List of airports on Vancouver Island

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This is a list of airports on Vancouver Island.

Greater Victoria[edit]

Vancouver Island beyond Greater Victoria[edit]

Land airports[edit]

Scheduled commercial airline service[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Campbell River Airport CYBL(YBL} Campbell River 49°57′03″N 125°16′15″W / 49.95083°N 125.27083°W / 49.95083; -125.27083 (Campbell River Airport)
CFB Comox (Comox Airport) CYQQ (YQQ) Comox 49°42′39″N 124°53′12″W / 49.71083°N 124.88667°W / 49.71083; -124.88667 (CFB Comox)
Nanaimo Airport CYCD (YCD) Nanaimo 49°03′08″N 123°52′13″W / 49.05222°N 123.87028°W / 49.05222; -123.87028 (Nanaimo Airport)
Port Hardy Airport CYZT (YZT) Port Hardy 50°40′50″N 127°22′00″W / 50.68056°N 127.36667°W / 50.68056; -127.36667 (Port Hardy Airport)
Qualicum Beach Airport CAT4 (XQU) Qualicum Beach 49°20′14″N 124°23′38″W / 49.33722°N 124.39389°W / 49.33722; -124.39389 (Qualicum Beach Airport)
Tofino/Long Beach Airport CYAZ (YAZ) Tofino 49°04′55″N 125°46′21″W / 49.08194°N 125.77250°W / 49.08194; -125.77250 (Tofino/Long Beach Airport Airport)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Courtenay Airpark CAH3 (YCA) Courtenay 49°40′46″N 124°58′54″W / 49.67944°N 124.98167°W / 49.67944; -124.98167 (Courtenay Airpark)
Courtenay (Smit Field) Airport CCS6 Courtenay 49°40′00″N 125°06′00″W / 49.66667°N 125.10000°W / 49.66667; -125.10000 (Courtenay (Smit Field) Airport)
Duncan Airport CAM3 (DUQ) Duncan 48°45′17″N 123°42′35″W / 48.75472°N 123.70972°W / 48.75472; -123.70972 (Duncan Airport)
Port Alberni (Alberni Valley Regional) Airport CBS8 (YPB) Port Alberni 49°19′19″N 124°55′52″W / 49.32194°N 124.93111°W / 49.32194; -124.93111 (Port Alberni (Alberni Valley Regional) Airport)
Port McNeill Airport CAT5 (YMP) Port McNeill 50°34′32″N 127°01′43″W / 50.57556°N 127.02861°W / 50.57556; -127.02861 (Port McNeill Airport)
Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Airport CML2 Quamichan Lake 48°48′43″N 123°39′02″W / 48.81194°N 123.65056°W / 48.81194; -123.65056 (Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Airport)
Tofino/Long Beach Airport CYAZ (YAZ) Tofino 49°04′56″N 125°46′21″W / 49.08222°N 125.77250°W / 49.08222; -125.77250 (Tofino Airport)

Water aerodromes[edit]

