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List of United States television markets

This is a list of television media markets in the United States, with a total of 107,007,910 households. Network owned-and-operated stations are highlighted in bold. Big Three television networks Cable television in the United States Communications in the United States Fourth television network High-definition television in the United States List of television stations in the United States List of United States major television network affiliates List of United States cable and satellite television networks List of United States over-the-air television networks Satellite television in the United States Television in the United States Television news in the United States United States cable news


Pollyn is an electronic music group from Los Angeles, formed in 1998. The band consists of Adam Weissman, Genevieve Artadi, Anthony Cava. Pollyn's debut EP Songs for Sale was released in 2003, their first full-length album This Little Night was self-released in 2009. This Little Night produced subsequent remix records that included French dubstep producer Débruit, local Low End Theorist Nosaj Thing, grimy hip-hop producer Sid Roams, Stones Throw-signed funkster James Pants. Pollyn's sophomore album Living in Patterns was released in 2011; the album garnered attention from local radio and news outlets such as KCRW and the Los Angeles Times for its strong afro-beat influences as well as drawing comparisons to groups such as Portishead, Blonde Redhead, Gorillaz. The group has cited Talking Heads as a major influence. Pollyn was founded by Adam Weissman in 1998 alongside Genevieve Artadi and Anthony Cava in Los Angeles, California. During the course of producing their debut album, Pollyn began making remixes for groups such as Gorillaz, Liquid Liquid, Buffalo Daughter, Death from Above.

Pollyn has since remixed tracks for HEALTH and Belleruch. Pollyn's own material has been the subject of extensive remixes by artists such as Moodymann, DJ Harvey, Larry Gus, Nosaj Thing, Sid Roams, Them Jeans, Matthew Herbert, Peter Visti, Exile. Pollyn has collaborated in the past with artists such as Freddie Gibbs. Songs for Sale This Little Night Living in Patterns Distress Signals

Pakistan International School

Pakistan International School are schools based outside Pakistan which promote the national curriculum. These schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and cater to students who are not nationals of the host country such as the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, missions, or missionary programs. For overseas Pakistani families, these schools allow continuity in education from Pakistan as most prefer to stay in the same curriculum for older children. Pakistan international schools use curricula based on the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and offer both Urdu language and English language classes; some schools offer International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The first Pakistan international school was opened in Isa Town, Bahrain in 1956 as the Pakistan Urdu School. Egypt Pakistan International School Libya Pakistan Embassy School Tripoli, Libya Bahrain Pakistan School Pakistan Urdu School China Pakistan Embassy College Iran Pakistan International School Kuwait International School of Pakistan New Pakistan International School Pakistan School & College Oman Pakistan School Pakistan School Pakistan School Pakistan School Pakistan School Pakistan School Pakistan School Qatar Pak Shama School Saudi Arabia Pakistan International School, English Section, Riyadh, PISES, Riyadh.

Pakistan International School Pakistan International School Pakistan International School Pakistan International School Pakistan International School United Arab Emirates Pakistan Education Academy Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School Yemen Pakistan National English School Pakistan School Overseas Pakistanis Education in Pakistan

Future Man

Roy Wilfred Wooten known as "RoyEl", best known by his stage name Future Man, is an inventor and composer. He is known as Futche to his fans, he is a percussionist and member of the jazz quartet Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, along with banjoist Béla Fleck, harmonicist Howard Levy, Roy's brother, electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten. Born in Hampton, Roy Wooten was raised in a military family and therefore traveled frequently, he is the second of five sons born to Elijah "Pete" Wooten. He graduated from Denbigh High School in Newport News, Virginia in 1975, he attended music classes at Norfolk State University upon graduating from high school, embarked on his professional music career. He and his brothers moved to Tennessee in the mid-1980s. All of his brothers are musicians; the oldest, Regi, is a guitarist and much sought-after teacher in Nashville. Roy Wooten and his three younger brothers, Rudy and Victor, performed as The Wooten Brothers in numerous musical venues in the Hampton Roads area of southeast Virginia during the 1970s.

Wooten is a six-time Grammy Award-winning performer with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. For the Flecktones, he plays the Drumitar, a novel electronic instrument of his own invention, performs vocals as well. More Wooten has developed a new electronic instrument called the RoyEl, which resembles a piano but plays notes not found in the traditional western music scales; this instrument is based on the periodic table of the golden ratio. In 2005, Wooten pleaded guilty to income tax evasion, after having been indicted on charges in 2001 that he had not filed or paid taxes between 1995 and 1998, he earlier had been judged incapable of assisting in his own defense after filing incomprehensible sovereign citizen paperwork with the court. Like the other members of the Flecktones, Wooten has worked on various solo projects during his time off from the band. On his own Wooten dresses up as a pirate and uses the pseudonym "RoyEl" the name he gave to the keyboard instrument he invented. Wooten's solo albums incorporate diverse musical genres and concepts.

On Evolution de la Musique, for example, he infuses classical music with jazz elements improvisation, spoken word. Among extra-musical influences, Wooten describes Pythagorean numerology and Vedic mathematics as influencing his compositions. Wooten's solo works are: The Seamless Script Pi Lullaby Evolution de la Musique The Black Mozart Ensemble Afrofuturism Béla Fleck and the Flecktones official site

Posie ring

Posie rings are gold finger rings with a short inscription on their surface. They were popular during the 15th through the 17th centuries in both England and France as lovers' gifts; the language used in many early posy rings was Norman French, with French and English used in times. The quotations were from contemporary courtship stories or chapbooks and inscribed on the inner surface of the ring; the rings were given to show regard or as a gift. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, has an outstanding collection; the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a good collection bequeathed by Joan Evans. She compiled a list of more than 3000 posies for Posy Rings. Evans, Joan. English posies and posy rings: a catalogue with an introduction by Joan Evans. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. P. 114.. Reprinted by Wartski, London, 2012. Posie rings in the Ashmolean Posie ring messages, London

1971 Missouri Tigers football team

The 1971 Missouri Tigers football team was an American football team that represented the University of Missouri in the Big Eight Conference during the 1971 NCAA University Division football season. The team compiled a 1–10 record, finished in eighth place in the Big 8, was outscored by opponents by a combined total of 260 to 93. Al Onofrio was the head coach for the first of seven seasons; the team played its home games at Memorial Stadium in Missouri. The team's statistical leaders included Don Johnson with 360 rushing yards, Chuck Roper with 613 passing yards and 726 yards of total offense, John Henley with 247 receiving yards, Greg Hill with 23 points scored