List of airports in the Ottawa area

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The following active airports serve the area around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, lying under or adjacent to Ottawa's terminal control area:

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Land airports[edit]

Scheduled commercial airline service[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport CYND (YND) Gatineau, Quebec 45°31′17″N 075°33′51″W / 45.52139°N 75.56417°W / 45.52139; -75.56417 (Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport)
Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport CYOW (YOW) Ottawa 45°19′21″N 075°40′09″W / 45.32250°N 75.66917°W / 45.32250; -75.66917 (Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Arnprior Airport CNP3 Arnprior 45°24′49″N 076°21′57″W / 45.41361°N 76.36583°W / 45.41361; -76.36583 (Arnprior/South Renfrew Municipal Airport)
Carleton Place Airport CNR6 Carleton Place 45°06′14″N 076°07′24″W / 45.10389°N 76.12333°W / 45.10389; -76.12333 (Carleton Place Airport)
Carp Airport CYRP (YRP) Carp 45°19′21″N 076°01′20″W / 45.32250°N 76.02222°W / 45.32250; -76.02222 (Ottawa/Carp Airport)
Kars/Rideau Valley Air Park CPL3 Kars 45°06′00″N 075°38′00″W / 45.10000°N 75.63333°W / 45.10000; -75.63333 (Kars/Rideau Valley Air Park)
Ottawa/Casselman (Shea Field) Aerodrome CSF7 Ottawa 45°17′59″N 075°10′17″W / 45.29972°N 75.17139°W / 45.29972; -75.17139 (Ottawa/Casselman (Shea Field) Aerodrome)
Ottawa/Embrun Aerodrome CPR2 Embrun 45°14′28″N 075°17′55″W / 45.24111°N 75.29861°W / 45.24111; -75.29861 (Ottawa/Embrun Aerodrome)
Ottawa/Manotick (Hope Field) Aerodrome CHF2 Manotick 45°11′26″N 075°42′31″W / 45.19056°N 75.70861°W / 45.19056; -75.70861 (Ottawa/Manotick (Hope Field) Aerodrome)
Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport CYRO (YRO) Ottawa 45°27′37″N 075°38′46″W / 45.46028°N 75.64611°W / 45.46028; -75.64611 (Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport)
Pendleton Airport CNF3 Pendleton 45°29′10″N 075°05′46″W / 45.48611°N 75.09611°W / 45.48611; -75.09611 (Pendleton Airport)
Smiths Falls-Montague Airport CYSH (YSH) Smiths Falls 44°56′45″N 075°56′26″W / 44.94583°N 75.94056°W / 44.94583; -75.94056 (Smiths Falls-Montague (Russ Beach) Airport)

Macdonald-Cartier handles most of the scheduled passenger service for Ottawa, in addition to a large amount of general aviation and some military traffic. Gatineau has some scheduled commuter flights to other Quebec cities, while the remaining airports serve almost exclusively general aviation. Macdonald-Cartier, Gatineau, Carp, Smiths Falls, and Arnprior have instrument approaches and winter maintenance for year-round, all-weather operations.

Water aerodromes[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Arnprior Water Aerodrome CNB5 Arnprior 45°24′27″N 076°21′35″W / 45.40750°N 76.35972°W / 45.40750; -76.35972 (Arnprior Water Aerodrome)
Blue Sea Lake (Outaouais Aviation) Water Aerodrome CBS6 Blue Sea Lake 46°11′47″N 076°03′28″W / 46.19639°N 76.05778°W / 46.19639; -76.05778 (Blue Sea Lake (Outaouais Aviation) Water Aerodrome)
Constance Lake Water Aerodrome CNQ5 Constance Lake, Ottawa 45°24′10″N 075°58′32″W / 45.40278°N 75.97556°W / 45.40278; -75.97556 (Constance Lake Water Aerodrome)
Ottawa/Rockcliffe Water Aerodrome CTR7 Ottawa 45°27′47″N 075°38′47″W / 45.46306°N 75.64639°W / 45.46306; -75.64639 (Ottawa/Rockcliffe Water Aerodrome)
Rivière Blanche/Cardinal Aviation Water Aerodrome CRB7 Gatineau, Quebec 45°32′51″N 075°37′40″W / 45.54750°N 75.62778°W / 45.54750; -75.62778 (Rivière Blanche/Cardinal Aviation Water Aerodrome)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport CPN7 Carleton Place 45°08′32″N 076°08′16″W / 45.14222°N 76.13778°W / 45.14222; -76.13778 (Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport CTA9 Gatineau, Quebec 45°26′47″N 075°43′35″W / 45.44639°N 75.72639°W / 45.44639; -75.72639 (Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport)
Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport CPK7 Ottawa 45°24′04″N 075°39′01″W / 45.40111°N 75.65028°W / 45.40111; -75.65028 (Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport CPP7 Ottawa 45°23′30″N 075°43′14″W / 45.39167°N 75.72056°W / 45.39167; -75.72056 (Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport CYDH Ottawa 45°07′50″N 075°56′54″W / 45.13056°N 75.94833°W / 45.13056; -75.94833 (Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport)
Ottawa/Questral Helicopters CQH2 Ottawa 45°17′57″N 075°30′00″W / 45.29917°N 75.50000°W / 45.29917; -75.50000 (Ottawa/Questral Helicopters)
Ottawa (Winchester District Memorial Hospital) Heliport CWH4 Winchester 45°05′17″N 075°21′16″W / 45.08806°N 75.35444°W / 45.08806; -75.35444 (Ottawa (Winchester District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport CNS9 Smiths Falls 44°54′26″N 076°01′38″W / 44.90722°N 76.02722°W / 44.90722; -76.02722 (Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport)