List of active Squadrons of the French Air Force

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The List of Active Squadrons of the French Air Force lists currently active squadrons of the French Air Force. However, and similarly to the list of dissolved Squadrons of the French Air Force, many of the current and active Squadrons created as of June 14 2015 (3 years, 77 days) are a direct actual historic chronological transformation, designation and renumbering of many of the "dissolved" squadrons. In addition, each Squadron has for military awards and decorations, an individual respective Fanion (squadron standard).

Squadrons are listed by the unit or formation that they are currently assigned to.

Strategic Air Forces Command (CFAS)[edit]

Air Forces Command (CFA)[edit]

Fighter Brigade[edit]

Rafale n° 106 104-HG of the EC 3/30 in 2011.
Rafale B 113-HO of the ETR 2/92 Aquitaine during Operation Serval on March 17 2013.

Projection and Support Air Force Brigade (BAAP)[edit]

Airspace Control Air Force Brigade (BACE)[edit]

Crotale Missile the Air Defense Ground-to-Air Battery « Tursan » in 2013.

The following surface-to-air missile squadrons (EDSA) have been attached to BACE since September 1 2007:[1]

Air Force Security and Intervention Forces Brigade (BAFSI)[edit]

Operational Transition School (ETO)[edit]

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