List of alumni of the University of St Andrews

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A group of St Andrews figures, including J.M. Barrie and Douglas Haig, at the 1922 rectorial installation

This list of alumni of the University of St Andrews includes graduates, non-graduate former students, and current students of the University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

Academia and research[edit]


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Andrew Bell 1774 Anglican priest, educationalist, founder of Madras College
Normand MacLaurin 1854 M.A. Physician; Chancellor of the University of Sydney; Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council
Walter Perry 1943 MB ChB, 1948 MD, 1958 DSc Pharmacologist, physician, first Vice-Chancellor of the Open University, and life peer
Eric Anderson M.A. Educationalist and Provost of Eton College
P.C. Anderson 1892 M.A. Educator, headmaster of Scotch College and golfer; winning the 1893 Amateur Championship
John Adamson M.A. Minister, academic, Principal of the University of Edinburgh
Edward Farrer Oxford University academic and administrator, master of University College
John Fulton University administrator and public servant; Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales and of the University of Sussex; chairman of the British Council
Leonard Huxley Schoolteacher, writer and editor; son of Thomas Henry Huxley
Annie Lloyd Evans M.A. Superintendent of Fulham Training College for Women Teachers

Professors and researchers[edit]


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
John Napier 1563 (did not graduate) Mathematician, physicist, astronomer, astrologer, known for discovering logarithms, inventing Napier's bones and popularising the use of the decimal point
Francis Robert Japp 1868 M.A. Chemist, known for discovering the Japp-Klingemann reaction
Helen ApSimon PhD Air pollution expert at Imperial College London
John Hutton Balfour Botanist and academic
Michael J. Belton Astronomer; president of the Belton Space Exploration Initiatives; chair of the 2002 NASA Planetary Science Decadal Survey; emeritus astronomer at the Kitt Peak National Observatory [1]
Michael Berry 1965 PhD Mathematical physicist, known for discovering the Berry phase [2]
Gavin Brown 1963 M.A. Mathematician, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney and the University of Adelaide [3]
Leslie Hilton Brown Agriculturalist and ornithologist
Hugh Cleghorn 1834 M.A. Physician, botanist, forester, "the father of scientific forestry in India"
Frank Close 1967 BSc Particle physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford
Dougal Dixon 1970 BSc 1972 MSc Geologist and author
Angus Fulton 1922 BSc Civil engineer, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers
James Alexander Green Mathematician and professor at the University of Warwick; active in the field of representation theory
Ernest William Lyons Holt 1888 Marine biologist and ichthyologist; his work helped lay a scientific foundation for the fishery management in Ireland
James Irvine BSc Organic chemist and Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St Andrews, as a research chemist, Irvine worked on the application of methylation techniques to carbohydrates, and isolated the first methylated sugars, trimethyl and tetramethyl glucose
Benedict Jones 2005 PhD Academic; research psychologist and lecturer at the University of Glasgow; studies the biological and social factors underlying face perception and preferences
John Scott Keltie Geographer, known for his work with the Royal Geographical Society
William Elford Leach Zoologist and marine biologist, described several species including Libinia emarginata
John Leslie 1779 Physicist and mathematician, gave the first modern description of capillary action and the artificial production of ice, developed the Leslie cube
James Bowman Lindsay 1825 Inventor, author, credited with early developments in several fields, such as incandescent lighting and telegraphy
Donald MacCrimmon MacKay 1943 BSc Physicist [4]
Maxwell T. Masters Botanist and taxonomist, known for his work in vegetable teratology
George Matthew McNaughton 1916 BSc Civil engineer, chief engineer to the Department of Health
William M'Intosh 1857 Physician, psychiatrist, marine biologist, awarded the 1924 Linnean Medal
Maureen Muggeridge Geologist, worked mainly in diamond mining
William Richmond (physician) Biochemist, discovered the Richmond Test, a test for blood cholesterol levels
James D. Murray 1953 BA 1956 PhD Academic and mathematician, worked mainly in mathematical biology, held professorships at Oxford University and the University of Washington
Mark M. Newell 1996 PhD Academic and underwater archeologist
Catherine Steele 1925 B.Sc. 1928 PhD Plant biochemist [5]


