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The following active airports serve the area around Montreal, Quebec, Canada, lying underneath or immediately adjacent to Montreal's terminal control area:

Montréal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport terminal and control tower.

Land based airports[edit]

Scheduled commercial airline service[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/(IATA)   Location   Coordinates  
Montréal–Mirabel International Airport CYMX (YMX) Mirabel 45°40′55″N 074°00′19″W / 45.68194°N 74.00528°W / 45.68194; -74.00528 (Montreal-Mirabel International Airport)
Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport CYUL (YUL) Dorval 45°28′14″N 073°44′27″W / 45.47056°N 73.74083°W / 45.47056; -73.74083 (Montréal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport)
Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport CYHU (YHU) Saint-Hubert, Longueuil 45°31′03″N 073°25′01″W / 45.51750°N 73.41694°W / 45.51750; -73.41694 (Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/(IATA)   Location   Coordinates  
Alexandria Aerodrome CNS4 North Glengarry, Ontario 45°20′00″N 074°37′00″W / 45.33333°N 74.61667°W / 45.33333; -74.61667 (Alexandria Aerodrome)
Hawkesbury Airport CNV4 Hawkesbury, Ontario 45°37′00″N 074°39′00″W / 45.61667°N 74.65000°W / 45.61667; -74.65000 (Hawkesbury Airport)
Hawkesbury (East) Airport CPG5 Hawkesbury, Ontario 45°34′58″N 074°32′56″W / 45.58278°N 74.54889°W / 45.58278; -74.54889 (Hawkesbury (East) Airport)
Lac Agile (Mascouche) Airport CSA2 Mascouche 45°47′31″N 073°38′17″W / 45.79194°N 73.63806°W / 45.79194; -73.63806 (Lac Agile (Mascouche) Airport)
Lachute Airport CSE4 Lachute 45°38′22″N 074°22′14″W / 45.63944°N 74.37056°W / 45.63944; -74.37056 (Lachute Airport)
Montréal/Aéroparc Île Perrot CSP6 Montreal 45°22′34″N 073°54′26″W / 45.37611°N 73.90722°W / 45.37611; -73.90722 (Montréal/Aéroparc Île Perrot)
Montréal/Les Cèdres Airport CSS3 Les Cèdres 45°20′51″N 074°04′36″W / 45.34750°N 74.07667°W / 45.34750; -74.07667 (Montréal/Les Cèdres Airport)
Montréal/Saint-Lazare Aerodrome CST3 Saint-Lazare 45°23′33″N 074°08′03″W / 45.39250°N 74.13417°W / 45.39250; -74.13417 (Montréal/Saint-Lazare Aerodrome)
Saint-Jean Airport CYJN (YJN) Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 45°17′40″N 073°16′52″W / 45.29444°N 73.28111°W / 45.29444; -73.28111 (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Airport)
Saint-Mathias Aerodrome CSP5 Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu 45°30′03″N 073°14′30″W / 45.50083°N 73.24167°W / 45.50083; -73.24167 (Saint-Mathias Aerodrome)
Saint-Mathias/Grant Aerodrome CSX5 Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu 45°28′19″N 073°11′58″W / 45.47194°N 73.19944°W / 45.47194; -73.19944 (Saint-Mathias/Grant Aerodrome)
Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Aerodrome CSB3 Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil 45°35′24″N 073°14′19″W / 45.59000°N 73.23861°W / 45.59000; -73.23861 (Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Aerodrome)
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Aerodrome CSD3 Salaberry-de-Valleyfield 45°12′30″N 074°08′29″W / 45.20833°N 74.14139°W / 45.20833; -74.14139 (Salaberry de Valleyfield Aerodrome)
Richelieu Airport CSX3 Richelieu 45°26′52″N 073°14′03″W / 45.44778°N 73.23417°W / 45.44778; -73.23417 (Richelieu Airport)
Richelieu/Messier Aerodrome CRM3 Richelieu 45°22′41″N 073°13′37″W / 45.37806°N 73.22694°W / 45.37806; -73.22694 (Richelieu/Messier Aerodrome)

Montréal-Trudeau (formerly known as Dorval), handles the scheduled passenger service for Montreal. Mirabel formerly also handled scheduled passenger service, but it has been discontinued and the airport is little used. Saint-Hubert is the major general aviation reliever for the city, though Trudeau also sees a lot of general aviation traffic.

Plattsburgh International Airport in Plattsburgh, New York, 60 miles from Montreal, promotes itself as "Montreal's U.S. airport", providing a secondary airport for the city. More than 80% of passengers departing the airport are Canadian.[1][2]

Water aerodromes[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Montréal/Boisvert & Fils Water Airport CSA4 Rivière des Prairies, Montreal 45°38′44″N 073°35′49″W / 45.64556°N 73.59694°W / 45.64556; -73.59694 (Montréal/Boisvert & Fils Water Airport)
Montréal/Marina Venise Water Airport CST8 Rivière des Mille Îles, Montreal 45°37′59″N 073°46′59″W / 45.63306°N 73.78306°W / 45.63306; -73.78306 (Montréal/Marina Venise Water Airport)
Saint-Mathias Water Aerodrome CSV9 Richelieu River, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu 45°30′10″N 073°15′08″W / 45.50278°N 73.25222°W / 45.50278; -73.25222 (Saint-Mathias Water Aerodrome)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Montréal (Bell) Heliport CSW5 Montreal 45°41′06″N 073°55′52″W / 45.68500°N 73.93111°W / 45.68500; -73.93111 (Montréal (Bell) Heliport)
Montréal East (AIM) Heliport CSH9 Montreal 45°38′09″N 073°33′44″W / 45.63583°N 73.56222°W / 45.63583; -73.56222 (Montréal East (AIM) Heliport)
Montréal/Heliport Senneville CHS5 Montreal 45°26′34″N 073°57′38″W / 45.44278°N 73.96056°W / 45.44278; -73.96056 (Montréal/Heliport Senneville)
Montréal/Kruger Heliport CSN2 Montreal 45°30′25″N 073°38′09″W / 45.50694°N 73.63583°W / 45.50694; -73.63583 (Montréal/Kruger Heliport)
Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport CLP2 Montreal 45°34′43″N 073°45′00″W / 45.57861°N 73.75000°W / 45.57861; -73.75000 (Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport)
Montréal/Les Cèdres Heliport CSH6 Les Cèdres 45°21′00″N 074°05′00″W / 45.35000°N 74.08333°W / 45.35000; -74.08333 (Montréal/Les Cèdres Heliport)
Montréal/Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport CCH5 Hôpital Pierre Boucher, Montreal 45°32′17″N 073°27′36″W / 45.53806°N 73.46000°W / 45.53806; -73.46000 (Montréal/Longueuil (Centre hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport)
Montréal/Mirabel Hélico Heliport CMH4 Montreal 45°41′44″N 073°57′09″W / 45.69556°N 73.95250°W / 45.69556; -73.95250 (Montréal/Mirabel Hélico Heliport)
Montréal/Passport Hélico Heliport CPP8 Montreal 45°43′21″N 073°35′43″W / 45.72250°N 73.59528°W / 45.72250; -73.59528 (Montréal/Passport Hélico Heliport)
Montréal/Point Zero Heliport CPZ6 Montreal 45°31′47″N 073°39′27″W / 45.52972°N 73.65750°W / 45.52972; -73.65750 (Montréal/Point Zero Heliport)
Montréal/Saint-Hubert Heli-Inter Heliport CTG2 Saint-Hubert, Longueuil 45°31′57″N 073°24′42″W / 45.53250°N 73.41167°W / 45.53250; -73.41167 (Montréal/Saint-Hubert Helicraft Heliport)
Montréal (Sacre-Coeur) Heliport CSZ8 Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, Montreal 45°31′58″N 073°42′44″W / 45.53278°N 73.71222°W / 45.53278; -73.71222 (Montréal (Sacre-Coeur) Heliport)
Valleyfield (Ciment Deval Inc) Heliport CSY5 Salaberry-de-Valleyfield 45°15′49″N 074°08′57″W / 45.26361°N 74.14917°W / 45.26361; -74.14917 (Valleyfield (Transport BRS Inc) Heliport)

Historical airports[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Cartierville Airport CYCV (YCV) Saint-Laurent 45°31′00″N 073°43′00″W / 45.51667°N 73.71667°W / 45.51667; -73.71667 (Cartierville Airport)
Chambly Airport CTT2 Chambly 45°24′04″N 073°17′43″W / 45.40111°N 73.29528°W / 45.40111; -73.29528 (Chambly Airport)
Hawkesbury (Windover Field) Airport CPD8 Hawkesbury, Ontario 45°33′52″N 074°48′35″W / 45.56444°N 74.80972°W / 45.56444; -74.80972 (Hawkesbury (Windover Field) Airport)
Montréal/Boucherville Water Aerodrome CTA7 Boucherville 45°37′40″N 073°27′17″W / 45.62778°N 73.45472°W / 45.62778; -73.45472 (Montréal/Boucherville Water Aerodrome)
Montréal/Île Sainte-Hélène Water Airport CVP2 Saint Helen's Island, Montreal 45°31′15″N 073°32′20″W / 45.52083°N 73.53889°W / 45.52083; -73.53889 (Montréal/Île Sainte-Hélène Water Airport)
Montréal/Mascouche Airport CSK3 Mascouche 45°43′07″N 073°35′53″W / 45.71861°N 73.59806°W / 45.71861; -73.59806 (Montréal/Mascouche Airport)
CFB St. Hubert Montreal 45°30′47″N 073°25′20″W / 45.51306°N 73.42222°W / 45.51306; -73.42222 (RCAF Station St Hubert)
Victoria STOLport CYMY (YMY) Montreal 45°28′57″N 073°32′55″W / 45.48250°N 73.54861°W / 45.48250; -73.54861 (Victoria STOLport)
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