List of airports in the Calgary area

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The following is a list of active airports that serve the area around Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Airdrie Aerodrome CEF4 Airdrie 51°15′50″N 113°56′04″W / 51.26389°N 113.93444°W / 51.26389; -113.93444 (Airdrie Aerodrome)
Calgary International Airport CYYC (YYC) Calgary 51°07′21″N 114°00′48″W / 51.12250°N 114.01333°W / 51.12250; -114.01333 (Calgary International Airport)
Calgary/Christiansen Field Aerodrome CRS3 Okotoks 50°47′58″N 114°03′04″W / 50.79944°N 114.05111°W / 50.79944; -114.05111 (Calgary/Christiansen Field Aerodrome)
Calgary/Okotoks Air Park CFX2 Okotoks 50°44′02″N 113°56′04″W / 50.73389°N 113.93444°W / 50.73389; -113.93444 (Okotoks Air Park)
Calgary/Okotoks (Rowland Field) Aerodrome CRF4 Okotoks 50°45′53″N 113°57′29″W / 50.76472°N 113.95806°W / 50.76472; -113.95806 (Calgary/Okotoks (Rowland Field) Aerodrome)
Calgary/Springbank Airport CYBW (YBW) Springbank 51°06′19″N 114°22′17″W / 51.10528°N 114.37139°W / 51.10528; -114.37139 (Calgary/Springbank Airport)
Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport CFX8 Chestermere 51°02′30″N 113°45′06″W / 51.04167°N 113.75167°W / 51.04167; -113.75167 (Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport)
Cheadle Airport CFQ4 Cheadle 51°03′27″N 113°37′25″W / 51.05750°N 113.62361°W / 51.05750; -113.62361 (Cheadle Airport)
De Winton/South Calgary Airport CEH4 De Winton 50°49′19″N 113°49′28″W / 50.82194°N 113.82444°W / 50.82194; -113.82444 (De Winton/South Calgary Airport)
Indus/Winters Aire Park Airport CFY4 Indus 50°54′00″N 113°47′00″W / 50.90000°N 113.78333°W / 50.90000; -113.78333 (Indus/Winters Aire Park Airport)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport CAR3 Calgary 50°52′05″N 114°08′17″W / 50.86806°N 114.13806°W / 50.86806; -114.13806 (Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport)
Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital) Heliport CAC6 Calgary 51°04′34″N 114°08′52″W / 51.07611°N 114.14778°W / 51.07611; -114.14778 (Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary/Blue Con Heliport CBC6 Calgary 50°59′49″N 113°53′38″W / 50.99694°N 113.89389°W / 50.99694; -113.89389 (Calgary/Blue Con Heliport)
Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport CEP2 Calgary 51°06′11″N 114°12′54″W / 51.10306°N 114.21500°W / 51.10306; -114.21500 (Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport)
Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport CEL2 Calgary 51°03′10″N 114°04′44″W / 51.05278°N 114.07889°W / 51.05278; -114.07889 (Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport)
Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport CEL9 Calgary 50°57′18″N 113°58′22″W / 50.95500°N 113.97278°W / 50.95500; -113.97278 (Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport)
Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport CFP3 Calgary 51°03′55″N 114°08′06″W / 51.06528°N 114.13500°W / 51.06528; -114.13500 (Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport CKC4 Calgary 51°09′56″N 114°18′52″W / 51.16556°N 114.31444°W / 51.16556; -114.31444 (Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport)
Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport CLC3 Calgary 51°04′46″N 113°58′58″W / 51.07944°N 113.98278°W / 51.07944; -113.98278 (Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport)
Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport CEM2 Calgary 50°59′18″N 114°05′53″W / 50.98833°N 114.09806°W / 50.98833; -114.09806 (Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary/South Health Campus Hospital Heliport CSH3 Seton, Calgary 50°52′58″N 113°57′07″W / 50.88278°N 113.95194°W / 50.88278; -113.95194 (Calgary/South Health Campus Hospital Heliport)
De Winton (Highwood) Heliport CED6 De Winton 50°48′11″N 113°53′34″W / 50.80306°N 113.89278°W / 50.80306; -113.89278 (De Winton (Highwood) Heliport)

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