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Robert Balfour Philosopher
G.W.S. Barrow Historian and academic
Stephen Haliczer Historian
Kieron O'Hara Philosopher, computer scientist and political writer
Russell Kirk 1953 D.Litt. Political theorist, moralist, historian, social critic, literary critic, fiction author, known for his influence on 20th-century American conservatism [6]
Dominic Sandbrook Historian and author
Lawrence Stenhouse Educationalist
Robert Archibald Armstrong Lexicographer [7]
James Crichton 1574 BA M.A. Polymath and origin of the term 'the admirable Crichton' [8]
Michael Wesley PhD Academic, Professor of National Security at the Australian National University
Bethwell Allan Ogot 1959 M.A. Historian and Chancellor of Moi University [9]
Adam Ferguson 1742 M.A. Philosopher and historian of the Scottish enlightenment; "the father of modern sociology" [10]
Steve Boardman 1989 PhD Medieval historian [11]
John Craig M.A. Classicist, Firth Professor of Latin at the University of Sheffield
William Craigie 1888 Philologist, lexicographer [12]
James Main Dixon 1879 Professor of English literature, author, scholar of the Scots language
John Elder Cartographer, writer, tutor of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
Duncan Forbes Academic, linguist, translator, worked at King's College London and the British Museum, remembered for the erroneous Cox-Forbes theory
Peter Goodwin MPhil Maritime historian, author, former keeper and curator of HMS Victory
George Hadow 1731 M.A. 1740 MD Professor of Hebrew and oriental languages at St Mary's College
Bonaventure Hepburn Roman Catholic linguist, lexicographer, philologist, biblical commentator, held the post of Keeper of Oriental Books and Manuscripts at the Vatican
Alexander Haslam M.A. Academic and professor of psychology at the University of Queensland
David N. Hempton 1977 PhD Academic and historian of evangelical Protestant Christianity; dean of Harvard Divinity School; fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Robert Kirk 1664 Minister; Gaelic scholar; folklorist; known for The Secret Commonwealth, a treatise on fairy folklore, witchcraft, ghosts, and the second sight, a type of extrasensory perception described as a phenomenon by the people of the Scottish Highlands
Norman Kemp Smith 1902 PhD Academic, philosopher; held professorships at Princeton University and Edinburgh University; known for his English translation of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Roger Lewis 1982 Academic, biographer, journalist, wrote biographies of Anthony Burgess, Peter Sellers and Laurence Olivier
William Manderstown C. 16th century Philosopher, Rector of the University of Paris
James Mylne Philosopher and academic
Kieron O'Hara M.A. Philosopher, computer scientist, political writer and academic
Richard Oram 1983 M.A. 1988 PhD Historian and academic

Nobel laureates[edit]

The Nobel Prizes are awarded each year for outstanding research, the invention of ground-breaking techniques or equipment, or outstanding contributions to society.

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
James Black 1946 Physician, pharmacologist; winner of 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine; developed beta blockers and H2 receptor antagonists


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Edward Jenner 1792 MD Physician and pioneer of the smallpox vaccine [13]
Joseph Bancroft 1859 MD Surgeon and parasitologist
Douglas Black 1933 MB ChB Physician and the author of the Black Report
John Garrow MD, PhD Honorary consultant physician, nutrition scientist, and editor of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Robert Whytt 1730 M.A. Physician and president of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
John Arbuthnot 1696 MD Physician, satirist, polymath, creator of the character John Bull
Patrick Abercromby 1685 MD Physician, antiquarian, personal physician to King James VII (II of England)
George Ballingall Physician, surgeon, regius professor of military surgery at Edinburgh University [10]
John Barclay B.D Comparative anatomist, extramural teacher in anatomy, and director of the Highland Society of Scotland [14]
Robert Batty 1797 MD Obstetric physician and amateur artist [15]
Golding Bird 1838 MD 1840 M.A. Physician; authority on kidney disease; known for his work in related sciences, especially the medical uses of electricity and electrochemistry
David Bruce Physician, an original member of the Royal Society
Sheila Callender 1935 BSc, 1938 MBChB, 1944 MD Physician, haematologist [16]
John Clephane 1729 MD Physician, military physician and correspondent of David Hume
Andrew Duncan 1762 M.A. Physician and professor at Edinburgh University
John Eliot 1759 MD Physician, and personal physician to George IV
Margaret Fairlie 1915 MB ChB Physician, academic, first woman to hold a professorial chair in Scotland
John Goodsir Anatomist and pioneer of cell biology
George Britton Halford 1854 MD Anatomist, physiologist, founder of the first medical school in Australia, the University of Melbourne School of Medicine
John Lorimer 1764 M.D Royal Army Surgeon, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh [17]
James Simson MD Medical academic and the second Chandos Professor of Medicine and Anatomy at the University of St Andrews
John Jebb 1777 MD Physician, divine, religious and political reformer, Fellow of Peterhouse College, Cambridge
Richard Poole 1805 MD Physician, psychiatrist, phrenologist, editor of the New Edinburgh Review, the Phrenological Journal and Encyclopædia Edinensis
Hubert Lacey MB ChB Physician, psychiatrist, academic, professor of psychiatry at St George's Medical School, specialises in the management of eating disorders
John Pringle Physician, 'father of military medicine'
Stewart Duke-Elder 1919 BSc M.A. 1923 MB ChB 1925 MD Physician, ophthalmologist; Surgeon-Oculist to King Edward VIII, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II; awarded the 1957 Lister Medal
Samuel Cockburn 1848 MD Physician, homeopath, critic of the medical establishment of the time
Daniel Noble 1832 M.A. 1833 MD Physician, known for contributions to the study of mental illness and epidemiology

Business and finance[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Alexander Balfour Merchant and founder of the shipping company Balfour Williamson
Peter Burt Businessman, former chief executive and later Governor of the Bank of Scotland
Archibald Constable Publisher, bookseller and stationer; his company continues to this day as Constable & Robinson
John Cuckney Industrialist, civil servant and peer
Henry Duncan Minister; founder of the world's first commercial saving bank, Trustee Savings Bank
Iain Ferguson Chief Executive of Tate & Lyle; Chairman
Robert Horton Chief Executive of BP; Chancellor of the University of Kent
Andrew Mackenzie 1977 BSc Chief Executive of BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company
George Mathewson 1966 PhD CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland and convener of the Council of Economic Advisers
Robert Paul Reid Chief Executive of Shell and Sears; Chairman of the British Railways Board and the International Petroleum Exchange
John Rose 1975 M.A. Businessman and CEO of Rolls Royce plc
Olivier Sarkozy M.A. Investment banker and half brother of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

Government, law, and public policy[edit]

Note: Individuals who belong in multiple sections appear in the first relevant section.

Politics and public affairs[edit]

Members of the Scottish Parliament[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Alex Salmond M.A. Former First minister of Scotland; former leader of the Scottish National Party
Marco Biagi Politician and MSP for Edinburgh central
Marlyn Glen Scottish Labour politician; Member of the Scottish Parliament for North East Scotland
George Reid 1962 M.A. Politician; SNP Member of Parliament for Clackmannan and East Stirlingshire; regional MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife; Scottish Parliament's second Presiding Officer
Jamie Stone 1977 M.A. Scottish Liberal Democrat politician, member of the Scottish Parliament for Caithness, Sutherland, and Easter Ross
Chic Brodie 1966 BSc Politician, MSP for South Scotland
Marlyn Glen M.A. Labour Party politician, MSP for North East Scotland
Gordon Jackson Scottish Labour Party politician, lawyer, MSP for Glasgow Govan

Members of the House of Commons[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Angie Bray Politician and MP for Ealing Central and Acton
Sir Malcolm Bruce Politician; Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats; Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats; Member of Parliament for Gordon; chairman of the International Development Select Committee
Michael Forsyth 1976 Politician; financier; Member of Parliament for Stirling; served in the cabinet of John Major as Secretary of State for Scotland
Barry Gardiner M.A. Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament for Brent North
Mark Lazarowicz 1976 M.A. Labour Co-operative politician, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith
John MacGregor 1959 M.A. Member of Parliament for South Norfolk; government minister under Margaret Thatcher; Leader of the House of Commons; Lord President of the Council
Desmond Swayne Conservative Party politician; Member of Parliament for New Forest West; Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury
Sir Hugo Swire Conservative Party politician; Member of Parliament for East Devon; Minister of State for the Foreign Office
James Brodie of Brodie Politician; botanist; MP for Elginshire; Lord Lieutenant of Nairn
Thomas Shaw 1902 L.L.D. Liberal politician; judge; MP for Hawick Burghs; Lord Advocate
Stephen Doughty Labour Party politician and MP for Cardiff South and Penarth
Thomas Dundas Politician; aristocrat; MP for Richmond and Stirlingshire; remembered for commissioning the Charlotte Dundas, the world's first practical steamboat
Sir Michael Fallon 1974 M.A. Conservative Party politician; Secretary of State for Defence; MP for Sevenoaks; deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party; Minister of State for Business and Enterprise in the Cameron ministry
Lewis Moonie 1970 MB ChB Labour Co-operative politician, Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy
Barry Gardiner M.A. Labour Party politician, MP for Brent North
David Carnegie Politician, nobleman, MP for Aberdeen Burghs
John Alfred Lush MD Liberal Party politician, MP for Salisbury
Robert MacGregor Mitchell Liberal Party politician; lawyer; judge; MP for Perth; Rector of the University of St Andrews