Scheduled commercial airline service[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Campbell River Water Aerodrome (Campbell River Harbour Airport) CAE3 (YBL) Campbell River 50°03′00″N 125°15′00″W / 50.05000°N 125.25000°W / 50.05000; -125.25000 (Campbell River Water Aerodrome)
Comox Water Aerodrome CCX6 Comox 49°40′14″N 124°55′57″W / 49.67056°N 124.93250°W / 49.67056; -124.93250 (Comox Water Aerodrome)
Nanaimo Harbour Water Aerodrome CAC8 (ZNA) Nanaimo Harbour 49°11′00″N 123°57′00″W / 49.18333°N 123.95000°W / 49.18333; -123.95000 (Nanaimo Harbour Water Aerodrome)
Port Alberni Water Aerodrome CPW9 Port Alberni 49°13′55″N 124°48′53″W / 49.23194°N 124.81472°W / 49.23194; -124.81472 (Port Alberni Water Aerodrome)
Tofino Harbour Water Aerodrome CAB4 Tofino Harbour 49°09′00″N 125°54′00″W / 49.15000°N 125.90000°W / 49.15000; -125.90000 (Tofino Harbour Water Aerodrome)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Courtenay Airpark Water Aerodrome CBG9 Courtenay 49°40′53″N 124°58′53″W / 49.68139°N 124.98139°W / 49.68139; -124.98139 (Courtenay Airpark Water Aerodrome)
Gold River Water Aerodrome CAU6 Gold River 49°41′00″N 126°07′00″W / 49.68333°N 126.11667°W / 49.68333; -126.11667 (Gold River Water Aerodrome)
Nanaimo/Long Lake Water Airport CAT3 Nanaimo 49°13′00″N 124°01′00″W / 49.21667°N 124.01667°W / 49.21667; -124.01667 (Nanaimo/Long Lake Water Airport)
Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Water Aerodrome CAA9 Port Alberni 49°17′00″N 124°57′00″W / 49.28333°N 124.95000°W / 49.28333; -124.95000 (Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Water Aerodrome)
Port Hardy Water Aerodrome CAW5 Port Hardy 50°43′00″N 127°29′00″W / 50.71667°N 127.48333°W / 50.71667; -127.48333 (Port Hardy Water Aerodrome)
Port McNeill Water Aerodrome CAM8 Port McNeill 50°35′00″N 127°06′00″W / 50.58333°N 127.10000°W / 50.58333; -127.10000 (Port McNeill Water Aerodrome)
Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Water Aerodrome CRF6 Quamichan Lake 48°48′43″N 123°39′02″W / 48.81194°N 123.65056°W / 48.81194; -123.65056 (Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Water Aerodrome)
Shawnigan Lake Water Aerodrome CAV8 Shawnigan Lake 48°38′00″N 123°38′00″W / 48.63333°N 123.63333°W / 48.63333; -123.63333 (Shawnigan Lake Water Aerodrome)
Tahsis Water Aerodrome CAL9 (ZTS) Tahsis 49°55′00″N 126°40′00″W / 49.91667°N 126.66667°W / 49.91667; -126.66667 (Tahsis Water Aerodrome)
Ucluelet Water Aerodrome CAN3 Ucluelet 48°57′00″N 125°33′00″W / 48.95000°N 125.55000°W / 48.95000; -125.55000 (Ucluelet Water Aerodrome)
Zeballos Water Aerodrome CAA5 Zeballos 49°59′00″N 126°51′00″W / 49.98333°N 126.85000°W / 49.98333; -126.85000 (Zeballos Water Aerodrome)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport CCR6 Campbell River 50°02′30″N 125°16′30″W / 50.04167°N 125.27500°W / 50.04167; -125.27500 (Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital) Heliport CBV8 Comox 49°40′30″N 124°56′29″W / 49.67500°N 124.94139°W / 49.67500; -124.94139 (Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital) Heliport)
Duncan (Cowichan District Hospital) Heliport CDH4 Duncan 48°47′10″N 123°43′17″W / 48.78611°N 123.72139°W / 48.78611; -123.72139 (Duncan (Cowichan District Hospital))
Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport CGR2 Gold River 49°45′11″N 126°03′19″W / 49.75306°N 126.05528°W / 49.75306; -126.05528 (Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Gold River (The Ridge) Heliport CGR4 Gold River 49°47′00″N 126°02′37″W / 49.78333°N 126.04361°W / 49.78333; -126.04361 (Gold River (The Ridge) Heliport)
Nanaimo/Gabriola Island (Health Clinic) Heliport CGB4 Nanaimo 49°10′42″N 123°50′07″W / 49.17833°N 123.83528°W / 49.17833; -123.83528 (Nanaimo/Gabriola Island (Health Clinic) Heliport)
Nanaimo Harbour Heliport CDH5 Nanaimo 49°09′39″N 123°55′24″W / 49.16083°N 123.92333°W / 49.16083; -123.92333 (Nanaimo Harbour Heliport)
Nanaimo (Regional Hospital) Heliport CBG5 Nanaimo 49°11′09″N 123°58′18″W / 49.18583°N 123.97167°W / 49.18583; -123.97167 (Nanaimo (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport CNH9 Nanaimo 49°11′06″N 123°59′20″W / 49.18500°N 123.98889°W / 49.18500; -123.98889 (Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport)
Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport CBK5 Port Alberni 49°14′54″N 124°46′54″W / 49.24833°N 124.78167°W / 49.24833; -124.78167 (Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport)
Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport CBT9 Port Alberni 49°17′24″N 124°56′42″W / 49.29000°N 124.94500°W / 49.29000; -124.94500 (Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport)
Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport CBB5 Port Alice 50°25′36″N 127°29′13″W / 50.42667°N 127.48694°W / 50.42667; -127.48694 (Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport)
Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport CBS5 Port Hardy 50°43′15″N 127°30′11″W / 50.72083°N 127.50306°W / 50.72083; -127.50306 (Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport)
Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport CBM9 Port McNeill 50°34′57″N 127°04′07″W / 50.58250°N 127.06861°W / 50.58250; -127.06861 (Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport)
Qualicum Beach (Aerosmith Heli Service) Heliport CAS5 Qualicum Beach 49°18′25″N 124°24′48″W / 49.30694°N 124.41333°W / 49.30694; -124.41333 (Qualicum Beach (Aerosmith Heli Service) Heliport)
San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport CBJ9 San Juan Point 48°31′52″N 124°27′24″W / 48.53111°N 124.45667°W / 48.53111; -124.45667 (San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport CBR7 Tofino 49°08′00″N 125°54′00″W / 49.13333°N 125.90000°W / 49.13333; -125.90000 (Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport)

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