List of airports in Prince Edward Island

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This is a complete list of airports, water aerodromes and heliports in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.

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List of airports and heliports[edit]

The list is sorted by the name of the community served, click the sort buttons in the table header to switch listing order.

Community   Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Coordinates  
Cable Head Cable Head Airpark CCA3 46°26′36″N 062°35′29″W / 46.44333°N 62.59139°W / 46.44333; -62.59139 (Cable Head Airpark)
Charlottetown Charlottetown Airport CYYG YYG 46°17′21″N 063°06′55″W / 46.28917°N 63.11528°W / 46.28917; -63.11528 (Charlottetown Airport)
Charlottetown Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport CDV3 46°15′20″N 063°05′56″W / 46.25556°N 63.09889°W / 46.25556; -63.09889 (Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport)
Summerside Summerside Airport CYSU YSU 46°26′26″N 063°50′01″W / 46.44056°N 63.83361°W / 46.44056; -63.83361 (Summerside Airport)
Summerside Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport CCH6 46°25′04″N 063°46′26″W / 46.41778°N 63.77389°W / 46.41778; -63.77389 (Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport)

Defunct airports[edit]

Community   Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Coordinates  
Grand River Grand River Airport CCA9 46°28′51″N 063°57′10″W / 46.48083°N 63.95278°W / 46.48083; -63.95278 (Grand River Airport)
Mount Pleasant RCAF Station Mount Pleasant 46°35′54″N 064°00′24″W / 46.59833°N 64.00667°W / 46.59833; -64.00667 (RCAF Station Mount Pleasant)
St. Eleanors CFB Summerside 46°26′35″N 063°49′49″W / 46.44306°N 63.83028°W / 46.44306; -63.83028 (CFB Summerside)
Sherwood RCAF Station Charlottetown 46°17′40″N 063°07′26″W / 46.29444°N 63.12389°W / 46.29444; -63.12389 (RCAF Station Charlottetown)