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
John Sawers British Ambassador to the UN and Director of MI6
Hikmat Abu Zayd 1950 M.A. First female member of the Cabinet of Egypt
Henry Balnaves Politician and religious reformer
John Hamilton-Gordon Politician, Lord lieutenant of Ireland and Governor General of Canada
Colleen Bell United States Ambassador to Hungary
Edgar Paul Boyko Attorney, served as Attorney General for the State of Alaska
Thomas Bruce Nobleman and diplomat, known for the removal of marble sculptures (also known as the Elgin Marbles) from the Parthenon in Athens
Eamonn Butler Director and co-founder of the Adam Smith Institute think tank; author and broadcaster on economic and social issues
Archibald Campbell De facto head of government in Scotland during most of the conflict known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms; major figure in the Covenanter movement
Duncan Ndegwa M.A. Civil servant, banker; first African governor of the Central Bank of Kenya; head of the Kenyan Civil Service [9]
John Campbell Liberal politician, lawyer, man of letters, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain
James Graham Nobleman, soldier, initially joined the Covenanters in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, but subsequently supported King Charles I as the English Civil War developed
John Graham Soldier, nobleman, Tory, Episcopalian
John Campbell Nobleman and the fourth Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883
Arthur Hobhouse Local government Liberal politician; architect of the system of National parks of England and Wales
David Kurten 1993 BSc UKIP Member of the London Assembly
James Younger Politician and elected hereditary peer who sits on the Conservative benches in the House of Lords; Lord-in-Waiting
Jean-Paul Marat 1775 MD Physician, political theorist, scientist, radical journalist and politician in France during the French Revolution
Madsen Pirie 1974 PhD Researcher, author, educator, founder and current President of the Adam Smith Institute
Lyon Playfair Scientist and Liberal politician, held the offices of Postmaster General and Chairman of Ways and Means
Catherine Stihler M.A. Labour Party politician; Member of the European Parliament for Scotland; returned as the Rector of the University of St Andrews in 2014
James Wilson 1763 M.A. Founding Father of the United States; a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence; one of the six original justices appointed by George Washington to the Supreme Court of the United States [18]
Robert F. Thompson Democratic member of the Arkansas Senate, represents the 11th District
Richard Arthur 1885 M.A. Politician, social reformer, physician, Member of the Parliament of New South Wales
Alastair Balls M.A. Senior economic adviser to HM Treasury and Chairman of the International Centre for Life
Henry Balnaves M.A. Politician, Lord Justice Clerk and Protestant religious reformer
David Erskine Nobleman, eccentric, founded the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Stuart Butler 1968 BSc 1971 M.A. 1978 PhD Director of the Center for Policy Innovation at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C.; associate professor at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute [19]
Pamela Chesters Conservative politician; Advisor for Health and Youth Opportunities to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson
James Hamilton 1584 BA 1585 MA Scot who became owner of large tracts of land in County Down, Ireland, and founded a successful Protestant settlement there several years before the Plantation of Ulster
James Clinkskill Politician and engineer, merchant, author, justice of the peace and mayor of Saskatoon
Robert Cox Gelatine and glue manufacturer and Liberal Unionist politician
George Mackenzie Statesman; Secretary of State; Lord Justice General
Alastair Crooke 1972 M.A. Diplomat; founder and director of the Conflicts Forum; a figure in MI6
Kevin Dunion 1978 M.A. Politician; first Scottish Information Commissioner; Rector of the University of St Andrews
James Glenie Businessman and political figure in New Brunswick, represented Sunbury County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Gordon Ritchie MB ChB Progressive Conservative Party member of the House of Commons of Canada for Dauphin
George Turner Orton 1860 MD Liberal-Conservative member of the House of Commons of Canada for Wellington Centre
John Young Bown MD Liberal-Conservative member of the House of Commons of Canada for Brant North
Frances Josephy Liberal Party politician, Chairman of the Federal Union
Donald Luddington 1940 M.A. Colonial government official, civil servant, Governor of the Solomon Islands and High Commissioner for the Western Pacific
David Lyndsay 1509 Lord Lyon and poet
William Maitland Politician, reformer, Secretary of State
Douglas Mason 1963 Policymaker, author, known for his work with the Adam Smith Institute in developing the poll tax
Hugh Lyon Playfair M.A. L.L.D. Provost of St Andrews; Officer in the Bengal Horse Artillery; prominent figure in The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
James Dundas, Lord Arniston Lord of Session and Shire Commissioner to the Scottish Parliament
Duncan McNeill 1809 MD Advocate; judge; Tory politician; Lord Justice General; Lord President of the Court of Session
Ronald Mackay M.A. Lawyer and judge of the College of Justice, sitting in the Inner House of the Court of Session
W. Douglas Cullen Senior member of the Scottish judiciary, served as Lord Justice General and Lord President of the Court of Session
George Dempster 1750 (did not graduate) Advocate, landowner, agricultural improver, politician; served as MP for the Perth Burghs; founded the bank George Dempster & Co.; Director of the East India Company; Provost of the town of St Andrews; Director of the Highland Society; key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment
William Kirk Dickson 1912 L.L.D. Advocate; librarian; writer; Keeper of the Advocates' Library; Librarian of the National Library of Scotland
David Erskine Judge and MP for Forfarshire
William Lamb 1520 M.A. Cleric, lawyer, author, Senator at the College of Justice
George Mackenzie 1653 Lawyer, Lord Advocate, and legal writer [20]
Robert Moray C. 16th century (did not graduate) Statesman, diplomat, judge, spy, freemason, natural philosopher, known for his role in the founding of the Royal Society

