List of Viceroys of New Granada

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Spanish viceroys of the colonial Viceroyalty of New Granada (1717−1819) located in northern South America.


The former territory within the Viceroyalty of New Granada corresponds to present day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela. It also encompassed areas of present-day Guyana, southwestern Suriname, northwestern Brazil, northern Peru, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

From the initial Spanish colonization of northern South American in the 1540s to the Viceroyalty of New Granada's establishment in 1718, the territories were governed by the Viceroyalty of Peru (1542–1824), they included the included smaller colonial Audiencia Real of Bogotá and New Kingdom of Granada. In 1777 the provinces of Venezuela were assigned to the new colonial Captaincy General of Venezuela (1777–1821), governed by Captains General.

The territories of the viceroyalty gained independence from Spain between 1819 and 1822 after a series of military and political struggles, uniting in the republic of Gran Colombia (1821−1831).


Viceroy Dates of Administration Portrait
Antonio Ignacio de la Pedrosa y Guerrero* 13 June 1718 – 25 November 1719 Coat of Arms of Bogota (Colonial).svg
Jorge de Villalonga** 25 November 1719 – 11 May 1724 Jorge de Villalonga
Sebastián de Eslava 24 April 1740 – 6 November 1749 Sebastián de Eslava
José Alfonso Pizarro 6 November 1749 – 24 November 1753 José Alonso Pizarro
José Solís Folch de Cardona 24 November 1753 – 25 February 1761 José Solís y Folch de Cardona
Pedro Messía de la Cerda 1761–1772 Pedro Messía de la Cerda
Manuel de Guirior 1772–1776 Manuel de Guirior
Manuel Antonio Flores 1776 – 26 November 1781 Manuel Antonio Flórez y Angulo
Juan de Torrezar Díaz Pimienta 1 April 1782 – 11 June 1782 Juan de Torrezar Díaz Pimienta
Antonio Caballero y Góngora 1782–1788 Antonio Caballero y Góngora
Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemos 1788–1789 Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemos
José Manuel de Ezpeleta 1789–1797 José Manuel de Ezpeleta
Pedro Mendinueta y Múzquiz 2 January 1797 – 16 September 1803 Escudo de Armas de Bogota.svg
Antonio José Amar y Borbón 16 September 1803 – 20 July 1810 Antonio José Amar y Borbón
Francisco Javier Venegas*** 1810 Francisco Javier Venegas
Benito Pérez Brito 21 March 1812 – November 1812 Benito Pérez Brito
Francisco Montalvo y Ambulodi 16 April 1816 – 1818 Francisco José de Montalvo
Juan José de Sámano y Uribarri 9 March 1818 – August 1819 Juan Samano
Juan de la Cruz Mourgeón 1819–1821 Juan de la Cruz Mourgeón

*Acting viceroy (without the formal title).

**In 1723, the Viceroyalty was dissolved. Its government returned to the Presidency of the New Kingdom of Granada, part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, until the reestablishment of the separate viceroyalty in 1739.

***He was named to the post but did not formally occupy it.

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