List of airports in Armenia

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This is a list of airports in Armenia, sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Goris Syunik Goris Airport 39°27′03″N 046°20′47″E / 39.45083°N 46.34639°E / 39.45083; 46.34639 (Shinuyar Airport)
Gyumri Shirak UDSG LWN Shirak International Airport 40°45′01″N 043°51′33″E / 40.75028°N 43.85917°E / 40.75028; 43.85917 (Shirak Airport)
Stepanavan Lori UDLS Stepanavan Airport 41°02′54″N 044°20′13″E / 41.04833°N 44.33694°E / 41.04833; 44.33694 (Stepanavan Airport)
Yerevan (capital) UDYZ EVN Zvartnots International Airport 40°08′50″N 044°23′45″E / 40.14722°N 44.39583°E / 40.14722; 44.39583 (Zvartnots International Airport)
Yerevan (capital) UDYE Erebuni Airport 40°07′19″N 044°27′53″E / 40.12194°N 44.46472°E / 40.12194; 44.46472 (Erebuni Airport)
Nor Hachn Kotayk UD21 Yerevan Yeghvard Airport
Kapan Syunik Syunik Airport 39°12′08″N 046°27′15″E / 39.20222°N 46.45417°E / 39.20222; 46.45417 (Kapan Airport)


City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Berd Tavush Berd Airstrip 40°55′34″N 045°27′47″E / 40.92611°N 45.46306°E / 40.92611; 45.46306 (Berd Airstrip)
Gavar Gegharkunik Gavar Airstrip 40°22′16″N 045°05′51″E / 40.37111°N 45.09750°E / 40.37111; 45.09750 (Gavar Airstrip)
Jermuk Vayots Dzor UGEJ Jermuk Airstrip 39°49′26″N 045°40′24″E / 39.82389°N 45.67333°E / 39.82389; 45.67333 (Jermuk Airstrip)
Meghri Syunik Meghri Airstrip 38°54′41″N 046°11′57″E / 38.91139°N 46.19917°E / 38.91139; 46.19917 (Meghri Airstrip)
Vardenis Gegharkunik Vardenis Airstrip 40°12′00″N 045°46′33″E / 40.20000°N 45.77583°E / 40.20000; 45.77583 (Vardenis Airstrip)
Sisian Syunik Sisian Airstrip 39°32′49″N 046°03′25″E / 39.54694°N 46.05694°E / 39.54694; 46.05694 (Sisian Airstrip)
Nor Hachn Kotayk UD21 Military Aviation Institute 40°17′50″N 044°34′18″E / 40.29722°N 44.57167°E / 40.29722; 44.57167 (Arzni Airstrip)

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