Military and national intelligence[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Anthony Dickson Home Surgeon General of the British Army who was awarded the Victoria Cross for valour during the Indian Mutiny
William Gordon Rutherfurd Commander of HMS Swiftsure at the Battle of Trafalgar
Barney White-Spunner 1981 Commander of the British Field Army [21]
George Kennedy Young Deputy Director of MI6 and Merchant Banker
J. M. Bruce Lockhart[22] 1936 Deputy Director of MI6 and military attaché
Ewaryst Jakubowski 1940 Polish paratrooper; member of the Polish Army in Exile; stationed in St Andrews during World War II; attended art classes at the University; completed the Polish memorial mosaic on the town hall; parachuted into Poland as one of the Cichociemni and died in August 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising [23]
Alistair Irwin British Army officer; Adjutant-General to the Forces in the United Kingdom; Commandant of Sandhurst
Tony Mason M.A. Air vice-marshal in the RAF, Air Secretary

Journalism and media[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
B. C. Forbes 1897 Financial journalist, author, founded Forbes magazine
Louise Minchin Journalist and television presenter who works mainly for the BBC
Tim Samuels Documentary filmmaker and broadcaster
Brian Taylor 1977 M.A. Journalist and the political editor for BBC Scotland
Craig Oliver M.A. News editor, producer, media executive; Director of Communications for the former-British Prime Minister David Cameron; former Controller of English news output for BBC Global News
Judith Bumpus 1961 M.A. Radio producer for the BBC specialising in coverage of the arts, particularly the work of visual artists [24]
Robbie Collin M.A. Writer and film critic for the Daily Telegraph
Jolyon Connell M.A. Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times journalist, founded The Week
Margaret MacPherson 1914 Journalist, editor and writer
Chris Morgan 1976 M.Theol Journalist, BBC television and radio

