List of airports in the Parry Sound area

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The following active airports serve the Parry Sound area of Ontario, Canada:

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Airport name ICAO/TC LID (IATA) Location Coordinates
Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport CNK4 (YPD) Parry Sound 45°15′27″N 079°49′47″W / 45.25750°N 79.82972°W / 45.25750; -79.82972 (Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport)
Parry Sound/Deep Bay Water Aerodrome CPT8 Parry Sound 45°23′55″N 080°10′55″W / 45.39861°N 80.18194°W / 45.39861; -80.18194 (Parry Sound/Deep Bay Water Aerodrome)
Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Water Aerodrome CPS9 Parry Sound 45°10′24″N 080°08′15″W / 45.17333°N 80.13750°W / 45.17333; -80.13750 (Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Water Aerodrome)
Parry Sound Harbour Water Aerodrome CPS1 Parry Sound 45°20′21″N 080°02′05″W / 45.33917°N 80.03472°W / 45.33917; -80.03472 (Parry Sound Harbour Water Aerodrome)
Parry Sound/Huron Island Water Aerodrome CPS8 Parry Sound 45°10′46″N 080°06′24″W / 45.17944°N 80.10667°W / 45.17944; -80.10667 (Parry Sound/Huron Island Water Aerodrome)
Parry Sound Medical Heliport CRS2 Parry Sound 45°20′30″N 080°01′00″W / 45.34167°N 80.01667°W / 45.34167; -80.01667 (Parry Sound Medical Heliport)
Parry Sound (Roberts Lake) Water Aerodrome CRL8 Parry Sound 45°14′59″N 079°49′33″W / 45.24972°N 79.82583°W / 45.24972; -79.82583 (Parry Sound (Roberts Lake) Water Aerodrome)
Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Water Aerodrome CPD6 Parry Sound 45°14′57″N 080°12′13″W / 45.24917°N 80.20361°W / 45.24917; -80.20361 (Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Water Aerodrome)