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A blue and red helicopter sits just off an airport runway, with a building shown in the background.
A helicopter sits at the Oliver Municipal Airport, which is located in Oliver, British Columbia, a town situated in the Okanagan region.

The Okanagan is a region located in the British Columbia Interior of Canada that contains five airports, six heliports, and two water aerodromes. Of the five cities based in the Okanagan, three of them contain aviation services.[1][2] Vernon contains two: the Vernon Regional Airport and Vernon/Wildlife Water Aerodrome,[2][3] while Kelowna provides the same number: the Kelowna International Airport and Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport;[1][4] the Penticton Regional Airport and Penticton Water Aerodrome are situated in Penticton, making a total of two aviation services offered in the city.[2][3] Despite this, the Enderby and Armstrong cities contain no aviation services.

There are also communities that are not cities in the Okanagan, many of which also maintain aviation services. Winfield, a town located within the Lake Country district, provides the Winfield (Wood Lake) Water Aerodrome;[3] the West Kelowna district provides two heliports: the Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport and Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport,[2] while the unincorporated community of Naramata offers the Naramata Heliport.[2] Meanwhile, the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos are home to the Oliver Municipal Airport and Osoyoos Airport;[2] the districts of Peachland and Summerland, along with the town of Oyama in Lake Country, do not provide aviation services.

Two of the airports in the Okanagan provide public commercial flights to other destinations: the Kelowna International Airport which is part of the National Airports System and Penticton Regional Airport.[1][2][5] While the Kelowna International Airport serves as the only international airport in the Okanagan area and handles 62 commercial flights a day,[6] the Penticton Regional Airport provides three commercial flights daily, with one fewer on Sunday, to one location: the Vancouver International Airport.[5] A number of other airports in the Okanagan are generally used for personal events, or skydiving, although some have no facilities.[7][8][9]


A road that contains vehicles parking along it, with a "Kelowna International Airport" sign in the background, as well as a building for an airport.
Kelowna International Airport, which is located in Kelowna, serves as the only international airport in the Okanagan.
The main terminal building of an airport, with a "Penticton" sign near the entrance, as well as a "Arrivals" sign point to the right, with the same word wrote in French below it.
Penticton Regional Airport is located in Penticton, and serves the South Okanagan regional district.
An aerial view of an airport on a snowy day, containing a runway.
Vernon Regional Airport is a general aviation airport, serving corporate and private aircraft, as well as a skydiving operation.

The following list contains airports, heliports, or water aerodromes that are located in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, it includes the airport name, location, type, usage, codes of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO airport code) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA airport code), as well as the Transport Canada location identifier (TC LID) code, and coordinates of the airport's location. ICAO and IATA codes are not given for airports which were closed or converted to general aviation before being issued such codes; as shown in the following list, each airport contains certain codes that are given, but not all of the three.

Airports in the Okanagan
Name Community Type Use ICAO TC LID IATA Runway length Coordinates Ref(s)
Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport West Kelowna Heliport Private none CAB7 none N/A 49°51′50″N 119°34′07″W / 49.86389°N 119.56861°W / 49.86389; -119.56861 (Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport) [2]
Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport West Kelowna Heliport Private none CWC2 none N/A 49°52′03″N 119°34′45″W / 49.86750°N 119.57917°W / 49.86750; -119.57917 (Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport) [2]
Kelowna (Argus) Heliport Kelowna Heliport Private none CRG2 none N/A 49°57′41″N 119°26′46″W / 49.96139°N 119.44611°W / 49.96139; -119.44611 (Kelowna (Argus) Heliport) [2]
Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport Kelowna Heliport Private none CKH9 none N/A 49°52′27″N 119°29′33″W / 49.87417°N 119.49250°W / 49.87417; -119.49250 (Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport) [2][4]
Kelowna/Ikon Adventures Heliport Kelowna Heliport Private none CIA2 none N/A 49°52′51″N 119°31′21″W / 49.88083°N 119.52250°W / 49.88083; -119.52250 (Kelowna/Ikon Adventures Heliport) [2]
Kelowna International Airport Kelowna Airport Public CYLW none YLW 8,900 ft (2,700 m) 49°57′26″N 119°22′40″W / 49.95722°N 119.37778°W / 49.95722; -119.37778 (Kelowna International Airport) [1][2][10]
Naramata Heliport Naramata Heliport Private none CNM6 none N/A 49°36′10″N 119°34′43″W / 49.60278°N 119.57861°W / 49.60278; -119.57861 (Naramata Heliport) [2]
Oliver Municipal Airport Oliver Airport Public none CAU3 none 3,200 ft (980 m) 49°10′24″N 119°33′04″W / 49.17333°N 119.55111°W / 49.17333; -119.55111 (Oliver Airport) [2][11]
Osoyoos Airport Osoyoos Airport Public none CBB9 none 2,477 ft (755 m) 49°02′14″N 119°29′20″W / 49.03722°N 119.48889°W / 49.03722; -119.48889 (Osoyoos Airport) [2][8]
Penticton Regional Airport Penticton Airport Public CYYF none YYF 6,000 ft (1,800 m) 49°27′45″N 119°36′08″W / 49.46250°N 119.60222°W / 49.46250; -119.60222 (Penticton Regional Airport) [2][12]
Vernon Regional Airport Vernon Airport Public CYVK none YVE 3,517 ft (1,072 m) 50°14′46″N 119°19′51″W / 50.24611°N 119.33083°W / 50.24611; -119.33083 (Vernon Regional Airport) [2][13]
Vernon/Wildlife Water Aerodrome Vernon Water aerodrome Private none CVW2 none N/A 50°14′37″N 119°20′40″W / 50.24361°N 119.34444°W / 50.24361; -119.34444 (Vernon/Wildlife Water Aerodrome) [3]
Winfield (Wood Lake) Water Aerodrome Winfield Water aerodrome Public none CAY9 none N/A 50°03′00″N 119°24′00″W / 50.05000°N 119.40000°W / 50.05000; -119.40000 (Winfield (Wood Lake) Water Aerodrome) [3]


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