Literature, writing, and translation[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Brian Sonia-Wallace 2011 M.A. Poet,[25] theatre maker, journalist, author of I Sold These Poems, Now I Want Them Back[26]
Alistair Moffat 1972 M.A. Writer; journalist; director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Rector of the University of St Andrews
Robert Aytoun 1588 M.A. Poet, lawyer, court poet to the queen of King James I and VI, one of the first Scots to write in standard English
Andrew Crumey Novelist and literary editor of the Edinburgh newspaper Scotland on Sunday
Gavin Douglas 1494 Bishop, makar and translator
William Dunbar 1479 M.A. Poet and makar
Alexander Hume M.A. Poet
Robert Fergusson 1763 (did not graduate) Poet, known for his influence on Robert Burns
Sarah Hall M.Litt. Novelist; poet; author of the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted The Electric Michaelangelo
Gilbert Hay Poet and translator
James A. Michener Research Student, Lippincott Fellowship[27] American author. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
David Lyndsay Lord Lyon and poet
Bruce Marshall Fiction and nonfiction writer whose works were the subject of numerous television and film adaptations
Hilary McKay Writer of children's books, winner of the 1992 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Alastair Reynolds PhD Science fiction author
William Tennant Scholar and poet
Fay Weldon Author, essayist and playwright whose work has been associated with feminism
Timothy Williams 1970 M.A. Author and winner of a Crime Writers' Association award
Andrew Lang Poet, novelist, literary critic, contributor to the field of anthropology; known as a collector of folk and fairy tales
Robert Henryson Poet and makar
Thomas Finlayson Henderson Historian and biographer
Helen Bannerman 1887 L.L.A. Author of children's books; known for her first book, The Story of Little Black Sambo (1899) [28]
John Bellenden M.A. Writer and translator to James V
Thomas Bowdler Physician and philanthropist, known for publishing The Family Shakspeare, an expurgated edition of William Shakespeare's work
Pete Brown Writer on beer and drinking culture around the world
James Browne M.A. Writer and man of letters
Patrick Brydone Traveller and author who served as Comptroller of the Stamp Office
Thomas Craig 1555 BA Jurist and poet
William Fowler 1578 Poet, makar, writer, courtier, and translator
James Graeme 1769 (did not graduate) Poet
Michael Hulse 1977 M.A. Translator, critic and poet, notable especially for his translations of German novels by W. G. Sebald
Alexander Hume 1574 BA Poet
William Lauder 1537 Cleric, playwright, and poet
Nicholas Moore Poet, associated with the New Apocalyptics


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Crispin Bonham-Carter 1992 Actor and theatre director
Dilys Breese 1954 M.A. Natural history television producer for the BBC and an ornithologist
Michelle Duncan Actress
Tenniel Evans Actor
Hazel Irvine 1980 Television presenter
Ian McDiarmid M.A. Actor, theatre director, known for his role as Palpatine in the Star Wars film series
Siobhan Redmond Actress
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Actor, voice actor, former child star, teen idol, known for his role as the middle child Randy Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement
Andrew Lawrence Comedian and winner of the 2004 BBC New Act of the Year
Denny Delk 2004 BSc Actor, voice actor, known for providing the voice of Murray in the 'Monkey Island game series and a range of voices in LucasArts games [29]
David Caves Actor
Saba Douglas-Hamilton 1993 M.A. Wildlife conservationist, television presenter, known for the television series The Secret Life of Elephants [30]
Jules Knight Actor


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Kid Canaveral Indie pop band
David Jackson Progressive rock saxophonist, flutist, composer, known for his work with the band Van der Graaf Generator [31]

Visual arts[edit]

Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Thomas Rodger Early photography pioneer
John Adamson 1843 MD Physician and pioneer photographer
Philip Colbert Fashion designer, artist and journalist
George Denholm Armour Painter [32]
Kate Holt Photojournalist
Andrew Nairne 1983 M.A. Curator, museum director, director of Kettle's Yard
Franki Raffles 1977 M.A. Social documentary photographer


