett entered the Omega Chapter.

After graduating from Cornell, Fugett became an animal husbandry instructor at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He taught at Bordentown High School in New Jersey, at Delaware State University, he came to West Chester in 1920, earned a master's degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania in 1926. Fugett was an active member in both the National Education Association and the Elementary School Principals Association, he was a charter member and President of the Suburban Philadelphia Elementary School Principals Association. The State Department of Public Instruction invited Fugett to be a part of a statewide committee whose purpose was to prepare educational materials on cultural competency. In 1945, Fugett served as secretary to Major Richard R. Wright at the United Nations Conference on International Organization. During the commencement ceremony at Cheyney University in 1957, Fugett was cited for "advancing education, serving the community, enlightening human relations." During the second year of the West Chester NAACP, Fugett served as one of the branch officers.

When Fugett retired as principal of the Gay Street School in June 1965, the local school board renamed the school to Fugett Elementary School in his honor. At a ceremony to formally rename the school, it was proclaimed that October 13, 1965 would be declared "Joseph R. Fugett Day." When Fugett Elementary School closed in 1977, the Fugett name was transferred to another local school. Thus, East Junior High became J. R. Fugett Middle School. Fugett's name is included on a plaque. For many years, Fugett lived in West Chester, with his wife, Hazel Estelle Schloss Fugett, two sons, Joseph R. Fugett Jr. and Jean Schloss Fugett Sr.. In 2004, Fugett's son, Jean Schloss Fugett Sr. became the first black man to join the Maryland division of the Sons of the American Revolution. Jean Schloss Fugett Jr. is a former professional American football player. Fugett died on July 5, 1975, is buried in Rolling Green Memorial Park in West Chester, Pennsylvania