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
David Beaton Archbishop of St Andrews, Chancellor of the University of St Andrews and the last Scottish Cardinal prior to the Reformation
James Beaton 1493 M.A. Archbishop of St Andrews, Lord Chancellor of Scotland the Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Chancellor of the University of St Andrews [33]
Alexander Duff Christian missionary in India, founded the Scottish Church College and played a part in establishing the University of Calcutta
Thomas Chalmers Minister, professor of theology, political economist, and a leader of the Free Church of Scotland
Colin Falcone Minister and bishop
George Gillespie Theologian
Patrick Hamilton Churchman; early Protestant Reformer in Scotland; known for being burnt at the stake outside St Salvator's Chapel
Alexander Henderson 1603 Theologian and major figure in the development of the reformed church in Scotland
John Knox Clergyman and a leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland
George Buchanan 1525 BA Historian and humanist scholar, part of the Monarchomach movement
Andrew Melville Scholar, theologian and religious reformer
John Munro Presbyterian minister of Tain, in the Scottish Highlands
Sheila Watson Cleric in the Church of England
John Witherspoon 1764 M.A. BD Presbyterian minister; a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Jersey; President of College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
John Adamson 1757 M.A. Minister and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
Patrick Adamson M.A. Minister, divine, and Archbishop of St Andrews
Matthew Armour Radical Free Church of Scotland minister on the island of Sanday, Orkney
Robert Arnot Presbyterian Minister; Professor of Divinity at St Andrews University; Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
John Munro Presbyterian minister of Tain, in the Scottish Highlands
Klyne Snodgrass 1973 PhD Theologian, author and professor of New Testament Studies at the North Park Theological Seminary
Victor Premasagar PhD Churchman, Old Testament scholar, Moderator of the Church of South India
John Barclay 1759 M.A. Minister and founder of the Bereans [34]
Robert Baron 1613 M.A. Theologian and one of the Aberdeen doctors [35]
Edward Barry MD Minister, popular preacher, grand chaplain to the Freemasons
Robert Blackadder 1461 M.A. Cleric, diplomat, politician, first Archbishop of Glasgow [36]
Hugh Blair 1577 DD Minister of religion, author, rhetorician, considered one of the first great theorists of written discourse [37]
Donald Campbell Nobleman and abbot
Neil Campbell 1575 M.A. Bishop of Argyll
Séon Carsuel 1544 M.A. Prelate, humanist and Protestant reformer
William Chisholm Bishop of Dunblane and bishop of Vaison
Sidney Clarke 1896 M.A. Anglican RAF Chaplain and Honorary Chaplain to the King [38]
William Couper 1583 M.A. Bishop of Galloway and Dean of the Chapel Royal
Henry Craik Hebraist, theologian and preacher
William Dalrymple 1779 DD Religious writer, minister and moderator of the Church of Scotland
Robert Davidson 1945 M.A. 1952 BD Professor of Old Testament at the University of Glasgow and was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
Gavin Dunbar 1475 M.A. Bishop of Aberdeen and Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland
Andrew Durie Bishop of Galloway and abbot of Melrose [39]
Andrew de Durisdeer M.A. Bishop of Glasgow
Andrew Dutney 1985 PhD President of the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia; professor at Flinders University
Andrew Fairfoul First post-restoration Archbishop of Glasgow; Chancellor of Glasgow University
Colin Falconer Minister and Bishop of Argyll; Bishop of Moray
Patrick Forbes Churchman; theologian; Bishop of Aberdeen; chancellor of the University of Aberdeen
Robert Fleming the elder Presbyterian Minister; following the Restoration of Charles II, he declined to accept bishops in the Kirk, and was consequently therefore ejected as Minister at Cambuslang
Alexander Forbes 1585 M.A. Minister and Bishop of Aberdeen
Andrew Forman 1483 M.A. Diplomat and prelate who became Bishop of Moray, Archbishop of Bourges in France and Archbishop of St Andrews
Henry Forrest 1526 BA Benedictine Friar who became a martyr in 1533 at St Andrews for his support of Patrick Hamilton
Peter Francis Warden; chief librarian of St Deiniol's Library, Hawarden;chaplain of Queen Mary College, London; rector and provost of the St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow
George Gledstanes 1580 M.A. Archbishop of St Andrews
John Gordon Prelate, Bishop of Galloway, Abbot of Tongland
Thomas Goss M.A. Anglican priest; Honorary Chaplain to the Queen; Dean of Jersey
Andrew Gray 1651 Divine and author
Henry Guthrie 1621 Historian, cleric, Bishop of Dunkeld
James Guthrie M.A. Presbyterian minister who was exempted from the general pardon at the restoration of the monarchy and hanged in Edinburgh
John Guthrie 1597 M.A. Prelate, Bishop of Moray
George Haliburton 1652 M.A. 1673 DD Cleric, Jacobite, Bishop of Aberdeen
James Halyburton 1538 M.A. Protestant reformer
Thomas Halyburton 1696 M.A. Minister and divine
Gavin Hamilton 1584 M.A. Minister and Bishop of Galloway
William Hamilton 1952 Th.D. Theologian and proponent of the Death of God Movement
George Hargreaves Minister, politician and leader of the Christian Party
George Hill 1764 M.A. Minister of St Andrews; Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Principal of St Mary's College; Dean of the Chapel Royal; Dean of the Order of the Thistle
John Lauder 1508 licentiate Minister; Archdeacon of Tweeddale; Scotland's public accuser of heretics
James Law 1581 M.A. Minister and Archbishop of Glasgow
Alexander Leighton M.A. Physician, Puritan preacher, pamphleteer, known for his 1630 pamphlet which attacked the Anglican church and led to his torture by Charles I
David Lindsay 1593 M.A. Minister, Bishop of Edinburgh, early adopter of the Book of Common Prayer
Patrick Lindsay 1587 M.A. Minister, Archbishop of Glasgow, excommunicated for his use of the Book of Common Prayer
Henry de Lichton 1415 licentiate Minister, diplomat, Bishop of Glasgow, played a significant role in the rebuilding of St Machar's Cathedral
David Lindsay C. 16th century Minister, Bishop of Ross, and a leader of the Church in Scotland
Thomas Livingston 1415 M.A. Cleric; diplomat; delegate at the Council of Basel; advisor to James I of Scotland and James II of Scotland
Gregor MacGregor 1960 Minister, Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness in the Scottish Episcopal Church [40]
John Mantle 1973 Minister, Bishop of Brechin in the Scottish Episcopal Church
John Maxwell 1611 M.A. Minister, Bishop of Ross and Archbishop of Tuam
James Melville 1573 Divine and Protestant reformer
Iain McHardy 1938 Minister, Dean of Moray, Ross and Caithness in the Scottish Episcopal Church
Andrew McLellan Minister, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
William Moodie 1775 (did not graduate) Minister; academic; Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; professor of Hebrew at Edinburgh University
Andrew McLellan Minister; Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland; Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
Robert Reid Minister; Abbot of Kinloss; Bishop of Orkney; founder of the University of Edinburgh
William Turnbull 1419 Bishop of Dunkeld; Bishop of Glasgow; founder of and first Chancellor the University of Glasgow


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge 2005 Son of Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales and second in the line of succession, to the thrones of sixteen independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms [41]
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 2005 Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (née Middleton); expected to eventually become queen consort [42]
William Douglas Member of the Scottish nobility
James Ogilvy Member of the extended royal family, son of Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra of Kent and magazine publisher [43]
Prince Musa 2011 B.A. Extended member of the Bruneian family southeast Asia country Brunei, son of HRH Princess Aishah of Brunei [44]
Zayed bin Sultan 2011 M.A. Member of the Al Nahyan family which rules the United Arab Emirates, son of Sultan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan [44]
James II of Scotland Successor to James I of Scotland [45]


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Chris Hoy 1996 (transferred to the University of Edinburgh) Cyclist; has won world, cycling and Commonwealth competitions; most successful British Olympian in terms of gold medals
Charles B. Macdonald 1875 Major figure in the development of golf in the United States [46]
Danny Blanchflower 1945 Northern Ireland international footballer
J.S. Thomson Rugby union player who represented Scotland in the first international rugby match
Alfred Clunies-Ross Rugby union player who represented Scotland in the first international rugby match
Robert Munro Rugby union player who represented Scotland in the first international rugby match
Findlay S. Douglas 1896 Amateur golfer who won the 1898 U.S. Amateur and was president of the United States Golf Association
Damian Hopley Rugby union player for London Wasps and England
Kim Elgie 1956 Cricketer; represented South Africa; represented Scotland in Rugby union while a student at St Andrews
Duncan Macrae 1939 MBChB Rugby union player; represented Scotland and the British and Irish Lions [47]
R. C. Stevenson 1911 MBChB Rugby union player; represented Scotland and the British and Irish Lions; also played for Barbarians F.C.
Cameron Glasgow Rugby union player, who represented Scotland, Barbarians F.C. and Heriot's Rugby Club
Tyrone Howe 1993 M.A. Rugby union player, who represented Ulster, Ireland and the British and Irish Lions


Name Year/degree Notability Reference
Alexander Berry Surgeon, merchant and explorer who established the town of Berry, New South Wales, Australia
John Honey Minister; while a student at St Andrews, rescued five drowning men; commemorated in the traditional weekly 'pier walk' at the university
Elsie Howey 1902 (did not graduate) Suffragette
Philippe Cousteau, Jr. M.A. Environmental conservationist; grandson of Jacques Cousteau

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